Complete Guidance to Perform Backupify Export to PST Process

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Are you facing difficulties to export Backupify to Outlook PST or you need to backup up your Backupify cloud email data in the local system? If yes, then you are at the correct place at the correct time. Today, the Outlook email application is the most priority email application. Every user needs to access their data into the Outlook email application. We have found some queries where the users need to perform Backupify export to PST, but unable to get a perfect solution for that. So we have decided to recommend the solution for this.

What does Exactly User Want?

“I have used Backupify for G suite for my Google account data backup. It help out me to keep Google account data in the local machine. But because of the urgent requirement, I have to access Google account emails (which is saved by Backupify) into MS Outlook. I have tried to move Backupify emails into Outlook, but it failed because it is not possible. Now I am fixed. So now I have no idea, what I have to do?”

Now the problem is clear, the user needs to perform Backupify export to PST Outlook. But because of file suitability issues, this process is not possible for the user.

Solution –

Backupify offers services to take a backup of Cloud services like Office 365, G Suite. When you used Backupify services to backup Google account data (Gmail), then it saves the data in its personal proprietary format on its personal servers. But to migrate data from Backupify, it gives the Export option and you will find an archive file of your data in Zip file, you will get many MBOX files such as Inbox.mbox, Sent.mbox, etc. for each and every email folder you backed up.

On the other hand, the Outlook email application is compatible with the PST file format. Therefore, you need to export Backupify to PST file format to access the email data in MS Outlook.

Therefore, in this section, we are going to explain methods for how to export emails from Backupify to Outlook PST in detail.

Important Note – Backupify gives service to save G Suite data, here we will offer the solution to perform Backupify (G Suite emails) export to PST file.

How to Export Backupify Emails to Outlook Supportive PST File Format?

First, you need to extract the Zip file that is received by Backupify. Once you extracted the Zip file you will have many MBOX files named as per the label. To convert Backupify emails data to the PST file, you should use MBOX to PST Converter. Then, you can easily import emails into Outlook via Outlook Import/Export Wizard. Now, we are going to start the procedure to save Backupify emails in Outlook PST file.

Steps to Convert Backupify MBOX to PST with this Tool

Before following the process you need to download the software –

Step 1. Run Backupify MBOX Converter and click on the Select Files button.

Step 2. Use “Select Files” or “Select Folder” option to add Backupify emails into the software. Then, hit on the Next.

Step 3. Now view every added Backupify email in a preview pane of the software. Then, click on the Export button.

Step 4. Select PST as an export type option and choose PST saving options such as Split PST, Apply Filters, and Destination Path. Then, hit on the Export to start the conversion from Backupify to Outlook.

Step 5. View the live Backupify export to PST process with complete status.

Step 6. Once the process finished, it shows the message of “conversion is done”. Then, click on the Ok for completing the process.

Now, you can easily import output PST files into Outlook and access the Bakupify exported email data in Outlook application.

The Final Verdict

In this complete write-up, we have discussed how you can easily achieve Backupify export to PST process. If you have to access Backupify emails in Outlook, then it is required to export Backupify to PST format. So, in this guidance, we have discussed all the necessary steps to perform this task.

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