Move Emails from SeaMonkey to Outlook

Step-by-Step Process to Import Export SeaMonkey Mail to Outlook PST

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Today days, we cannot alive without e-mails. Be it individuals or organization, emails are known to be the vital and necessary part of our daily life. Several email platforms are now obtainable for email conversations. These days, companies across the world are constantly moving ahead to find better email platforms to improve communication. Different email applications support different formats.

"Since One years I was working on SeaMonkey application but now I am bad experience with its slow organisation service. And it has pressurize me to switch to Microsoft Outlook which is more secure and trustworthy to work. Now, I am making use of Microsoft Outlook email application but there are some old SeaMonkey mails that I must to read but unable to open in Outlook. As I don't have SeaMonkey too in my PC. If anyone having the solution for converting mails SeaMonkey to Outlook, please recommend!"

You should not be worried about such conversion, from the additional section you will get your all queries resolved.

At first, let us know about SeaMonkey and how to transfer MBOX from SeaMonkey and then we will describe for Exporting SeaMonkey MBOX emails to Outlook PST.

About SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is manufactured on the open source Mozilla Gecko engine, the identical code which motivates the highly successful relations Firefox and Thunderbird. SeaMonkey profits from the cross-fertilization with these other projects, by achievement (and contributing) new features and the ongoing safety updates which are a modern need. The Mozilla Foundation delivers hosting and legal backing for the SeaMonkey Project.

How to Transfer MBOX from SeaMonkey?

Seamonkey is a brilliant email client. If the worker needs to find about the mails of SeaMonkey, then the user must know its store location.

The operator data and applications are stored in a location other than the program installation directory. In Windows, you will find the profile folder containing user data at the following location by default:

(C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\SeaMonkey\Profiles\nz8lvw59.default\Mail)

How to backup Mbox files from Seamonkey?

There are following steps to perform:-

Quickly run and open SeaMonkey application on your system.

Press on the Local Folders which is located at the upper left place, right click on it and choose settings. Choose View Settings for this account option.

When you will click on View Settings for this account, a new window would open where under local directory you can copy emails store location from there.

Now open your search browser of your computer and paste your copied location there.

Open your Mail folder, select any file (which is without extension), press F2 and rename the file with .mbox extension

Reasons to Export Mail from SeaMonkey to Outlook

SeaMonkey application, however comparatively fewer widespread than Outlook, is used by a committed user base across the world. However, it lacks the security and flexibility features that Outlook is rich in. That's the reason many SeaMonkey users feel, they must to switch to Outlook at some point. And these reasons are necessary to prompt organizations using it to want to make the switch to a better email client, that is, Outlook.

Solution for How to Export SeaMonkey mails to Outlook?

There are two methods providing for you to convert SeaMonkey Mails to Outlook application i.e. Manual Method and Professional Method to transfer SeaMonkey to Outlook.

Solution#1. Manual Method

There is no manual method available to export mails from SeaMonkey to Outlook, because Export option is not present in SeaMonkey application.

Solution#2. Professional Method to Export SeaMonkey Mails to Outlook

The direct, professional method of exporting SeaMonkey to Outlook works on the statement of performing a conversion of the underlying data file formats of the two email clients. SeaMonkey uses MBOX data files to store mailbox data while Outlook uses PST for the same purpose. Thus, at the core of it, this migration would need an SeaMonkey mail to Outlook Converter. A number of third party tools are available in the online market which can help you execute a SeaMonkey mails to Outlook conversion. However, in our opinion, CubexSoft MBOX Converter is the best among them. This professional converter software is 100% secure and adept convert SeaMonkey files to Outlook.

Download FREE demo edition of SeaMonkey to Outlook and try it free of cost. The demo edition works similar to the comprehensive software and helps you in getting comfortable to the features and functionalities before buy. The tool enables you to execute complete conversion but converts only first 20 emails of SeaMonkey folder to Outlook.

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Step by Step process to import SeaMonkey Emails in Outlook

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