Windows File System Corruption Error – Fixed

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Error Example: “Windows has identified file system error on the local drive (c:). You must check the drive for errors, it can be restored.”

It is a Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 system error that recommends either corruption of the Windows system or a file system corruption.  With this error, you cannot achieve any file system restore point until the error was systematically resolved.

Solution 1 “Check this Drive for Error” – Click on the Provided Link for the Error

Don’t go so hard if it’s the first time to get this error! On the popup windows, the full error will message display, and there is a link: “Check this disk/drive for errors”. In this link, you can get a straight troubleshooting resolution from Microsoft. Click on this link and just let Windows run this drive error check and let it repair for you. And after this step, you need to reboot your system and perform the restore procedure again.

Solution 2. Go with the System File Checker (Sfc) Scan to Fix Corrupted File System Error

System File Checker program to repair corrupted or missing system files. Those system files in question are protuberant causes for Windows being incompetent to run System Files Restore appropriately.

  1. Right-click on the “Start” key and select the “Command Prompt (Admin)”.
  2. Now you need to type sfc/scannow into the Run Command Prompt Window and press the Enter to run a complete system scan.

Solution 3. To Repair Disk Errors, Run Chkdsk/F

The “Windows has identified file system corruption error” is mainly attributed to two elements. Here we are providing you resolutions to deal with the Windows system files error in the second answer; now it is time to emphasize the other factor which is interrelated to Hard Drive errors.

  1. Simply click on “Start”, and just Run.
  2. Run cmd, and press the ENTER.
  3. Now to run chkdsk on c drive, simply type the chkdsk c: /f, and then press the Enter button.

CHKDSK Error Alternative Solution

If you don’t have any technical knowledge and want to repair Windows File Corruption Error, then the third party tool could be the better choice. The Data Recovery Software is suitable for anyone to solve the problem of corrupted file recovery. If you’re Windows gets corrupted and wants all your data to get back, then we recommend you use a third-party tool to repair corrupted files.