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One of the most common talking point nowadays is the conversion between Netscape to Microsoft Outlook. As Outlook is commonly being used by the users for organizational and personal usage. Due to its different set of features, a large number of users are switch from Netscape to Outlook. But, without having a proper method, the users cannot carry out the migration process without any data loss. So, keeping this in mind, we are discussing the solution to convert Netscape Mail to Outlook without losing any information. As the source email client uses MBOX files for storing data, so the process will they include the method to convert MBOX file to Outlook.

But, before directly going to the conversion process, we should first learn about Netscape email application.

What is Netscape?

Netscape is an email client application which is not in use nowadays. It was developed by Netscape Communication Corporation. The Netscape email application can be accessed in both Windows and Mac OS. Basically, Netscape is a combination of both Netscape and Newsgroup and some features of Netscape suite edition. It supports both IMAP and POP3 configured accounts to send and receive email messages. Since, AOL stopped working on the development of the email client, but still many users use it on Mac OS.

Why Users Want to Import Netscape Mail into Outlook

There can be many reasons to users change from Netscape Mail to Outlook. Some of them are:

  • As Netscape is out-of-date by the Netscape Communication Corporation, so a large number of users are looking to shift to an advanced email application and Outlook becomes the choice for most of the operators.
  • Microsoft Outlook offers more storage space to store data in the PST format so, it becomes stress-free for the users to save large amount of data in the data file as compared to Netscape whether they use the email client for personal use or organization.
  • Another reason why most of the users are opting Outlook is that it is easy to use. So, switching to new email client in an organization becomes easy as it does not take much time to get friendly with the email application.
  • Outlook provides a feature of portability and allows you to open your mailbox in MS Outlook using Mobile phones or tabs. But you Netscape doesn't comes up with a mobile application.

How to Extract MBOX Files from Netscape Mail Email Application?

Netscape is an excellent email application. The operator can view Netscape files by directly going to this location: 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\2yv6fh2e.slt\Mail'. But when you change your machine then the location may vary and you can find it in Netscape manually.

How to Backup MBOX files from Netscape?

Open your Netscape and click on Edit then choose Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings...

Click on Local Folders and then you will see a local directory. Copy the location from here.

Paste the location of local directory into your windows search panel.

Select the file which is without extension and rename it while pressing F2 with .mbox extension.

Solutions for How to Export Netscape Mail into MS Outlook

There are two methods providing for you to convert Netscape Mails to Outlook application i.e. Manual Method and Professional Method to migrate Netscape to Outlook.

Solution#1. Manual Method

  1. First open Apple Mail and then go to File menu and Import Mailboxes select Netscape/Mozilla
  2. Click on the Continue and Browse the path where Netscape Mail folder is to save.
  3. Check the items in the list that are to be exported. Now, the tool will load mailbox files and folder.
  4. Click on the Continue button.
  5. Next, right-click on the Import folder and click on Export Mailbox.
  6. Transfer those MBOX files to any Windows system if you are using Apple Mail in Mac OS. If not ignore this step.
  7. Launch Outlook Next, go to Tools then press Import in the navigation bar.
  8. An Import box will appear and will Begin Import process.
  9. Select the items that need to be imported to Outlook.
  10. Click on the right arrow to continue the process of import emails from Netscape Mail to Outlook.

Finally, the export procedure will begin moving Netscape mails to Outlook. The disadvantage of the procedure is that if any operator is not having any other Operating System other than Windows they won't be able to convert Netscape emails to Outlook. Exporting mails from Netscape to Outlook for Windows user can be performed easily by using a tool below.

Solution#2. Automated Solution to Convert Netscape Mail to Outlook

There is no such doubt that import Netscape Mail into Outlook procedure is the method is very tough manually. In order to open and convert Netscape MBOX file to Outlook, an automated tool can be used as soon as possible. To avoid the lengthy and time-consuming process, you can opt for the Cubexsoft MBOX Converter to convert the Netscape emails to Outlook PST format. With the help of this software, a non-technical user can also understand and execute the process. The tool ensures data safety during the migration process. Using this software, users can easily transfer emails without changing any Meta properties.

Get complete steps to Move Emails from Netscape to Outlook:

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