Import Google Takeout to Outlook PST with Step-by-Step Complete Process

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Conversion of file format is a difficult task for all users of the various email client. In the process of migration, there are huge chances of data loss, corruption of files and some other issues which may arise when the conversion process is going on. These days a large number of questions asked related to migration process of MBOX format files to PST files and in this article, I will disclose the exact way to import Google takeout to Outlook PST so that all users can get the answers of all queries and can save files without any loss of data.

Solution for Conversion with Advanced Application

With the utilization of Google Takeout to Outlook application, it becomes simple to convert Google takeout to Outlook PST without any occurrence of error. It is easy to understand and operate this tool by any user having professional knowledge or not. This Google Takeout to PST Converter contains the exact steps for the conversion process so that the user can avoid extra and irrelevant steps to save their precious time. This tool has the capacity to change bulk files through the same and simple conversion way.

Convert Google Takeout to PST Format through Following Steps

Step 1. Download and install MBOX to PST software and open it.

Step 2. Go for Select Files option if you know the exact path of those MBOX files and if you do not know the exact path of saved files then use Search Files option which can help you to search MBOX files easily.

Step 3. After the selection of files, you can view them with all the information in the Preview section.

Step 4. Then click on the Export button and move towards the Select Folder & Export Type window which can allow you to select conversion format.

Step 5. With the same window use filter options if needed which includes the date, from, to, cc, bcc, and subject filtrations. It also includes Attachments Filters section which allows you to choose whether

  • Save Emails that have Attachments, or
  • Don’t Save Emails that Has Attachments

Step 6. Click on the Apply button and Use Split PST Files option if needed. After that Browse that path where your converted files will be saved through the use of Select Saving Path section.

Step 7. Click on the Export option and view the Progress Report and wait for the message that is Conversion is Done.

Step 8. Once the conversion is finished, click on the Ok to complete the process.

Unique Features of Converter Tool

This Google Takeout to Outlook software is very useful as it can transfer all MBOX files through the one-time conversion process. It has some beneficial advantages like

  • User-Friendly Features: It has all features for conversion process with an easy view and simple usability.
  • Safe and Secure Processing: It can transfer all files along with attachments, images, hyperlinks and header details through secure processing working.
  • No Limitations of Size: There are no limits of the size of files as it can transfer large size files through the normal procedure.
  • Supportive for all Windows OS: It has the ability to work with all editions of Windows OS.
  • Retain Structure of Folder: It can transfer files and can maintain the structure of folders so that you can get converted files with an easy view.
  • Filtration Options: Filtration options can be utilized to get only relevant and required files.


With this discussion, it is clear that the automated solution has the capability to import Google takeout to Outlook with perfect results. It also provides some options to do a trouble-free conversion of MBOX files to PST files. You can try this through its demo edition which can be downloaded for free and can be used with 20 MBOX format files. All sections and features of this software can be avail in its licensed edition only.