Windows 10 in-built Recovery Option to Recover Windows Lost Data

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Microsoft Windows 10 provides an in-built Recovery option that recovers the user’s lost and misplaced data. But first, you need to update your Windows Lower OS version to Windows latest Version like Windows 10.

Two methods to Recover Data from your Windows PC with the help of Windows 10 in-built Recovery option.

First – Reinstall Windows 10

Method 1 – Use installation media to restore your PC

Method 2 – Use a recovery drive to restore or recover your PC

How to Use Windows 10 in-built recover Option to restore data?

Use installation media to reinstall Windows 10

First, you need to connect to the installation media you generated to your system and reinstall Windows 10.

1 – Open “File Explorer” and then select the drive with the installation media.

2 – Next, from the root directory of the drive, you need to double click on setup.exe, and click on “Yes” when asked if you want to allow the app to make changes to your pc.

3 – Now you need to choose “Change what to keep”

4 – Now you need to select on the following option that you need to keep and then click on “Next”

  • Keep personal files and apps – This option will keep your personal data, applications, and settings.
  • Keep personal files only – This option will keep your personal data and some settings, but all your application will be removed.
  • Keep nothing – This option will remove all the personal data, application and settings.

5 – To finish the process, select the “Install” to start reinstalling the Windows 10 on your device.

(Your computer will start so many times throughout the reinstallation process)

Warning: users cannot undo the reinstallation of Windows 10. So yes, be sure about to take back up of your files first.

Method 1 – Use a recovery drive to restore or recover your PC

Note: If you have encrypted your pc, you will need your BitLocker key to use a recovery drive to get back your data. How to Find BitLocker Key?

if your system won’t start and you have not generated a recovery drive and download the installation media and use it to return from a pc restore point or you can reset your PC.

1 – On the working system, you need to go to the “Microsoft Software Download Website”.

2 – Now download the Windows 10 media creation tool and then you need to run it on your pc.

3 – Now “Create Installation Media for another PC” will appear, select it.

4 – Now choose a language, then edition and the architecture (32bit or 64bit).

5 – Just follow the steps to make installation media drive and then select the “Finish”.

6 – Now you need to connect the installation media that you created to your non-functional system and then just turn it on.

7 – on the initial setup frame, you need to enter your language and then other preferences and then select the “Next” button. If you are not able to see the setup screen that means your system might be not set-up to the boot from the drive. You need to check your PC manufacturer’s website to get the information about how to change PC’s boot order and then you can try again the process.

8 – Now “Repair your computer” option will display, choose it.

9 – From the “Choose an option” screen, you need to select the “Troubleshoot”

  • Repair from a pc restore point by choosing the “Advanced options” then >>” System Restore”. This option will remove installed drivers, apps, and apps updates that might be creating your system problems. Restoring from the restore point would not affect your personal data and files.

Method 2 – Use a recovery drive to recover your PC

If your system can start, you can use the “recovery drive” option to restore files from the system point or restore your system. First, create a recovery drive.

To recover files using the recovery drive feature

1 – Connect to the recovery drive and then you need to turn on your computer

2 – Now press “Windows log key + L” altogether to get the sign-in frame and then restart your system by pressing the “Shift” button while you select the “power” then you need to “Restart” which you can see on the screen’s right corner.

3 – Your System will restart with the (WinRE) Windows Recovery Environment.

4 – Choose an option window will appear, select the “Troubleshoot” option and then select one of the giving options (If you are not able to see the “Choose your option”, in that case, PC’s Boot drive option is disabled. Now you need to check your PC Company’s website to know how to change your PC’s boot steps.)

5 – For recovery from a pc restore point, select “Advanced Options” and then “System Restore”. This option would not affect your private files, but yes it will remove your recently installed drivers, applications, and updates that might be creating the problems of your system.

6 – To install Windows 10 again, you need to select “Advanced Options” and then “Recover from a drive” option. This option will remove all your data like Personal data, files drive that you installed and rest all the changes that you made to settings.

Use Alternate Option

Instated of using this long and complicated Windows In-built recovery option you can use the alternate third party tool.

And there is another option which is a quick and instant way to recover the Windows PC Data. There is an alternative third party option that recovers formatted device accidentally or purposely, HDD, any external storage drive, restore storage drives gets corrupted. A device infected by virus attacks, boot failure come with data damaged issues unexpected system crashes can be restored. CubexSoft Data Recovery Software is a quick option to restore corrupt, damaged, lost, deleted will let you quickly recover the files deleted by the cause of malware or data lost due to the accidental system shutdown.