Export Thunderbird to Outlook

Convert & Migrate Thunderbird Folders to PST files with all Emails, Contacts & Calendars on Windows and Mac OS.

  • Migrate & convert Thunderbird profile to Outlook with all emails, contacts, calendars
  • Convert default configured Thunderbird profile to Outlook PST.
  • Supports to convert separately saved Thunderbird profile to PST.
  • Helps to convert multiple Thunderbird profiles or mailboxes at a time with a Folder Mode.
  • Migrate Thunderbird folders to PST with accurate Folder Hierarchy.
  • Supports to convert Thunderbird Profile with all email attachments, email formatting, email headers, email content etc.
  • Convert all users or identities from Thunderbird to MS Outlook
  • Allow conversion of Thunderbird profile to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 etc.
  • Has an ability to convert MBOX & SBD to PST files.
  • Software does not require installation of Mozilla Thunderbird & MS Outlook. It supports to convert Thunderbird emails to PST without Outlook.
  • Accurate Migration that ensures NO data loss of Thunderbird profiles
  • Converted emails can be migrated into any edition of Exchange Server account.
  • Suitable for all Windows and Mac OS editions




Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Office 365 without PST Files

Migration process of Thunderbird emails to PST file format is also done by those users of Mozilla Thunderbird who want to migrate Thunderbird emails to Office 365 application.

The tool has the ability to perform this process step by step with complete profiles, mailboxes, and folders directly from their Mac/Windows systems.

Migrate Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST with Filtered Data

The Thunderbird to Outlook Converter tool can migrate data to PST file format with only required data through the utilization of the filtration section of the tool.

Date Range Filtration Option: You can choose the specific date range for migration through the help of date filter.

From & To Filtration Option: With the help of this filter option user can opt for the particular sender’s address for the further process. Some users want to convert only those emails which have the same receiver’s address, so the user can utilize this section of the tool to do the same.

CC & BCC Filtration Option: Through this option, the user can get their converted files with the same CC and BCC section.

Subject Filtration Option: Users can also have the choice to migrate those Thunderbird files which contains the same subject.

Split PST File & Browse Destination Options

The CubexSoft Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows utility converts emails from the Thunderbird Mailbox/Profile to PST files with Split PST at the desired location of the computer system.

Split PST Option for Converted Files: This option of the converter allows users to choose the size after which the PST file will split. You can set size of PST in MB or GB. This feature makes it possible for all users to get their converted emails with the desired file size.

Destination Path Option: To facilitate users, the software provides an option through which users can select the required path from the computer system. Users need to click on the Browse option and then choose the location from the hard drive where all converted files will be saved.

Convert Default Configured Thunderbird Mailboxes

To export Thunderbird emails to PST format, the tool provides options by the utilization of first option, user can opt complete default configured mailboxes for the conversion procedure.

This feature of the tool makes easier the selection process of mailboxes as it loads data directly from the default profile location, there is no need to search for the files.

By the use of this advanced option, users can select mailboxes or profile from the computer system separately. This option is helpful if you have saved your Thunderbird profiles/mailboxes at the different locations of the hard drive.

A Feature-Rich Thunderbird to PST Tool

Comes with many advanced features that makes it a Professional Tool

Convert Thunderbird Profile to Outlook

CubexSoft develops Thunderbird to Outlook Tool with an objective to convert Thunderbird to PST from Default Thunderbird Profile in Outlook files with all files and folders of the selected profile folder. It is designed in that way so it can migrate data to PST format with save process.

Batch Email to Outlook

With Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows, users can process Thunderbird Emails to Outlook with a batch database as the tool is completely supportive for all files and folders at the single processing time. The software can convert unlimited data folders, profiles, or mailboxes to Outlook file format through a same-time procedure. This features of the Thunderbird to Outlook Converter helps users to export Thunderbird emails in less time and efforts.

Convert Thunderbird Contacts to Outlook

The Thunderbird to Outlook Migrator comes with an advanced feature to convert contacts to MS Outlook with other details of profiles or mailboxes. This software can export contacts (VCF files) to PST format.

Export Calendar from Thunderbird to Outlook

With the use of the CubexSoft Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows Tool, you can perform the process to export Thunderbird calendar to Outlook PST files. It will save Thunderbird (ICS files) calendars to PST.

Convert All Email Attachments

While migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook on Windows/Mac, the software successfully export thunderbird emails with their respective email attachments. The software will export all kinds of attachments - documents, images, gallery, pdf, presentations, etc.

Migrate Data with Folder Hierarchy

Using CubexSoft's Thunderbird to PST Tool, users are allowed to migrate, export, convert, transfer, export emails from Thunderbird profile to Outlook with a properly maintained folder hierarchy or folder structure. It will move same and exact folder structure into MS Outlook profile.

Option for Split PST File

Export Thunderbird emails to Outlook with advanced options. So splitting the converted Thunderbird files during process is another option. When a user is performing the migration porcess with huge data, in that case this software allows the user to split the Outlook PST file and save data in an convenient way.

Conversion with Essential Email Elements

Thunderbird to PST Tool is an email converter that supports to convert, import, migrate, export Thunderbird emails with all essential elements like - email attachments, email headers (to, cc, bcc, subject, date, from etc.), email formatting, email content (text & images). Thunderbird to Outlook Converter for Mac and Windows will always restore these elements properly in Outlook.

Preview before migrating to Outlook

Preview before migration is another advanced option of the Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows Tool. With this, users can view their selected email folders or mailboxes before converting them. Preview option will help users to double-check the data they are converting and helps users to perform the migration accurately.

Convert Thunderbird SBD to PST

The Thunderbird to PST Tool has the ability to convert SBD folders to Outlook PST Files. SBD folders contains the sub-folders of mail folders. It contains 2 files MSF and file with no extension. This software can convert Thunderbird SBD to Outlook successfully.

Convert Separately Saved Files

There are situation, when a user need to convert exported Thunderbird profile to Outlook. Users can have exported email files in 2 ways - MBOX files (when exporting mailbox) & EML Files (when exporting emails). The software supports to export Thunderbird emails files into Microsoft Outlook too.

Convert Default Configured Thunderbird Profile

This tool is a popular among users who are in need to convert, transfer, migrate, move, export Thunderbird to Outlook from default configured profile. The software can easily process all mailboxes, local folders, identities, sub-folders from default configured profiles.

Convert Data with Filters

Filter options of CubexSoft Thunderbird to Outlook makes the software more smarter and faster. The software supports to filter the process to export emails by applying filters like - From, Date, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject. By applying filters, software will migrate only email messages as per the selected filter. Thus, it makes the process faster in a way.

Selective Migration Option

Thunderbird to PST Software allow users to perform selective migration by selecting or deselecting the mail folders while viewing the data. If any user want migration of Inbox folder, then he/she must deselect other folders or just select Inbox folder for migration. Thus selective migration can be achieved from a large number of mailboxes.

Independent Application

Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows Tool is totally an independent utility that can operate independently without Mozilla Thunderbird & Ms Outlook. It can also process Thunderbird emails with Outlook and without Mozilla Thunderbird.

Windows and Mac Based Application

This software to export Thunderbird emails is installable on both Windows OS and Mac OS. It supports all version of Windows OS - 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc. and Mac OS editions - Monterey, Big Sur, Mojave, Catalina etc.

Screenshots of Thunderbird to MS Outlook Software

Below screenshots are added so that you can understand the working interface of Thunderbird to PST Tool.

Thunderbird to Outlook Tool Free Download

Know all the specification of the Thunderbird SBD to PST Tool for Mac/Windows

Software Name: CubexSoft Thunderbird to Outlook Converter
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Download for Mac 100% Safe & Secure

Version: 1.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 18.8 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Mac OS: Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite
Demo Version: Download Thunderbird to Outlook Tool Free Trial version to test the software functionality. Free Trial is limited as the software can export 20 emails on Windows and 25 on Mac machines.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA
Installation & Un-installation for Mac: Guide Install/Uninstall

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers regarding Thunderbird to PST Converter Tool

CubexSoft Thunderbird to MS Outlook is a simple to use utility that converts emails to PST files in a following way -

  • Step 1 –: Install & Run Thunderbird to PST Tool.
  • Step 2 –: Select Thunderbird Mailboxes in 2 ways -
    • - Using this option, software will directly locate the default configured profile folder of email application and takes you to the preview screen.
    • - Using this option, you will have to select separately saved profiles/folders. It has 2 options - File Mode, to be used for selecting Thunderbird EML, MBOX, File with no extension files & Folder Mode, to be used to select mail folders.
    Then after selecting the Thunderbird mailbox, click Next Button and proceed to the next step.
  • Step 3 –: Select the PST as your Saving option and click Next.
  • Step 4 –: Select sub-options like Advanced Filters, Split Resultant Files, etc. according to your choice.
  • Step 5 –: Then, click on Browse and select destination location to save the converted profiles or folders.
  • Step 6 –: Now click on Export to start the Thunderbird to Outlook migration. You can view the entire conversion progress during the process.
  • Step 7 –: Once the conversion finished, a message will show i.e. Conversion Completed. Then hit on the OK to accomplish the procedure.
  • Step 8 –: After following these above mentioned steps you can also save the complete migration details in CSV file by selecting the Save Report option. It includes File Name, File Size, Total Items, Items, Duration, Saved To & Status.

Yes, Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac and Windows has the ability to perform batch conversion from email client profiles data to Microsoft Outlook.

Yes, the software supports migration of these Thunderbird files to PST in a very efficient way.

Yes, Thunderbird to PST Tool is a smart utility to convert multiple identities from mailboxes to MS Outlook.

Yes, Thunderbird to MS Outlook conversion is an efficient utility to migrate everything like - emails, contacts, calendars from Thunderbird to PST files.

Yes, its a perfect SBD to MS Outlook tool that supports to move, transfer, export, migrate, convert Thunderbird SBD data to Outlook.

Yes, the converted data can easily migrate into Office 365 account as all converted files are supportive for the MS Office 365 application. You can also move Thunderbird to Office 365 account directly through the help of this tool.

Yes, it can save Thunderbird emails in UNICODE PST files which can be exported and viewed into MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

Filtration options help users to export the required Thunderbird emails to Outlook format, there is no change in the structure or elements of any file.

The software can find and load all data from the default profile of email client automatically, you just select the option “Convert Default Configured Thunderbird Mailboxes”.

Yes, to convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook format file the tool process all email properties including attachments, hyperlinks, text content, images of body content, and all other details of every selected file.

Yes, the tool can easily work on Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 10, 11 and other editions. Moreover, Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac software is also availble to help you convert Thunderbird files to PST on Mac editions Monterey, Catalina, Big Sur, High Sierra etc.

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