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A Complete Free Download Software for file recovery from laptops, Windows Desktop. Support all data loss scenarios like Corrupt Data Recovery, Deleted Data Recovery, Recover Formatted data, NTFS Recovery, FAT Recovery, etc.

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Data Recovery Software

Grab benefits of Data Recovery Wizard to solve How Do I recover permanently deleted files from my PC and External Drive?.

  • Recover & Restore Computer Hard Disk Data, Formatted Hard Drive, Deleted Data, Missing Partitions, Lost Partitions, Corrupt Partitions, SD Card Recovery.
  • Perfectly restore lost data from computer, laptop & desktop system, etc.
  • Effortlessly recover all types of Hard Drive data - music, videos, songs, documents, images, audio, documents, folders, DOC, Excel, DOCX, PPT & other data files.
  • Recover data storage, shift deleted, lost or corrupted data files internal Hard Disk & external drives
  • Easily Recover Computer Hard Disk data and External Drive from FAT32, FAT16, exFAT, NTFS, SATA, External USB, MBR, Boot Sector & GPT hard disk partition, EIDE & IDE devices File System.
  • Capable of simply perform RAW Data Recovery from External & Internal Hard drives.
  • For Windows Data File Recovery, It supports all Windows OS supported machines - Win 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

Why Windows CubexSoft Data Recovery Wizard

Having a regular work on computer, laptop or PC, its data becomes crucial for users. And today every user works on different computers or laptops for managing their work and data. Therefore sometime their data may get corrupted, lost or permanently deleted due to any technical issues or other reasons, but the major point is "how to recover & save deleted, lost or corrupted data from Internal & External Hard Disk". For solving this issue, CubexSoft launched the Data Recovery Wizard with lots of advanced functionalities which makes it strong and favorable to recover Hard drive data with FAT & NTFS file system support.

How to restore formatted hard disk data

Recover data from NTFS / FAT File Properties of Hard disk System

How to recover data from Hard Disk

Supports External Hard Drive of IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB for data recovery.

Simply recover data from formatted hard disk

Restore deleted, lost, shift + deleted & corrupted Data Files & folders.

powerfully recover permanently deleted files from hard disk

The Wizard helps to Scan & Preview Recovered Data from Hard Disk.

how to recover permanently deleted files in windows 8, 10, 8.1

The Software can recover formatted data files & folder of your hard drive

Features & Benefits of CubexSoft Data Recovery Wizard
Explore all benefits of Hard Drive data Recovery Software to restore corrupted, lost or shift (permanently) deleted data from Hard Disk

how to recover shift deleted files from Hard drives SATA, FAT, External USB, etc.

Recover Hard Disk Data Completely

Using the Data Recovery Software, users can restore their important data - images, music, videos, documents, data files and other multimedia files from any Windows supported hard drives. It also maintains the originality of data including formatting & other details. The Data Recovery Wizard also assists for Raw files recovery to restore Raw data such as - PNG, DOCX, XLXX, BMP, ZIP, GIF, JPEG, AVI, etc. from Hard Drives.

how to recover shift deleted folder from computer hard disk

NTFS & FAT File System Recovery

The Hard Drive Data Recovery software is capable to recover data from both NTFS & FAT partitioned Hard Disk drives. It supports entire editions of NTFS & FAT file systems - FAT 16, FAT 32 bit, v1.0 (Windows NT 3.1), v1.2 (3.51), v1.1 (NT 3.5), v3.0 (2000) & v3.1 (XP). Therefore, the lost data recovery process of NTFS & FAT Hard Drives is very simple & effortless with this HDD Recovery Tool.

solve how do I recover permanently deleted files from my pc? query

Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

The Hard Disk Data restore software helps to recover all data from re-formatted & formatted hard drives (c: / d: / e: / f: / etc.) without data size restriction. The Hard Disk recovery wizard automatically detects entire presented hard drive partitions, after successfully downloading & launching it on your system.

quickly restore hard disk data from NTFS or FAT file system

Permanently Deleted Data Recovery from HDD

Users can use the Hard Drive Data Recovery software when they have permanently deleted files from external & internal Hard Drive by shift + delete function because the wizard works quickly and save & restores all permanently deleted files from FAT & NTFS hard disk efficiently. It provides exact & complete recovery of files which also got deleted from Recycle bin of your computer.

solve how do I recover permanently deleted files from my pc? query

Lost Partition Recovery

Execution partition Recovery is required when the drive partitions get damaged, lost, deleted, unmounted, etc. For successful partition file recovery software from CubexSoft Data Recovery will recover lost files from the partition smoothly.

quickly restore hard disk data from NTFS or FAT file system

Repair Corrupted JPEG/JPG Photos, MP4/MOV Camera Videos

Data recovery software automatically scans and detects the lost and deleted JPEG/JPG pictures and recover them. The Photo Recovery software can also recover corrupt, lost, deleted MP4, 4k, and MOV videos on the most used professional digital cameras like Nikon, Canon, GoPro, Sony, and DJI cameras.

how to restore formatted hard disk data completely

Recover External & Internal Hard Drive Data

CubexSoft Data Recovery Wizard restores lost & corrupted data from Internal Hard Drive of your system and as well as external Hard drive of SATA, IDE, USB, SCSI, USB flash drive, iPod, memory card, etc. The Data restore tool works efficiently and provides complete & efficient data recovery of your Pen Drive Data, internal and external Hard disk drive data.

NTFS and FAT File system data recovery

Save Recovered Data at your Desired Location

As the software completes the restore data process, you can get all recovered data files at your desired saving location. It provides the facility to choose any location of your computer or PC, create a folder to save all lost, corrupted & deleted data files at your selected location.

how to recover data from external hard disk which is not detecting

Restore RAW File System Data

Sometimes, user's file system is displayed as RAW and they are unable to get access to any of the system drive due to errors such as "Disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?". There may possible that your hard drive is corrupted. At this time, instead of formatting the exact hard drive and losing data completely, recover the raw hard drive partition data with Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool.

perfectly recover formatted partition

Recover Actual & Shift Deleted Data

The Hard Drive Data Recovery Software gets soft-deleted as well as hard deleted (shift deleted) files from every data folder of the hard drive. It displays the list of retrieved permanently deleted files with red color in its principal folder. However, the recovered soft-deleted files are added in a single folder and then displayed in the preview area.

get complete solution for quick data recovery

Retains On-Disk Folder Hierarchy

During the data recovery process from internal & external hard drives, the wizard maintains the original on disk folder hierarchy. The software assuredly restores data from each folder which are available in your system hard disk, without any loss & change in exact formatting of files and other items.

restore all permanently deleted files

Recover Corrupted MFT, MBR or FAT File System

Corrupted MFT or MBR files may be a major cause of hard disk drive failure which may lead to complete data loss because both these MFT and MBR files hold the most distinct information about each file, stored in FAT or NTFS file systems. Hard Drive Data Recovery tool provides best solution to recover data lost due to MFT, FAT or MBR corruption.

effective data recovery

Auto-Function to Detect All Drives with Attributes

Hard Drive Data Recovery Wizard is a reliable & technically strong utility to detect all lost, corrupted & shift deleted files. It scan your computer or PC and automatically fetches entire data for restoring process. It also previews all drives data with its complete properties such as - disk number, free size, model number, etc.

Windows 10 data recovery

Preview all data after quickly Scanning Process

To restore entire data from Hard Disk, the software quickly scans all hard drives of your system and creates a complete preview of recovered data with all properties like size type, modification date, file name, etc. Therefore, don't worry about your data as the software ensures its complete recovery.

lost data recovery

Search Options to Filter Data for Recovery

The Hard Drive Recovery tool is created with all convenient functionalities and Search option function is one of them. It works for filtering of data in a particular date range (creation, modified, accessed). You can also find your data files with their particular names, using the Search Text option.

complete windows data recovery

Sort Hard Disk Data Items by Attributes

During the previewing of recovered data items in the Data Recovery Software panel, the tool enables to sort data by its properties. Users can simply arrange previewed data in ascending & descending order by its size, creation data date, type & modification data.

easy to use

Selective Data & Files Folders Recovery

Hard Disk data recovery Wizard is an effective solution to extract & save selected files /folders from the recovered data. The software scans all data for the recovery process and provides the facility to recover & save selective hard drive or Hard disk data of your system. The tool offers lots of features which assists to execute expert recovery from Hard drive.

Deleted files recovery

Restore Deleted Data from Windows PC or Computer

It doesn't matter which system (computer, PC or Laptop) users are using, but make sure that it is Windows supported because it supports Windows Operating System. So, if you are looking for a solution to recover lost, corrupted & shift deleted files data, then try the Data Recovery software for computer, PC or laptop of any brand. You just need to download & install the software on your Windows supported system and get complete recovery in few simple steps.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Free Download Software
Know all the specification to Download & Try the Software with Ease

Windows software
Software Download
Size 24.8 MB
Version 8.3
FREE TRIAL - Download free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software and use its free trial edition that can scan & preview your all recovered Hard Disk data absolutely free of cost. To save recovered data on your computer, go with full edition of the software.
5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Trial Limitations

To know about how to recover shift deleted folder, lost files & corrupted data from Hard Disk or Drives, download free demo of the software that can scan & preview your all recovered data from Hard Disk or Drives absolutely free of cost but for saving all recovered data, you have to go with the licensed edition of the software. Therefore, enjoy free demo and solve how to recover data from external Hard Disk which is not detecting or how to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 8, 10, 8.0 OS supported machine.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MBis required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of Data Recovery Software - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Scan and Instant Preview all recovered data
Save all Recovered Data Only Preview
Perfectly Recover Corrupted Data
Easily Recover Formatted Data
Shift Deleted Files Recovery
Recover NTFS & FAT File System Data
Supports Windows based Operating System
Provides Selective Data Recovery
Recover lost data from all types Hard Drives - SATA, FAT, External USB, etc.
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $49

What You Can Recover?
Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive, Pen Drive, SD Card, Drone, Memory Stick, Camera, USB Drive, Recycle Bin, etc.

Supported Files and Documents



VideoAVI, QuickTime, MOV, 4K, MP4, AVI, M4V, 3GP, MXF, 3G2, WMV, FLV, MPEG-TS, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.


Message & EmailsMBOX, PST, MSG, DBX, EMLX, EML, etc.

ArchiveZIP, JAZ, RAR, SIT, etc.

Supported Devices and Drives

Recycle Bin: PC, Laptop, Desktop, Handy...

Memory Cards: SSD, SD, miniSD, SDHC, microSD, CF, XD, SmartMedia, MMC

Hard Drives: Sony, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HP, Toshiba

Removable DrivesSony, Seagate, HP, WD, Samsung, Toshiba

USB Flash DrivesThumb Drives, USB Drives, Pen Drives, Jump Drives

Digital Camera/Camcorder: JVC, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Sony

Scenarios of Data loss
Unintentional Deletion

1 - Erasing files by the command right- clicking menu or just pressing "Delete" button

2 - "Shift + Del" without backup

3 - learing Recycle Bin without any backup

Formatting Drives

1 - Drive initialization when the digital camera SSD Card, memory card is just connected

2 - "Drive is not formatted, would you like to format your drive?"

3 - Accidently formatted Hard Drive

Inappropriate Operation

1 - Turnoff the camera throughout the writing process

2 - Workshop setting of drive with no backup

3 - Continually using the same memory card in multiple cameras

4 - Partition error

5 - Removing the SD card, but the camera is on

Also scenarios like

1 - Virus error

2 - Unforeseen power off

3 - Hard Disk crash error

4 - Reinstalled Windows System error

5 - The Hard Disk partition structure was fragmented.


Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How do I recover permanently deleted files from my PC? Please explain.

Follow these simple steps to recover data from hard disk using Windows Data Recovery Wizard:

Step 1: Download and install the software on Windows PC/laptop.

Step 2: Select the hard drive partition from which you lost your data and click on Scan. Wait for the software to complete the scanning process.

Step 3: Check the hard drive recovered data in the software preview window.

Step 4: Select the required files/folder that you want to retrieve or you can even select the complete data for recovery.

Step 5: Click on Save button to save the recovered files. Select the location and click Ok button to start saving hard drive deleted files back to your system.

The software offers dual modes for scanning and data recovery from Windows Hard Disk Dive:

  • Scan mode: use this option if you want to retrieve soft or hard deleted data files (deleted using Shift + Delete key).
  • Formatted Scan mode: this option allows data recovery from formatted hard drive partition.

Since you want to retrieve your files and folders from formatted partition, formatted scan mode will be best for you.

Yes, Data Recovery Software is suitable for all Windows (32bit and 64bit) OS and will perform data recovery on your Windows 10 laptop too.

Although, the software works instantly and tested to retrieve around 3TB of data, but the actual time will depend on the size of your HDD data and the level of corruption. Highly corrupted files will need more time to recover as compared to less corrupted files.

You can easily recover data from NTFS, FAT partitioned hard disk drives with this Data Recovery Wizard.

HDD Data Recovery Software is a highly efficient utility that is capable of retrieving all types of data files:

  • Documents - Doc(x), Xls(x), Ppt(x), PDF, ODT etc.
  • Audio files - MP3, WMA, VDI, AIF/AIFF, RealAudio etc.
  • Videos - AVI, MP4, MP4, MOV, 3GP, WMV, SWF, MPG, MPEG, etc.
  • Executable files - all *.exe files
  • Emails - PST, EML, OLM, MBOX, TGZ, NSF, etc.
  • photos and images - JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF/TIF PSD, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, SVG, RAW etc.)
  • Other file types - HTML, VCF, CDR, RTF, DLL etc.

You can choose your preferred location to save the recovered data.

Free Demo edition will scan and find all your deleted items from hard drive and formatted drive partitions. But it will not allow you to SAVE the recovered items/files/folders. To save the recovered data back to your system, you need to purchase the licensed key of the HDD Data Recovery Tool.

yes, Windows File System Corruption Error can be fix. Read "Windows File System Corruption Error – Fixed" to solve your problem.

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