How Does Logical Recovery Software Work?

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How Does Logical Data Recovery Software Work to Repair Recover Lost Data?

Here we are going to know that how does logical Recovery Software works. There are so many ways to restore deleted documents no matter they were erased by moving to the recycle bin folder, by the action of shift+delete or be formatted. Users can either use Windows built-in tools or deleted file recovery tool to recover lost data. Physical/Logical recovery Software is developed to recover data from deleted/losing data cases.

Let understand what is happing behind the Data Recovery Software? When we run and use logical software, what does it do?

First of all look at the file system, what it looks like?

It has the MBR (Master Boot Record). Boot Sector coming from that MBR. Then the Boot Sector shows Logical Software where the file table is located. And this is for any file system, like HFS, catalog, NTFS, or maybe an MFT table. It doesn’t matter. Any file system has this same exact layer and structure.

So MBR, Boot Sector, a link to file table. Within the file table, we have file records, file name, Date Created, and other details. And most importantly, each file fragment shows the file content. This is what makes the file fragmented. This is basically a file system structure for any general-purpose file system.

So what Logical Recovery Software does, it just follows all these steps and validates whether every single element and these links are corrupted or not. It checks MBR is okay, then it checks Boot Sector is fine, then check every single file records and check it is corrupted or not. And if it identifies some corruption there, then it will try to restore and rebuilt the file structure.

To Rebuilt Data Recovery Software uses different kinds of algorithms to find what was the original data their or what was the original value that was corrupted.

What are the methods of restoring logical damage, Hard Drive Recovery?

Usages of redundant metadata – CubexSoft Logical Hard Drive Recovery Tool uses redundant metadata Process. For example, a boot sector there is always a copy of a boot sector somewhere and the CubexSoft Logical Recovery Software knows where to find a copy of this boot sector. So first CubexSoft Data Recovery Software tries to get the boot sector and of it is corrupted, the software knows there should be a copy of the Boot Sector or if it finds the copy, the tool will use the copy to recover the lost, deleted, corrupted data.

Trial and Error & Full Scan of the Hard Drive – If the software doesn’t find the boot sector copy then CubexSoft Hard Drive Recovery Software will go for trial and error. The Tool will go and try for looking at each file table to find the lost or corrupted data and find every possible way to restore them. If the boot sector is corrupted and still cannot find the file table, then the Logical Recovery Software will scan the full drive to looking the file table and if will find the file table it knows the Original boot sector supposed to have these failures.

Raw Recovery (For Rare Cases) – Raw Data Recovery is to recover files when the Metadata is completely corrupted. So not only the boot sector but the file attributes are corrupted. The entire file table is corrupted. And the Logical Recovery Software can still search the drive, looking for particular data the client is looking for. For Instance, video, photos. So the software will just scan the entire drive and see does this sector looks like a header of a JPEG file? If yes, The Logical File Recovery Software assumes that this is the start of a JPEG file of a picture, and then it will end whenever the next file starts.

If you are looking for a solution to 0recover or restore deleted data, lost data then you can go with CubexSoft Data Recovery Software. It is developed for dealing with all the data loss and corruption scenarios like system corruption, deleted file recovery, raw error, format recovery, etc. It has helped so many users to get back deleted data from their systems, Pen Drives, etc.

Action that you can perform with Data Recovery Software

By the use of  This Software users can easily perform Formatted Hard Drive Recovery, Pen Drive Recovery, Drone Lost Data Recovery, Corrupted File Recovery, USB Card Recovery, SSD Card Recovery, Digital Camera Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery and more.