Securely Wipe A Hard Drive Without Deleting Windows OS

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Want to know how to wipe a hard drive without deleting Windows? Have you been googling “the way to wipe a hard drives without deleting Windows OS?” or “how to delete all data without erasing operating systems?” Look no further, because you’ve found the solution to the above queries, and even how to remove data from SDD without deleting Windows. Read on!

There are some techniques of how to wipe a hard drive without deleting Windows OS. However, there are obviously delicate methods, as you need to preserve the operating system.

Once you clean a hard drive, the main intent is to ensure no one can recover the deleted files in any format. Sometimes you need to preserve Windows, especially if you are giving away the operating system. But the functioning of the typical hard drive data erasing techniques and keeping Windows intact is a tough feat for most normal computer users.

The good news is that there are verified approaches to securely wipe a hard drive at the same time as maintaining the working system. Keep in mind that wiping a hard drive isn`t pretty much-deleting documents on it. The documents ought to be eliminated securely to make certain they`re unrecoverable.

Who Needs to Wipe Data?

Data eraser software program serves numerous industries, and the legal government, and assures complete facts wiping irrespective of the storage device’s nature or wiping frequencies. Major sections wherein the erasure software program might also additionally higher serve its reason include banking, monetary services, & insurance (BFSI); facts era enabled services (ITES); healthcare industry; research & improvement center; authorities our bodies or regulating authority; instructional establishments like schools, colleges, & universities; recyclers and refurbishing companies; hotel & journey industry; car supplies; consulting firms; telecom; production sectors; and others wherein the want for facts wiping application might also additionally arrive.

Why Using Permanent Data Wiping Software is Crucial?

Using this CubexSoft File Shredder Tool, you can easily shred sensitive and important files. Even one can customize the shredding process as per their requirements. For users who need to maintain their confidential data safe and secure, then it is a must for them. It is known to erase data permanently from hard disks to make them irrecoverable.

This best data wipe application comes with a simple interface that makes it easy to work on and even you can easily wipe complete data from a hard disk without deleting Windows. For better understanding, one can the trial free demo edition of the software, which is completely free for 30 days after downloading it.

How Does the Software for Erasing Hard Drives Work?

Here is the software working process to wipe a hard drive without deleting Windows by using the CubexSoft Hard Drive Eraser Tool.

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Step 1. Download & Install the Software on your Windows PC. After that launch the software and perform the data-wiping process.

Step 2. Load the data on the software that is required to be wiped from the hard drive by clicking the Select Files or Select Folders options. Also, select the Logical Drive, pick the required drive that needs a wipe, and then press the Next button.

Step 3. The application will analyze the uploaded files and load them on the program as a list. You can cross-check them and continue by clicking Next.

Step 4. Apply filter options to wipe desired items such as date range, file mask or overwrite data.

Step 5. Now select the Wiping Methods by clicking the drop-down arrow appearing in front of it. It will display selections like Zero (1 Pass), Random (1 Pass), Wipe–Simple (1 Pass), and more. After picking the wanted wiping method, click Wipe.

Step 6. Now a new window pop-up will appear that will ask for confirmation. Choose the yes button, if you want to continue with the wiping process.

Step 7.  Now, see the live data wiping procedure by using the window shown that is showing the current file/folder, total files wiped and total bytes wiped.

After the program finishes the erasing procedure, users will receive a message “Data Wipe Process Successfully Completed”. Click OK and end the process.


Hope you people find this article helpful. So, if you are a user who needs to wipe a hard drive without deleting Windows, you can try the manual wiping and formatting process. Among the manual approaches, I think resetting the PC is the best method. But if you are searching for a professional method you can try CubexSoft Hard Drive Eraser Tool as it works magically. When the files or folders are shredded with the help of this software, even data recovery tools cannot recover them.