Gmail Backup Software

Export multiple Gmail & G Suite single users and admin account mailboxes locally/cloud applications with Mails, Contacts, Calendar and Documents.

  • Backup Gmail emails with attachments including contacts, calendar and documents
  • Offers dual options to transfer Gmail database - Single User and Domain User
  • Facilitate to export both Gmail and G Suite user/admin account mailboxes
  • Equipped with Item Filters that allows to select desired item or all items for backup
  • Enables to add multiple Gmail/G Suite accounts for batch processing at once
  • Option to load multiple user accounts directly using Import from CSV button
  • Save Google Webmail data to multiple formats – PST, MSG, MHTML, HTML, EML and MBOX
  • Supports Gmail email backup to Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server, etc.
  • Ability to backup all Gmail messages from all Labels created
  • Retains data integrity and folder structure of user accounts during the process
  • Saves email attachments in their original format after backup
  • Advance Filters available for specified backup i.e. Date Filters, To, From and Subject
  • Completely independent application to backup Gmail database
  • No file size limitation – Move unlimited data from Gmail to Hard Drive/Cloud
  • Accessible on all Windows (32bit and 64bit) editions

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Backup Personal Gmail Account

With Gmail Backup Software, users are easily allowed to protect the personal Gmail account mailboxes. Migrate & upload your personal & small business Google Gmail account ( to cloud-based email services.

Backup Emails from 11+ Cloud-Based Services and the list is growing...

  • Gmail
  • Gsuite/Google Apps
  • Office 365
  • Outlook Webmail
  • Exchange Server
  • Hosted Exchange Server
  • Yahoo Mail
  • IMAP Accounts

Are you using G Suite Account

No worries, we have a solution for you too...

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Gmail Backup Supported Saving Options

Supported Formats

Office 365

CubexSoft Gmail Backup Tool comes with Office 365 as one of a backup option. With this backup options users can move, upload, migrate their Gmail data of Office 365 account. The software is designed to perform Google Gmail to Office 365 migration in a very easy way. During the migration, software supports to maintain proper data integrity after importing Google Gmail data into Outlook 365 account. For Gmail to Office 365 migration, software will only require the login details of you OWA mailbox and then you can directly migrate your Gmail data to MS Office 365 account. CubexSoft Gmail Backup Tool also offers Outlook Online as one of the backup options. With this option you can move your Gmail data to account. The software is easy yet professional tool to migrate & upload Gmail to in a very efficient way. Using this tool Gmail to migration has become an easy task. While using this too just put the login credential of Google Gmail account and Outlook Online account and then get all your emails migrated from Gmail to
Exchange Server Gmail Backup software is one of the best tool that helps in the process to backup Google gmail data into Exchange Server & Hosted Exchange server. The software is an advanced tool for the users who are in need to migrate data from Gmail into the exchange server and hosted exchange. To migrate Google Gmail account data to exchange or hosted exchange server, users must know their connection details like - IP address, server name, user id and password. So, CubexSoft Gmail Backup is a helpful solution to migrate, upload, backup Gmail to exchange server, backup Gmail to hosted exchange server.
Gmail to PST CubexSoft Gmail Backup Tool comes up with one of the popular backup format - PST. With this options, users can backup Gmail to Microsoft Outlook PST Files. When users are in a need to migrate Gmail data into a Outlook PST format, then CubexSoft Gmail Data Backup tool will be the best choice to perform such task. It supports to backup, migrate, upload Gmail into PST Files of Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 etc. The software can perform the Gmail to Outlook PST conversion without installation of Ms Outlook.
EML CubexSoft Gmail Backup Software has EML saving option to backup Gmail data. When migration from Gmail data to EML arises, CubexSoft Gmail Backup is tool that one should download & install. By migrating Google Gmail data into EML format, one can easily move, upload, migrate Gmail to Windows Live Mail, Gmail to eM Client, Gmail to Windows Mail etc. So migration from Gmail to EML file based email clients is no more a tedious task.
MSG CubexSoft Gmail Backup Tool comes with MSG option as one of the backup option. It allows users to migrate their Google Gmail messages to MSG files. By converting Google Gmail emails into MSG files, users can import Google Gmail email into Microsoft Outlook using drag & drop method. Converting Gmail emails into MSG will let users to save the storage space of default Gmail and let users to store the emails securely to their local drives as a most preferable email format - MSG.
MBOX CubexSoft Gmail Backup Software also includes MBOX as one of the backup option. The MBOX option will allow users to move, migrate upload Gmail into MBOX file format. The software takes the backup of Gmail data in MOBX files format and let users to migrate form Gmail to Thunderbird, Gmail to Mac Mail, Gmail to Entourage, Gmail to Apple Mail in a very easy way. During the conversion from Gmail to MBOX file, the software ensures the data integrity of each Gmail data and allow users to perform Google Gmail backup task very efficiently.
HTML Google Gmail Backup tool also has HTML/XHTML backup option that lets users to save all the Gmail data in HTML or MHTML form. While saving Google Gmail in HTML or MHTML form, software supports to maintain data integrity of each email. It supports to keep the exact - formatting, meta data, hierarchy, email header etc. Other than this, Software supports to backup Gmail data to other popular formats like - PDF, DOC, RTF etc.

Features and Benefits of Gmail Backup Tool

Know Remarkable Features of the software to Backup all Gmail Mails, Contacts, Calendar to Multiple Web Mail/Server

Move complete Gmail backup data

Gmail Data Backup Software is a complete mailbox backup solution that allows users to save all mail folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Custom folders etc.). The Gmail Backup Tool also allows to save contacts, calendars, documents (Google Drive) and other data from Gmail to Hard Disk/cloud database.

Backup Emails Locally

With Backup tool user can easily backup emails to their local system by following few simple steps. It is an advance utility which provides multiple technical output option such as PST, PDF, HTML, MHTML, EML, MBOX, EMLx, MSG etc. to backup email with integrity.

Offers Dual Options for Desired Backup

Once, the Gmail Backup Software launch on the screen, it will show two options to load Gmail/G Suite accounts i.e. Single User and Domain Users. Users with individual Gmail/ G Suite account can use Single User option and add multiple accounts as they want for backup. Domain User option will enable to add G Suite administrator account and facilitate to backup all its database at once.

Item Filters for Advance Gmail Backup

By utilizing G Suite Backup Tool, user will get the benefit of Item Filters property. The option displays folder items of Gmail account i.e. Mails, Contacts, Calendar and Documents with checkboxes. A user can use the checkbox to select the desired item and take the backup of the same locally or on cloud apps.

Save Data from Single Gmail account

With Gmail Backup Wizard, users can easily save data from their individual Gmail account. They just have to provide the credentials of their respective Gmail profile and start backing up Gmail accounts data. All the data will be transferred to required account with exact content and formatting properties.

Backup Gmail mailboxes locally

Now easily backup your Gmail mailboxes to multiple file formats on your local system. Gmail Backup Tool provides different output options for Gmail archive to PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, MHTML and MBOX and other commonly used file formats with precise data.

Advance filters supports precise migration

With Gmail Backup Tool, users get various filters to save selective Gmail data with precise results. Now they can choose a particular sender, receiver, subject, date range to extract selective data from Gmail user profile to supported file formats.

Retains original Folder hierarchy

Gmail Backup Tool supports to maintain the original folder hierarchy of Gmail mailbox folders during backup process. Now you don't need to worry about how you are going to view your Gmail folders in another application, as the software keeps them intact precisely.

Different File naming options

While saving emails to a particular file format, users need to name them according to a set of particular combinations like Subject of the message + sent/received date, from + subject + date etc. The Gmail Backup Tool has been designed to fulfill this requirement of users and enables them to save Gmail messages according to different file naming combinations – from, subject + date, from + subject + date etc.

Save file at Desired Destination

If one has selected the output format from the list of saving options, the application will then provide the option of Destination Path. Click its Browse button and select the saving path where you want to save the resultant file. By using the option, you can quickly access the resultant file after backup.

All Windows OS editions supported

Gmail Backup Tool is a designed to work on all Windows OS and is suitable for all its versions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista etc. Both Windows (32bit and 64bit) are completely supported by the application. Simply download the tool and effortlessly backup Gmail data to different accounts.

Easy to Use Application

The interface of Gmail Backup Tool is so simple that it is easy to understand for all types of users. Even non-technical users can effortlessly use this application for saving Gmail Archive folder data to desired file formats locally.

Create Summary in Notepad after Backup

Once the software backup all the folders to required format or IMAP account, it will display a successful message, click ok to close the same. As soon as window is closed, you will see Notepad window showing the backup summary report. It will display Starting Date and Time, Saving Option, Destination Path and Status.

Quick Gmail Mail Backup as PDF

With Gmail Backup Tool, you will also get the option of saving Gmail mail backup as PDF. If you are having unlimited Gmail mails that you want to keep them into PDF as a backup, then it can be done quickly in seconds with the help of this tool. Simply select PDF as a saving option, choose sub-properties as per need and save Gmail mailboxes files as PDF in bulk without an error.

Backup Gmail Mails with Attachments

If you want a backup of Gmail mail with attachments, then it is possible with Gmail Account Backup Tool. The software carries every property and functionality that a user needs in a particular application. So, not to worry about your attached files as the tool processes the required Gmail mail backup with attachments without affecting its details.

Maintains Email Formatting & Folder Structure

The Gmail Backup Tool is not only responsible for a backup process but also takes care of all the email formatting properties and folder structure. Images, Bcc, Cc, To, From, Subject, Hyperlinks are well preserved by the tool. Moreover, the folder structure of Gmail mailboxes remain in an exact form.

Screenshots of All-Mail Backup Tool

The following screenshots will help you understand how the software exactly works :

Gmail Backup Free Download

Know all the specification & requirements to Download & Use the App with Ease

Software Name: CubexSoft Gmail Backup Tool
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 5.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 31.5 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Gmail Backup Free Demo Tool is available free of cost, for evaluation purpose. Download the free evaluation tool to understand its working by converting first 20 emails and other items to supported formats.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Users' Commonly Asked Queries

The software is designed with a very simple GUI and provides very easy working steps, as follows :

  • Step 1 –: Download and install the application on Windows PC
  • Step 2 –: Now, select Gmail option from the email source list and enter your Gmail login ID and password. Click login button
  • Step 3 –: Now the software will start loading your Gmail mailboxes and shows them on left screen of software window
  • Step 4 –: Select destination location where you want to save your Gmail account backup
  • Step 5 –: Now choose mail folders and apply required date and mail filters for saving selective mail backup from your Gmail account. Finally click Backup button
  • Step 6 –: Now the software start with the Gmail backup process and shows live backup status
  • Step 7 –: Once the backup is completed, a new window opens showing the message "Conversion completed successfully"
  • Step 8 –: As you click OK button. A new Notepad window opens showing complete log report of the backup process. Save it in TXT for future use.

If any of these options are DISABLED, then YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BACKUP your Gmail account mailboxes using this software. To successfully backup your Google Apps account data, you have to first ENABLE these two options. Know how to enable Less Secure Apps Access option and IMAP Settings.

In case you are unable to find Less Secure Apps Access option in your Gmail account, then it is because 2-Step Verification option is TURNED ON . To make the Less Secure Apps Access available, you have to first Turn Off this 2-Step verification option. Know how to turn off 2-Step verification option.

If the deleted emails are there in your Trash folder, then yes, Otherwise no. Gmail Backup Tool will convert data that is currently present in your Gmail account only. You can backup emails, mailbox folders, contacts, calendars, documents and all other data, but that is available in your Gmail account.

Yes, Gmail Backup Tool is capable of converting selective data from your Gmail account. Select the desired mailbox folders that you want to save as backup. Moreover, you can also use different filters (date, from, to, subject) to make your mail/data backup more precise.

No, the software is Windows based and is suitable for all Windows (32bit and 64bit) editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.

No, this Gmail Data Backup Software does not save any user information and provides secure and cache free working interface.

It depends on the size of the data being backup up and the speed for your internet connection.

No, the Gmail Backup Tool will backup data from accounts having domain name only. You can backup data from as many Gmail accounts as you want, but only single Gmail account at once.

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