How to Export Emails from Postbox to Outlook Perfectly

Learn step by step process about how to migrate Postbox to Outlook PST with Attachments and no limitations of files & size

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Are you Postbox user and having requirement to migrate emails into Outlook from Postbox? Then you are right place, we will surely help you to smartly solve this problem and easily perform the Postbox to Outlook migration without any trouble. Before explaining about the solution first get knowledge about Postbox, Outlook and extension of both mail clients and then learn & follow step by step procedure about how to export from Postbox to Outlook.

About Postbox & its Extension –

Basically the Postbox is based on Thunderbird, in terms of structure of properties. Installation & its usage is very simple without any problem. The application allows you to configure multiple accounts. It supports an elegant search engine which needs your inbox to be indexed for swift result. If you have multiple emails, firstly indexing might take a little time, but after that it is not that way, you will notice. One remarkable function in Postbox is the Tabs. There are attachments, contacts & images tags. The tags display all the images from the email and this works for attachments & contacts too. They all can then simply added and accessed when generating email, which turns your inbox into a helpful active database.

Extension of Postbox

As defined that Postbox is based on Thunderbird structure, so its extension structure is also similar to Thunderbird. As Mozilla' extension supports .mbox files format similarly Postbox also supports .mbox format. But when we go to its message stored location (C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\PostboxApp\Profiles\d1zpt62y.default\ImapMail\ then we will find that mailbox files are saved in two type of category :

  1. Without Extension
  2. With .msf Extension

"With Extension files" such as Inbox.msf, Outlook.msf, Draft.msf, etc. are the summary files of respective mailbox, which stores only header information of emails and other information. While "Without Extension files" such as – Inbox, Outbox, Draft, etc. are the mailboxes, containing actual email messages. Now the question that arisesis where Postbox stores its emails and how we do get .mbox files from Postbox database?Then follow the given steps provided in the below image or read more about How to Export MBOX file from Postbox

Why Users' go with Outlook from Postbox?

This fact is known well that Outlook is more advance & has developed features than Postbox. Outlook is provided by Microsoft which the part of MS Office so users have no requirement to purchase separately. Outlook is used by multiple MNCs, Organizations for business dealing, independent users for personal uses, employees, etc. Outlook is easily handled by mobile also and very handy mail app. So due to attractive functions users or organization may export data from Postbox to Outlook. It allows accessing multiple accounts at a time.

Solution for How to Export from Postbox to Outlook

There are two methods possible for converting Postbox into Outlook:

Solution#1. Manual Method

When users think about the migration of Postbox emails to Outlook, they search for direct or manual migration solution. Then we would like to clear one thing that direct migration solution is not available because Postbox has no export option for exporting emails as shown in given image.

Therefore users want a manual method which is very lengthy and risky. Still, if you want to know about step by step manual migration process to convert Postbox emails to Outlook then follow it –

Step 1 - Step by Step Manual Procedure to Migrate Postbox to Outlook

  1. Firstly export emails from Postbox and rename them with the extension as .mbx file format as mentioned above.
  2. Then Download Eudora mail client and import .mbx files in Eudora. To import saved files of Postbox, you have to go the message store location of Eudora and then paste all Postbox exported files here with .mbx file format. The path of Eudora message store location is >> c:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application data\Qualcomm\Eudora Folder.
  3. Now download Outlook 2007 (because direct importing of data from Eudora is Only available in Outlook 2007).
  4. Open Outlook 2007 then go to Import and Export >> Import Internet Mail and Address option >> Internet application >> Import Address Book option >> Allow duplicates to be created.

Then re-open Outlook 2007 and get all Postbox mails in Outlook. If you are using another edition of Outlook then you can export data from Outlook 2007 in .pst file format and import into Outlook 2013, 2016 and its other editions.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Very lengthy process
  • Confusing steps
  • Not easy for non-technical user
  • Data loss possibility
  • Sometimes 100% success isnot guaranteed
  • Not safe for large data migration

Solution#2. Postbox to Outlook Migration with Advance & Perfect Solution

For commercial users or personal users who have requirements to export from Postbox to Outlook with all data details, the "Postbox to Outlook Converter" tool helps to surely convert Postbox emails to Outlook in PST file format. The software fulfils all your requirements about how to migrate Postbox to Outlook in easy way and provides complete accurate result within few minutes. The program is absolutely reliable solution for those users who are looking for exact, simple and ensured migration solution for Postbox to Outlook. It supports very simple process and completes it within two steps.Follow them to successfully convert Postbox to Outlook –

Step by Step process to import Postbox Emails in Outlook

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Still, if you are in confusion and would like to get a trial for exporting emails from Postbox to Outlook. Then download free postbox to Outlook Converter Demo version and easily export 25 emails into Outlook from Postbox without any charges. So if you are really needy person, then try it and clear all your confusions about how to export Postbox to Outlook.

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