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I am searching ideal solution tool to export my emails from Pocomail to Outlook from Windows. I already try manual method form exporting or importing emails from Pocomail into Outlook but I have found problem during exporting emails from Pocomail. Please suggest me solution.

Please take the help of the best Pocomail to Outlook application. This software is helpful to convert unlimited Pocomail emails to Outlook without losing any information. This tool allows users to migrate Pocomail in batch to save the time and effort. But before understanding the process of how to export Pocomail files to Outlook, let us first discuss what Pocomail is and what is Outlook and also why users want to switch from Pocomail to MS Outlook.

About Pocomail

Pocomail was an email client for MS Windows established by Poco Systems in 1999. It was developed with scripting methods for better spam and attack security. This application supports IMAP and POP3 protocols. A user can access multiple accounts in this email application. It is understood to be a secure application.

How to Extract Mailboxes From Pocomail?

Seamonkey is a brilliant email client. If the worker needs to find about the mails of SeaMonkey, then the user must know its store location.

Pocomail is an excellent email client. If the user needs to access the files location of Pocomail, then there are two methods to do this. First you can go straight to its stock location:

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Pocomail. The second step is to take the backup of your files and by doing this you can find all data files.

Step to Backup Mailboxes From Pocomail

Quickly Install and Launch your Pocomail on your system

Click on file option>>select Backup and Restore option>> then press on Backup Button

A new Windows will appear and then you have to select the destination path of your files and choose the items you need to backup

Navigation to the saved location and you will see the backup of your files in the "Pocomail.bak" folder

All your mail files are saved in "Mail" folder

Exposed the Mail folder and you will see that by default Pocomail saves the file in .mbx extension. Rename it with .mbox extension

About Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a produce developed by Microsoft for Windows OS and performs double purposes of an email client and Personal Assistant. Using it users can exchange their emails and simultaneously manage their Address book, notes, tasks, calendars, scheduled meetings, journal entries and more. It creates a single PST file for all the data it stores, which is two types: ANSI (2GB storage limit) and UNICODE (20 GB – 50GB storage limit).

Reasons to Transfer Data from Pocomail to Outlook

There are a number of reasons to transfer the data from Pocomail to MS Outlook. Such as:

  • Pocomail is one of the outdated email application as we all know. But, it contains important emails and other data of many users, which they cannot access through this application now.
  • In terms of safety and benefits, Outlook provides additional secure storage of mailbox data as compared to Pocomail.
  • The interface of MS Outlook is quite easy and user-friendly.
  • Data corruption in Outlook is easy to handle.

Solution to Export Pocomail Emails to Outlook

Let's have a look on some various techniques available to convert Pocomail to Outlook Email Client

Solution#1. Is Manual Method Available for Converting Pocomail to Outlook?

No doubt that Pocomail is a sufficient email client program yet Microsoft Outlook is more in demand among users due to its advanced benefits and well it suitable for an organization situation so sometime, requirement of Pocomail to Outlook conversion occurs among users. But Pocomail has no option to export emails into Outlook as shown below -

Solution - Best Way to Export Files from Pocomail to Outlook

Excellent and effortless Conversion of Pocomail data to Outlook is complete by the MBOX Converter Tool that works perfectly and offer comprehensive conversion result – images, formatting, header, attachments, unread status, etc. The Pocomail to Outlook Tool is programmed and developed to remove risks or length regarding the conversion. It is helpful to make conversion easier to export Pocomail to MS Outlook. The combined details with Pocomail files are kept safe and converted with definite layout. This process will keep your data from any type of loss like – corruption, loss, damage etc.

Step by Step process to Import Pocomail Emails in Outlook

To convert Pocomail to Outlook PST file format, this software is remarkable to do the task proficiently by saving all applicable elements of your emails. It would absolutely be a helpful solution for sufferers from this conversion problem. This procedure is easy to execute and it takes short time to convert bulk data. A non-technical user can also run this application and perform the conversion process. It maintains folder hierarchy of Pocomail mailbox throughout the conversion process and retained exact folder structure of Outlook PST as well as Pocomail after completion the process. All MS Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016) and Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.) OS editions are well-suitable with the software to import Pocomail MBOX files to PST format.

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*


Before purchasing its license edition, you can test the software by using its free trial edition that supports to transfer 20 emails from Pocomail to Outlook with attachments.

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