Use Peter Gutmann Erasure Standard to Securely Wipe Hard Disk Completely

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wipe hard disk with peter gutmann standard

Objective: In this article post, you will understand how to use peter gutmann erasure standard to securely wipe a hard disk completely. The complete process is easy to learn and takes only a few simple steps to comprehensive the task.

What is the Gutmann Erasure Method?

Gutmann, Peter In 1996, two computer scientists named Peter Gutmann and Colin Plumb created the first algorithm for the wiping method of data sanitization.

This technique of data wiping is considered by industry experts to be one of the most secure data erasure protocols on the planet.

This is due to the fact that the Peter Gutmann Wiping Method of data erasure needs a total of 35 “passes” to guarantee that the data cannot be accessed again.

The Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for data sanitization performs an overwrite of the data, known as a “pass,” a total of 35 times.

This makes it impossible to retrieve any of the data from the hard drive using traditional data recovery techniques like magnetic trace imaging because the original data has been so thoroughly erased.

What Makes the Peter Gutmann Data Wiping Process Special?

Currently, the majority of data erasure algorithms that overwrite storage medium do so using zeros and ones. With the Peter Gutmann Wiping Technique, this is not the case.

The Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for data sanitization does not only utilise zeros and ones; instead, it uses a random character for the overwrite on the first four occasions (i.e., on passes one, two, three, and four).

The sectors are then overwritten with a different sequence of binary (zero and one) characters on the following twenty-seven overwrites (i.e. on passes five through thirty-one).

The Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for data erasure basically follows this procedure, with the final four overwrites (passes 32, 33, 34, and 35) being once again overwritten with a random character.

How to Use Peter Gutmann Wiping Algorithm to Wipe Hard Disk?

Using the software recommended in this article to wipe your hard disk using the Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for data sanitization is the best method of action.

You can now use the trusted wipe tool to delete your disk by following the instructions below. By the way, you should backup any important files or data you may have in preparation because the wiping process would delete everything and make it impossible to recover it.

Important Note: After paying for a license, you can download the CubexSoft Data Wipe Software. You will require a license for each hard drive you wish to wipe if you are erasing a computer with numerous hard drives.

Software Steps to Erase Hard Disk with Peter Gutmann Erasure Standard

Step 1. Download, install, and open the software on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click the Select Files (s) or Select Folder (s) choices to pick and upload the necessary files and folders. Selecting the Logical Drives option allows you to choose the specific drive from which you need to make space available.

Step 3. Now, a hierarchical list of all the selected Files and Folders will appear with checkboxes. Selective Files or Folders can be deleted by selecting the appropriate checkbox. Click the Next tab.

Step 4. You will have the Advanced Filters, which include File Mask, Date Range, and Data Overwrite. Use them in accordance with your needs, then go ahead.

Step 5. Hit the Drop-Down Arrow Icon, choose the Wiping Method, and then click the Wipe button to start the data erasure process.

Step 6. An alert notice will be shown prior to the software actually starting the wiping process. If you want to begin the cleaning process, click Yes.

Step 7. Once the data wiping process is complete, you will notice “Data Wipe Process Successfully Finished” on the screen.

Difference Between Gutmann and Other Wipe Methods

Here is the streamlined explanation in order to keep things brief: Because of how its overwrites are designed, the Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for Data Erasure is one of the most secure methods for data sanitization.

It provides superior security and non-recoverability of data when compared to other algorithms like the DoD 5220.22-M standard (3 or 7 Pass) or even the NIST 800-88 Purge standard.

Due to the nature of its random-defined-random method of overwriting hard drive sectors, the Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for data erasure takes a very lengthy time to process, which is a significant drawback.

Author Suggestion

Your data will be secured using the Peter Gutmann Wiping Method for data erasure because it renders the cleaned device completely inaccessible.

Even contemporary data recovery tools, such as magnetic trace imaging and reconstruction, have failed to retrieve data from storage media that have been wiped clean utilising the Peter Gutmann Wiping Method.

Fortunately, users don’t have to do the overwriting necessary to follow the Peter Gutmann Wiping Procedure on their hard drives or other media.

With its one-two-three click erasure of the selected discs, CubexSoft Drive Eraser program makes the process exceedingly simple. It is also offered at an incredibly low price range.