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Recommended software to backup emails from multiple webmail sources with attachments directly on Mac and Windows platforms. Ultimate webmail backup Software to backup web emails to desktop hard drive/IMAP Server/Cloud Servers.

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Effective Cloud Email Backup Software

  • Easily backup emails from 90+ webmail sources - Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server, IMAP Server, Yahoo Mail,, Hotmail, RoundCube, Office 365 and more.
  • Backup emails from multiple user accounts in batch
  • All-Mail Backup Tool extracts complete user accounts data – emails, mail folders, contacts, calendars, notes, etc.
  • Preserves all emails properties – Meta headers, formatting, embedded attachments, links etc.
  • Save Cloud emails to single desktop-supported file types with different file naming options
  • Directly backup emails from webmail source as only login details are needed.
  • Enables users to extract email addresses and email attachments only
  • Provides different filters (date range, to, from and subject) to move selective data from webmail, web-server etc. to external drive/ cloud emailing app
  • Selective export settings for email folders is provided to enable users export only Sent folders and only email header info.
  • Simple GUI to Backup emails to system hard drive at desired location with ease
  • Saves attachments in original format during cloud storage email backup to cloud or individual file formats
  • Maintains accurate folder hierarchy during backup process
  • Supports all Windows and macOS editions

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Backup Mailboxes from Every Email Solution Provider

CubexSoft All-Mail Email Backup Software enables you to move your data from different web based services without any data loss. No matter, which email service providers you are associated with, the tool maintains to extract and export complete data from them.

Backup Emails from 92+ Cloud-Based Services and the list is growing...

Supports conversion to all Popular Email Programs and Formats

The Email Backup Tool for Mac and Windows offers expert solution to export complete data from selected webmail account to local system / cloud account. You just need to provide your login details, choose desired options and as soon as you click on the Backup button, the software will automatically start processing your commands until the entire process finishes successfully.

To Mailbox File Format

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With Email Backup software you can achieve backup results in following ways -
  • Convert emails to various Technical Email formats
  • Move data from one email service provider to another one
  • Shift mailboxes/folder of one user account to another account
  • Transfer emails and other data within same email application

Email Backup Tool - Highlighting Features

Discover all the advance features of All-in One Email Backup Wizard to Backup Emails Locally/Cloud Server on Mac and Windows platforms

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Why Chose CubexSoft Email Backup Software

The All-Mail Backup software is fully loaded with numerous advance functions that users will find useful for their email server backup needs. The most crucial feature of this software is its ability of creating backup from 90+ email sources, therefore no need for users to search for individual software for serving their email backup needs from their associated email accounts. The tool comes as a handy solution for them as it enables them to backup any IMAP/POP supported webmail application. Moreover, the Software offers 30 + output options for cloning their webmail account emails to file format/ cloud apps.

The tool also offers various mail filters, selective folder backup option, live backup status, batch option to backup multiple user account in single attempt and many more. CubexSoft Email Backup Tool doesn’t delete or alter any data from your source email application and just creates a copy of the entire data on your local hard drive or another cloud app, as instructed.

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Backup Webmail Emails from Various Sources

CubexSoft Email Backup Tool is updated with latest algorithms that will allow users to backup their emails and mailbox data from various email sources. The software is capable of creating backup of emails from around 90+ email service providers such as AOL Mail, Gmail, AT&TMail, 1 and 1 Mail, MDaemon Cloud, CenturyLink,, Exchange Server, CharterMail, Zimbra Cloud, Roundcube, CoxMail, GMX, POP3, Rogers, Rackspace, Earthlink, SquirrelMail etc. Its DIY interface makes it a handy solution for both home and professional users. The All-Mail Backup tool clearly eliminates the need for any other software for extracting emails, as it allows you to select individual email source from which data backup is needed.

backup multiple email accounts in batch with email backup wizard

Backup Emails of Multiple User Accounts in Single Attempt

Sometimes users create separate email accounts (of same service provider) for different purposes. Many of us may be using different email accounts for our personal and official use. Just in case you need to backup all your emails from multiple user accounts at once, you don’t need to do it one by one. CubexSoft Email backup tool is now updated with the option of allowing users to backup multiple accounts data to desired option in a single cycle. You just need to save all your email accounts user IDs and their respective passwords in a CSV file, one account per row, and upload this CSV file using Add CSV button (after clicking the Use Batch Mode option). This feature is a true time saver as the software is generating backup of multiple user accounts at once, without any interruption or delay.

90+ saving formats

Backup Webmail Emails to 90+ Output Formats

In today’s time, performing Email backup is an inevitable task which everyone must follow ritually. This is the only way to keep our emails and cloud data secure and accessible in tough situations. With CubexSoft Email Backup Software you can create clone of your webmail emails and save to various output options on local storage device as well as another cloud application. The tool allows to backup and sync webmail emails to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, CSV, OLM, HTML, DOC, RTF, XPS, ZIP, TGZ, NSF, Office 365, Exchange, IMAP Server, IBM Verse, IceWarp, Amazon Workmail, Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, etc. The software also enables users to extract email addresses and only email attachments from webmail accounts to their local Mac or Windows hard drive.

backup webmail emails locally

Save Cloud emails at desired location on local storage of Mac/Windows machine

Want to clone your cloud account data on your local machine hard drive? CubexSoft Email Backup is here that provides best solution to backup webmail emails to any destination folder location of your choice, on your Mac/Windows machine. Therefore, you can extract emails from any cloud account to local hard drive or external storage device like flash drive, USB drive. You just need to choose the desired Destination path to specify where you want to download your webmail emails to target folder location. The software will then perform the rest of the task and backup your webmail emails to chosen folder location, locally.

Advanced filters

Avail Numerous Advance Email Filters

We all are well aware about our mailboxes getting filled with numerous unwanted emails, coming from nowhere. While saving backup of our email account data, we don’t want these emails to be backed up, as they would fill unnecessary space on our local system or another cloud account. To avoid getting unwanted emails from getting downloaded, the software provides various filters like Date range, to, from and subject. You can apply any or all filters as per your requirements and the software will then download only required emails from associated email source to target location.

Additionally, users also get the option to export only Sent Items folder from their email source account to required destination. another option provided by the Email backup Tool is to allow users to export only email headers information and avoid downloading email body content and their respective attachments.

preserves folder hierarchy

Preserves Folder Hierarchy and Email Meta Header Information

While cloning emails from source webmail account, the software identifies and preserves the folder hierarchy of the associated email account precisely. By accurately preserving the folder hierarchy, the Email Backup Wizard makes it easy for users to easily manage their emails, when viewed in another application. Additionally, the Email Backup tool accurately saves all email attributes like (to, from, cc, date, signatures, hyperlinks, formatting, attachments etc.). There is no data corruption or alteration done to the source or target email files and the software provides 100% guaranteed email data backup results.

Key Features of Webmail Backup Software
Know all the Attributes of All-Mail Tool for Webmail Backup to Cloud/ Hard Drive on Windows and Mac systems

All-in-One Backup Solution

The advance solution enables you to easily save backup of your multiple email account's data into different webmail, web server, cloud server, email server accounts. Now you can save your IMAP, O365, Exchange server, Roundcube, IceWarp, and other accounts data into various cloud and local system storage file formats.

Note: Application Impersonation is required when login as an Office 365 administrator.

Backup cPanel Emails to Local Storage

With Email Backup Tool you can easily backup all mail folders of your cPanel hosted emailing services into various supported formats or directly into another user account on both Mac and Windows systems. The Email Backup Wizard supports to backup data from HostGator, Godaddy, HostMonster, DreamHost etc. into any option of your choice.

Backup Emails to External Drive on Local System

The All-Mail Backup software supports conversion of Business email service data into multiple file formats anywhere on your local machine. Now you can easily save your business emails and attachments into PST, MSG, MBOX, CSV, OLM, DOC, HTML, PDF, ZIP and other file formats. While selecting PST as output format, you can also save your business contacts, calendars data, notes etc. with precise results.

Complete Data Migration Supported

Email Backup tool maintains that user account's complete data is transferred into another chosen cloudaccount or local storage supported file format. Now you can easily create a clone of your emails, mail folders, custom folders, address book, calendars, tasks etc. into your chosen output file format/email client/cloud account, without any data loss issues.

Application Impersonation for O365 Mail Backup

With Email Backup software, you can easily save single as well as multiple user mailboxes from your Office 365 admin account. For this it provides I am Admin option. By entering your O365 admin credentials, you become eligible to save backup of your organization's entire employee's mailboxes data at once.

Save Data According to Different File Naming Options

The All-Mail Backup software allows saving of emails with different file naming options for easy accessibility and management. The different file naming conventions available at software panel enables users to choose the one according to their specific requirement and get desired results in selected output file format.

Backup Multiple Accounts Mailboxes

Email Backup Tool allows users to save backup of their multiple email/cloud accounts in single attempt. It doesn't matter how many email accounts you are having and upto what size, the Email Backup wizard lets you to save complete data from all your email accounts to any other email account or local storage, without any data loss.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

With All-Mail Backup Software you can easily perform cloud to cloud migration and backup emails to cloud account. The tool enables you to effortlessly move your data from one cloud environment to another cloud environment including all items - emails, mailbox folders, calendars, notes, contacts etc. without any data loss.

Backup Emails to IMAP server

The Email Backup Software is capable of importing emails from webmail data directly into IMAP emailing server with complete information. You just need to provide your IMAP domain and port settings, for the software to directly import webmail emails into IMAP server.

Retains Original Folder hierarchy

The Webmail Backup Tool is developed with multiple advance algorithms, so as to make it simpler to use for all its users. Moreover, it also supports to maintain original folder hierarchy of the all the mailboxes, so that there is no problem for you in accessing your data in new application.

Advance Filters for Selective Email Backup

The Email Backup Tool for Mac and Windows provides multiple advance filters to help users convert their data accordingly. Now they can easily choose mails according to different criteria – date range, to, from and subject filters. Selecting date range filter will convert entire data occurred between the specified date ranges. Similarly, you can choose other provided filters to convert specified emails as per your requirement.

Supportable on all macOS or Windows OS

The Email Backup Wizard for Mac and Windows is capable of working with all Windows OS or macOS versions. You can simply Perform on Windows OS 11, 10, 8.1, etc. or macOS such as Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite etc.

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Trial Limitations

Download FREE Email Backup Tool evaluation utility and convert first 25 emails from selected mail folder to any supported file format or directly into another mail / IMAP account. Once getting satisfied results with FREE demo tool, you can purchase the licensed edition of the Webmail Backup Software.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MBis required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Windows OS : 11, 10, 8.2, 8 & All Below Windows Versions

Mac OS : Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina (MacOS X 10.15), Mojave (MacOS X 10.14), High Sierra (MacOS X 10.13) and all below Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of All-Mail Backup Software - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Load Mailbox Folders
Multiple saving options
Backup Unlimited Email Accounts in Batch
File Naming options
Windows 11 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
macOS Monterey & Earlier Versions Supported
Backup unlimited mailboxes First 25 items per folder All Items
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $99

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to backup email with attachments?

Follow the steps and backup email with attachments in few seconds:

  1. Download and install Email Backup Tool on Windows machine.
  2. Open the tool and choose email source from the list displaying on left software window.
  3. Enter the related login details and click on Login button.
  4. List of folders start appearing on the left side of the tool.
  5. Choose the saving option from the available list in which you want to backup email files.
  6. Set the sub-options accordingly to get the desired result.
  7. Apply filter, if you want to backup the required emails to desired account/server.
  8. Click on Backup button to start the webmail backup process.

Yes, you can easily backup emails of a particular subject only with Email Backup Tool. After entering your login details and selecting the mail folder, Click on Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup option. Tap on the checkbox corresponding to the Subject filter, Enter the Subject of the messages that you want to save and finally click on Backup button.

There is no file size limitation and you can easily create backup of any large sized mail account into any other account or technical file format by using Webmail Backup Tool.

Yes, you can easily save backup of entire mailboxes or selective mailbox from one email account to another account, precisely. Moreover, the software maintains original folder hierarchy during migration of data between two email accounts.

Yes, with All-Mail Backup utility you can create backup of selective mailbox folders (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items or custom folders) from your email account to any supported file format or another email/ IMAP/ cloud account.

Yes, CubexSoft Email Backup Tool is designed to work on all Windows (32bit and 64bit) OS and thus supports all its editions – Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista etc.

Please ensure that the following settings have been applied for the email account from which backup process is being initiated.

  • IMAP Setting is enabled
  • Valid Email Address & Password is provided
  • To know how to apply these setting, click here

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