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Convert & Export MBOX to Outlook PST Files

Supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & all below versions

* FREE Demo version of MBOX to PST Converter exports upto 20 emails to PST from MBOX..

Features & its Benefits

Export MBOX to Outlook

The MBOX to PST Converter software converts and exports all emails stored in MBOX files to MS Outlook data file (PST). The software uses advanced scan-engine algorithm that scans the selected MBOX and ensures that all emails from MBOX files are safely converted into PST files.

Converts Multiple MBOX to PST

The MBOX to Outlook PST Converter software is capable of converting multiple MBOX files to Outlook. Users can add as many MBOX files they want to export to PST files by using the Browse File and Browse Folder button designated in the software interface. This MBOX to PST Converter is tested on 125 MBOX files being converted into PST Files in single conversion round.

Convert MBOX to Outlook PST without data loss

The MBOX to PST converter software is result oriented application that generates output that are identical in numbers. The software never skips any single emails while exporting MBOX to Outlook thus simplifies the MBOX to Outlook conversion. Email count is exact in input i.e. MBOX and in Output of the conversion i.e. PST files, the same can be compared by its email or item count by the user.

Saves Emails with all details Intact.

The software export mbox to Outlook preserving all the details like headers (to, cc, bcc, reply, date), formatting, attachments, time-stamps etc from MBOX mailboxes to PST Files.

Split PST Output by File Size

MBOX to PST Converter Tool is designed with unique features that provides options to Split the Output File after converting the MBOX files. Users can split converted PST files into small parts by breaking them by specified file size in MB or GB for easy manageability.

Converts Thunderbird to PST

Thunderbird is widely used desktop email application that creates MBOX files for storing its emails. Thus, to transfer Thunderbird emails to PST, Users can use this MBOX to Outlook Converter tool that successfully convert Thunderbird MBOX files to PST files.

Converts Apple mail to PST File

Users who wishes to move their Apple Mail emails to PST Files, must convert their Apple Mail email stored in mbox files into PST format. Use the MBOX to PST converter utiltty to convert .mbox files to .pst files.

Convert Entourage Emails to PST

Entourage is also a widely used email clients for MAC OS, the file is also a MBOX file used to store emails. Thus if a user is looking for transfer from Entourage to PST, MBOX to Outlook Converter will be useful to convert emails from MBOX to PST files.

Supports Conversion from Multiple Email Clients

MBOX format is widely used format, the Entourage mail also supports MBOX files for storing ite emails. Thus MBOX being commonly used format, the MBOX to PST Converter also becomes the extensively supported MBOX mail convert utility that supports mail transport from multiple email clients to PST Files.

Supports all version of Outlook 2016

The MBOX to PST Converter utility creates Outlook PST file that is compatible with all latest versions of MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 and below versions. The software supports both 64-bit or 32-bit MS Outlook version. Also, MBOX to Outlook PST Converter does not require installation or configuration while converting MBOX to Outlook files.

Screenshots of MBOX to Outlook PST Converter

MBOX to Outlook Converter tool that converts MBOX file of various email clients to PST Files. This application is easy to use, hence does not require any special skills to carry out the conversion.

Step 1 : Add MBOX Files to export multiple MBOX mailboxes to PST files.

Step 2 : Select Output Format as PST to batch export MBOX to PST.

Step 3 : Start the conversion by choosing desired saving preferences

Steps to Convert MBOX to PST - Online Guide

Step 1 - Open MBOX to PST Converter. Add MBOX files for conversion

Use Browse File or Browse Folder button to select and add multiple MBOX mailboxes to export mbox mailbox to Outlook PST.

Step 2 - Select PST as saving output to convert MBOX to Outlook PST files.

The Software incliudes multiple formats to save the MBOX data after conversion. To open MBOX files in Outlook, make sure you select "PST" as Output format.

Step 3 - Click the Start button to select saving preferences and to initiate the actual conversion process.

In the saving preference box, software provides option firstly to select user specified location to save the output of the conversion, Secondly, option to split PST files after conversion. Choose desired options and click On OK button.

Step 4 - Software scans the selected MBOX file for conversion.

Now software will start scanning the selected MBOX files and will convert them Outlook data file (PST File).

Step 5 - Open converted PST Files in Outlook.

  • Open MS Outlook in your machine & then go to File » Open » Open Data File option

  • Choose the converted PST files and view them in Outlook

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert multiple MBOX files simultaneously?

Yes, the software provides option to select multiple MBOX files to PST file. You can select multiple MBOX file by using “Browse Folder” option

MS Outlook is not installed in my machine. Do I need to install MS Outlook before converting MBOX files to PST?

No. MS Outlook installation is not must for convert MBOX mailboxes to Outlook PST file.

Is there any limitation on MBOX file size that can be converted into PST?

No there is no such limit for the conversion of MBOX files. The software is being tested on 26 GB MBOX files giving best of the results.

How to identify the converted PST files?

After the conversion, go to the saving location chosen before and you will find a folder named as CubexSoft with date and time stamps. Open that folder you will find the resultant PST files.

What are the limitations of Free Demo version of MBOX to PST Converter?

The Free demo version convert up to 20 emails from each selected MBOX files to PST files.

I have got PST Files after converting the MBOX files, I don’t Know how to open them in MS Outlook. Please Help?

Open MS Outlook in your machine & then go to File » Open » Open Data File option. Navigate to the saving location and choose the converted PST Files to open them in Outlook.

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"Having this tool is a delight to me as now I can be assured of my MBOX emails getting converted into multiple file formats."

Jeffery A. Smith|USA 

"Batch Migration of MBOX files is an added advantage because converting unlimited MBOX files is no more a time consuming process now."

Clarice B. Babin |Switzerland