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Direct Zimbra Converter to Batch Convert Zimbra On-premise & Cloud Hosted mailboxes to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Office 365, Exchange Server, Gmail, G Suite, IMAP Server etc.

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Seamless Zimbra Converter Tool

  • Zimbra Converter to export TGZ files to 20+ popular file saving and cloud options
  • Convert Zimbra On-premise and Cloud Hosted mailboxes with accurate data Newly Added Feature
  • Convert Zimbra emails, contacts, briefcase, calendars etc.
  • Various file naming options to export Zimbra emails to single emails formats
  • Email Filtering Options to export selective mailbox items
  • Provides Option to Convert data from Extracted TGZ Folders Newly Added Feature
  • Software now updated to convert Zimbra Calendars data alongwith Recurrence CalendarsNewly Added Feature
  • Instant analysis of Zimbra TGZ files for conversion with High Success Rate
  • Batch Zimbra Conversion to export multiple Zimbra TGZ filesavailble in technical license
  • Save/Export Zimbra emails as HTML and RTF saving file formats
  • Handles Zimbra Briefcase conversion in a more appropriate way
  • Supports all versions of Zimbra Desktop (1.0.4, 2.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.2.8 etc), Collaboration Server
  • Export Zimbra mailboxes to many popular cloud-based platforms - Office 365, Live Exchange Server, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo Mail, IMAP Server, IBM Verse, Amazon Workmail available in enterprise license

Why Use CubexSoft Zimbra TGZ Converter?

Utilize Zimbra Export on any Windows system and convert multiple Zimbra user account mailboxes to desktop-supported file formats and cloud applications. Zimbra Converter enables to directly migrate Zimbra emails, contacts, calendar and other items directly to Outlook PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Gmail and many more email accounts.

Directly Export Zimbra Cloud Mailboxes Newly Added Feature

Zimbra Converter is now available with dual options of converting Zimbra On-premise as well as Zimbra cloud hosted mailboxes to preferred output options. This feature eliminate the need for extracting Zimbra user data in TGZ files and need only login credentials of the intended Zimbra user account for which data migration is required. The tool works smoothly and doesn't create any problems for users. The software is handy for both technical and non-technical users.

directly convert zimbra cloud mailboxes

Export Zimbra Emails, Contacts, Briefcase and Calendar

Zimbra Conversion Tool delivers the benefit of exporting Zimbra mails with contacts, briefcase and calendar. The application will display Zimbra desktop folders with checkboxes after extraction of TGZ file. One can check/uncheck the folder as per need and move Zimbra mailbox to required account effortlessly. All the information carried by contacts, calendar and briefcase will remain maintained and accurate throughout the process.

selective zimbra migration

Direct Conversion to Exchange Server, Office 365, Gmail

The Zimbra TGZ Converter is currently updated with v21.0. The software now also supports the saving options of IMAP Server, IBM Verse, Amazon Workmail alongwith Exchange Server, Office 365, Gmail and G Suite. These options only requires the account details of the same and the tool will quickly migrate Zimbra to desired webmail account with exact email attributes and other formatting properties.

directly convert zimbra to cloud

Unlimited Zimbra Mailbox Conversion in Single Time

Zimbra Converter is programmed in a way that it is free from every kind of restriction. A user with number of Zimbra mailboxes can use the tool for transferring the same at one time. The entire process will take just few minutes and precisely export unlimited Zimbra mailboxes to different profile without facing data loss trouble.

unlimited zimbra conversion

Move Entire Zimbra User Profile Database

Zimbra TGZ Converter is a remarkable migration app which supports the conversion of entire Zimbra mailbox data into different accounts. The application is capable to bulk export Zimbra mailbox folder items such as tasks, notes, notification mount-point, contacts, calendar, briefcase and more in multiple file types without hassle.

complete zimbra conversion

Import Zimbra to Number of Popular File Types...

  • Instant Zimbra data file conversion
  • Supports batch Zimbra export
  • Convert large size Zimbra files
  • Zimbra mail conversion without Zimbra installation

Convert Zimbra to Different Webmail/Desktop Accounts

CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a software, which includes numerous saving options for transferring Zimbra mails, contacts, briefcase and calendar. It contains many options that can be used to save the resultant file as per need. One can also choose the destination path and save the converted file at desired location.

To Mailbox File Format

pst format


mbox format


eml format


msg format


To Webmail Servers/ Email Programs









Users can opt Zimbra Converter service in the following ways: -
  • Save Zimbra email files to multiple document file types such as DOC, XPS, PDF etc.
  • Precise Zimbra database conversion to Thunderbird, Outlook, Lotus Notes.
  • Migrate Zimbra to multiple webmail servers.
  • Access Zimbra emails to popular file formats.

When Should You Choose Zimbra Converter?

move zimbra to another environment

When Moving from Zimbra Environment to Another Environment

When you are migrating from Zimbra application to another application, then this CubexSoft Zimbra Converter comes as a convenient solution to move complete Zimbra data to new application.

examine zimbra emails for forensic

For Examining Zimbra Emails for Legal Forensic Evidence

Are you having some Zimbra emails that are crucial evidence in any legal case, then this Zimbra Converter can become helpful solution for you. You can easily export the required Zimbra emails to PDF format and submit them as acceptable evidence in courts.

backup zimbra data

When You need to Backup and Store Zimbra data to Hard Drive

Backing up data on a regular basis is a good habit and it also keeps our applications efficient. Using this Zimbra Export Tool, you can easily save backup of your important Zimbra user accounts data on your Hard Drive or any external drive.

save zimbra emails as Adobe doc

When You are Exporting Bulk Zimbra Emails to PDF with Bates Stamp

Do you want to print multiple Zimbra mails to Adobe PDF format, then use Zimbra TGZ Converter that supports batch printing of unlimited Zimbra emails to PDF files, at once. It also permits you to save attachments either as embedded within PDF document or save attachments in separate folders. You can also convert email attachments to PDF and apply PDF bates stamping options too.

share zimbra emails

Sharing Zimbra emails and other data with clients who Don’t Use Zimbra

There are so many email applications that organizations are using. You may also be dealing with such companies that don’t use Zimbra, but you need to share important data with them. Using this tool, you can easily convert and share Zimbra data to any other compatible file format that your client is comfortable with.

preview zimbra data

For Previewing and migrating Selective Zimbra Data

Received Zimbra user data in TGZ file and you don’t have Zimbra installed in you system? Don’t worry, use Zimbra Converter and easily preview complete Zimbra data in detail. You can also select the folders and convert them to required output option, with complete ease.

Zimbra TGZ Converter – Expert's Rated Best Software Solution

Zimbra is a groupware application that has its own special features, which no one wants to lose while migrating their data from Zimbra to another server or application. Zimbra Export Tool is a comprehensively designed tool, based exactly on the structure of Zimbra files and folders. It is designed in such a way that it takes care of all those features and keep them intact during Zimbra data migration.

Zimbra Converter is our top category software, which includes all essential features needed for any Zimbra user. The application is available for all user-types for performing small-scale or large-scale Zimbra migration, with ease. Depending upon user requirements, Zimbra Converter licenses are available as Personal License, Technical License, Enterprise License and Site License. The software is capable of handling huge data migration from Zimbra, directly into Office 365, G Suite, Exchange Server and IMAP Servers. This makes our software as the highest rated application by technical experts.

Besides converting Zimbra TGZ files to technical file formats, Zimbra Converter is also capable of performing Zimbra migration directly into various cloud servers/email servers. There is no need to perform import/export opeartion, as all your data is getting directly transferred to chosen application, with every item into respective folders. Moreover, the Zimbra TGZ Converter is a complete Windows based program that easily operates on Windows systems and Windows Servers alike.

Benefits & Features of CubexSoft Zimbra Converter
Advance Zimbra TGZ Converter Properties to Instantly Export Zimbra to Multiple Formats

Zimbra Mail Conversion to Multiple Formats

Zimbra Export is a Zimbra Migration tool program that supports total conversion from TGZ file exported from Zimbra to different message and document formats – PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, NSF, ICS, CSV, vCard. The software export Zimbra emails, briefcase and tasks from TGZ to various email applications, whereas Zimbra contacts are exported into vCard, CSV and Outlook contacts. For Calendars, the software offers standard ICS file to export calendars details.

Precisely Convert All Zimbra Data

The Zimbra TGZ Converter tool converts all Zimbra mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, briefcase etc. with accurate details. The export option provided by the software are divided in parts - firstly, "export all folder types" option includes conversion of everything (emails, calendars, contacts, briefcase and tasks) to multiple formats; Secondly "export Zimbra contacts" option to export contacts to Outlook contacts, vCard and CSV formats and thirdly "export Zimbra Calendars" option to export calendars to ICS format.
Important – Unlimited Zimbra Migration is only possible in Technical, Enterprise & Site License

Export Zimbra Desktop to Outlook

Utilize this effective Zimbra Converter utility to export Zimbra user profiles to PST format, which can be easily accessed and viewed in Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2007 and 2003 editions. Zimbra Conversion into MS Exchange Server and Office 365 is also made possible with Zimbra Mailbox Converter. The software always create separate PST file for every Zimbra User.

Zimbra to IBM Notes NSF Migration

Get all your Zimbra TGZ files imported into IBM Notes NSF using Zimbra Mail Converter Tool. Select the NSF option to move all your Zimbra mailbox items into Lotus Domino Server with precise data.
Important – For effective Zimbra to NSF Migration, Lotus Notes installation is must.
Important – Zimbra to NSF migration is only possible in Technical, Enterprise & Site License

Convert Zimbra Mailbox to MBOX, PDF and more

CubexSoft Zimbra Export Tool is an all-in-one migration utility that helps users to efficiently perform Zimbra TGZ export TGZ mailbox database into MBOX, PDF, EML & MSG file formats.
Important – Zimbra to MBOX migration is only possible in Technical, Enterprise & Site License

Supports Multiple Mailboxes migration in Batch

Use the Zimbra Migration tool software for migrating unlimited Zimbra mailboxes to the supported file formats, at once. It is best suited for accomplishing large scale migration projects, involving thousands of TGZ files.

Convert Zimbra data without Extraction of TGZ Files

There is no need for users to unzip the zipped TGZ files as the Zimbra Converter provides direct conversion of Zimbra TGZ files to the supported file formats, directly exports the Zimbra TGZ file to popular mail formats, contacts format and calendar format.

Add Folders Extracted from TGZ Files Newly Added Feature

If you have already extracted TGZ folders and are worried about how to convert these extracted folders, then you don't need to worry anymore. Zimbra Converter is now updated with "Add Extracted Folders" option to add and convert folders extracted from TGZ files to any supported output option.

Filter Option for Smart Search

The Zimbra TGZ Converter software along with providing preview option also allows users to search a particular email using the search option in the preview. Availably of filters (from, to, subject, date) in the search option helps them to make their search more precise and quick. The users can add the filters to export selective emails/contacts/calendars/tasks/briefcases from TGZ file.

Save Report to Save Conversion Process Newly Added Feature

Once the conversion process is completed, Zimbra Migration Tool automatically generates and opens log report containting detailed info like Start Date and time, Folders, Destination location etc., in Notepad. You can save the Zimbra conversion process report in TXT format for future use.

Export Zimbra Contacts from TGZ file

With Zimbra Converter Tool, users get the privilege to convert Zimbra contacts to Outlook contacts, vCard and CSV format. The software manages to convert contacts' each and every detail including name, address, URL, images etc. and allow to backup Zimbra Distribution lists and contacts groups too.

Zimbra Calendar Migration Supported

The Zimbra Mailbox Converter supports migration of Zimbra calendar items to universal format, i.e., ICS. The software exports all the calendar entries including events, reminders appointment, schedules in retained form. Even the recurrence calendar events are accurately saved by the Zimbra Exporter.

Export Briefcases from Zimbra Mailboxes Newly Added Feature

The Zimbra Briefcase Export software converts all the Zimbra briefcase items in their actual file format. The updated version of the software handles Briefcase conversion in a more advance and accurate way. Conversion of other Zimbra contents like notes and tasks (including recurring tasks) is also supported by the Zimbra Export Tool.

Option of Close File(s) Newly Added Feature

After TGZ files loaded successfully on the Zimbra Converter tool, you can close the loaded files using the Close File(s) option. This option will prove helpful when there is some kind of emergency and you want to perform the conversion process later.

Easy to Use

The Zimbra Mail Migration Tool software is designed to have a simple GUI making it easier for all to use it effortlessly. No technical training is required to perform conversion using this easy to use application.

Provides Preview Option

The Zimbra File Converter software provides a preview of the selected TGZ files. This preview option makes it easy for users to cross check the data before hand and select only those files which they want to convert to the desired format.

Suitability with all Zimbra and Windows Systems

The Zimbra Mail Converter software is suitable to convert TGZ files extracted from all editions of Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Zimbra Web client. Moreover, Zimbra Exporter is workable with all Windows editions, including the latest Windows 11.

Maintains Folder Structure

Zimbra Export Tool maintains the folder hierarchy of the Zimbra mailboxes in precise format. Whether users are exporting to any mail client database format like, the software saves the same folder structure inside the email application and in the saving destination.

Supports Zimbra Emails with Accurate Data

Zimbra Converter Tool is an All-in-One utility to migrate Zimbra emails to IBM Notes, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Adobe Acrobat and other applications. During the entire process the Zimbra TGZ Converter maintains the accuracy of the email Meta Properties – headers, formatting, read/unread status, attachments, images and other details.

Instant Zimbra to Office 365 Conversion

The Zimbra Converter Tool carries the capability to convert Zimbra mailbox to Office 365 format. Users only need to enter the login details after the selection of Office 365 from the software and then the tool will instantly convert and send the resultant file to Office 365 database automatically without any hassle.
Important – Zimbra to Office 365 migration is only possible in Technical, Enterprise & Site License

Direct Export of Zimbra to Exchange Server Newly Added Feature

The Zimbra Export Tool now directly export Zimbra to Exchange Server. A separate saving option has been added of Exchange Server in the software with the help of which you can directly perform the process without data loss. You just need to enter the server name of Exchange Server and provide the Exchange admin credentials. Moreover, it is recommended to login using Exchange Admin account in order to convert all Zimbra mailboxes.

Quick Zimbra mails to Google Apps MigrationNewly Added Feature

The Zimbra TGZ Converter utility has been added with individual saving options of Gmail and G Suite. Clicking on Gmail, G Suite option will display the TGZ file you need to export and the tabs of username, password and authentication. Enter the required login details and press enter. Once the tool detects the details, it will approve by displaying the green tick in Authentication section. After getting approval, apply the date filter, if required and click Export to export Zimbra to required account.

What More One Can Convert with CubexSoft Zimbra Converter

Email Messages

Zimbra TGZ Exporter is a complete solution for all your Zimbra Migration needs. Supports seamless migration from Zimbra Mailboxes exported in TGZ file by saving zimbra emails with accurate content that includes - email message content and inline images, links, signature with correct formatting.

Mail Attachment Zimbra Exporter tool downloads message attachments and saves them precisely. I.e. documents, images and files will be saved alongwith message in original format. Supports attachments of all types -
  • All Types of documents - PDF, XLS, DOC, CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF and many more
  • All Images file types - png, jpg, gif, tiff, etc.
  • Calendars
  • Business cards attached as VCF files
Email Headers The Zimbra Converter software is capable to convert complete data from Zimbra TGZ files, the software export zimbra emails with accurate email headers or meta headers of the Zimbra emails that includes -
  • Email Address - To, From, CC, Bcc etc.
  • Email Subject
  • Send/Received Date & Time.
Mail Folder Zimbra Export moves Zimbra emails to another platforms by keeping the original folder structure or folder hierarchy of Zimbra mailbox. The recursive scanning of TGZ files helps in restoring folders as well as subfolders (upto to deep structure) from Zimbra mailboxes to Outlook, PDF, MBOX, Live Exchange, Gmail, G Suite etc.
Date Filter Easily export Zimbra mailbox files as per specified time range.
Calendar Scheduled or Recurring Business Appointments are saved locally along with all details, including Start & End Date, Subject, Category, Location etc.

This Zimbra Mail Converter utility converts complete mailboxes from Zimbra to multiple web-based, cloud-based and email client platforms that includes conversion of integral part of mailboxes i.e. Contacts, Address Books, Contact Groups.

The Zimbra Export tool supports to convert contact's information including -

  • Nick Name
  • Spouse Name
  • Birth Date
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Home Number
  • Business Number
  • Home Address
  • Business Address
  • Other Address
  • Location,
  • Email address.

Zimbra Converter Free Download
Know all the specification to Download & Use the App with Ease

export zimbra desktop email client
Software Download
Size 55.1 MB
Version 21.0
FREE TRIAL - DOWNLOAD FREE ZIMBRA CONVERTER DEMO that allows to test the software functionality. FREE DEMO is limited to convert 25 Items per folder from emails/contacts/calendars of Zimbra TGZ Files to supported file formats.
5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Trial Limitations

Use Free Zimbra Converter (Zimbra Export) Download to evaluate the features before investing in the software. Demo version converts up to 25 items per folder with accurate details. The demo version allow users to convert 25 emails, tasks, briefcases, contacts, calendars to selected formats. Purchase the full version and get the license keys of this software to convert unlimited number of Zimbra TGZ files.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Operating System

Windows OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of Zimbra Export Software - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Convert Zimbra Hosted Cloud/On-premise data
Complete and Instant Preview (FREE)
Batch Zimbra Mailbox Migration First 25 items per folder All Items
Complete Conversion
[Mails | Contacts | Calendars | Tasks | Notes | Journals]
Keep Zimbra Items in its Original Form
Properties, Attachments, MetaData, Embedded Images, HTML Formatting, Links, etc.
Converts Large-sized Zimbra Files
Corrupted/Damaged, Password-Protected, and Highly Encrypted files.
Multiple Saving Options
PST | EML | EMLx | MSG | MBOX | MHT | HTML | XPS | TXT | DOC | DOCX | RTF | ICS | vCard | Windows Live Mail
Extra Saving Options
PDF | Thunderbird | Office 365 | | Exchange Server | Hosted Exchange Server | Gmail | G Suite | Yahoo Mail | IMAP Server
Selective Conversion
Exports only selected items from Zimbra file(s)
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $99

Frequently Asked Questions about Zimbra Converter

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

Can you please provide me the steps for Zimbra Conversion?

Follow the steps to convert Zimbra to different format:

Step 1: Install and Open Zimbra Converter Tool.

Step 2: Click on Add File(s) button to load TGZ file/folder or extracted TGZ folders for conversion.

Step 3: The tool will scan and analyse TGZ zip file and load it's folders on the left software screen.

Step 4: Click on the required folder to view it's files on Preview window.

Step 5: Press Export button and choose the desired saving format.

Step 6: Select sub-options as per need to save resultant file.

Step 7: Click Convert and start export Zimbra mails and other items to required format.

Step 8: Software completes the process by displaying the completion message on the screen "Process Completed Succesfully". Click OK to finish the task.

No there is no need to extract data from TGZ files as the Zimbra Migration Tool directly adds them and shows the content list in list pane (left side) and entire data in preview pane (right side) of the software window.

However, if you have extracted folders from TGZ files, then you can still convert your Zimbra data using the Add Extracted Folders option.

With Zimbra Mail Converter, you can export your Zimbra mailbox into 12 different file formats - PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, EMLx, MSG, Office 365, etc. The software also offers to save Zimbra contacts to Outlook contacts, vCard and CSV formats and calendars to ICS format. For NSF, Make sure that Lotus Notes should be installed in your machine.

There is NO file size limitation. You can convert TGZ files of any file size with complete ease using Zimbra Converter.

Yes, the Zimbra TGZ Converter supports conversion of encrypted TGZ files too.

For converting multiple TGZ files at once, you have to purchase either Technical or Enterprise Licenses of Zimbra Briefcase Export Software.

Zimbra Export Tool supports TGZ files of all editions of :
Zimbra Desktop : 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 and all below editions
Zimbra Collaboration Server : 8.7, 8.6, 8.5 and below editions
The software also supports TGZ files of Zimbra Web Client.

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