How to Wipe Confidential data from Laptop/Desktop Forever?

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wipe confidential data

Most organizations like banks, government organizations, military organizations have tonnes of confidential data, which can create havoc if this data lands in criminals/unsolicited establishments’ hands. Therefore, they need to wipe confidential data from laptop hard drive before discarding it off or even reusing it for some other purpose. And they must ensure that the deleted data leaves no traces behind it, thus eliminating each and every possibility of data recovery from the said system.

Due to increased use of digital devices, it is even normal for all of use to store our crucial data on our laptops. But as technology has evolved, we have hackers, online scammers trying to peep into our personal lives and steal our confidential data. To protect ourselves from these people, we need to be extra careful and delete confidential data permanently. But merely deleting it from our laptop is not sufficient, because this will only delete/disconnect the pointer to the data. The actual data is still there on your PC.  You need some data wipe software to permanently wipe confidential data from system.

Some Users’ queries that will help you understand the entire data wiping issue

I am planning to buy a new laptop in exchange of my old desktop. Just to be on safe side, I have formatted my desktop. But yesterday, during discussion with my friend, I got to know that merely formatting the system is not enough. There are 100% chances of data recovery from formatted devices and my data can be retrieved back. Basically, he told me that my data is still vulnerable to theft and told me to wipe confidential data from desktop. Can you please suggest me a perfect solution for the same. A prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

– Jane

I am working on a project from the last two months. Now that the project is complete, I saved the entire data on external hard drive and handed it over to my boss. Yesterday, he returned the hard drive to me and asked me to delete all its data, which I obliged. But now I have doubts whether the data has been erased permanently or not. I read somewhere that even hard deleted files can be recovered using some data extraction software. If that the case, then I am worried about my external drive as it stored confidential project data, which, if recovered may pose serious problems for my boss and company. Therefore, I need advice for how to delete confidential information from external storage drive.

– Martha

As you can see from the above two scenarios that users are facing difficulties in permanently wiping confidential data. Therefore, they are looking for some quick and easy solution for the same.

Fact check

Two MIT students discovered huge amount of confidential data from around 150 second hand hard drives that they bought from different vendors. They were working on some data retrieval project and recovered data that included medical reports, credit/debit card details, financial stats of companies and individuals, email messages, images, videos and much more.

A report published in a leading magazine emphasized on the need for efficient data wipe methods. As per the report, approximately 35% of digital gadgets available for resale in second-hand gadget markets still contain data.

Can I Still Have Access to Confidential Data on My Laptop Even After Deleting Entire Data from It?

Yes, there are possibilities of accessing your important data even after deleting it using Shift + Delete keys. There are many data recovery tools available in the market that will help you recover permanently deleted files from your laptop. One such software is CubexSoft Data Recovery Software that is capable of extracting data from a range of digital devices like Laptops, Smartphones, Pen Drive, USB /Flash Drives, external hard drives etc.

These softwares are designed for users who want to recover their crucial data which they may have accidently deleted. However, some hackers or spammers use this technique to steal information from people’s devices to trouble them by demanding ransom in exchange of crucial data.

Wipe Confidential Data with Perfect Solution

CubexSoft Data Wipe Software is a reliable tool that deletes confidential data from all device and hard drive types. The software provides perfect and certified solution to wipe files/folders and other crucial data without any limitations. The tool is suitable to erase data from numerous digital devices, hard drives, external storage drives, logical drives and more.

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What Does A Data Wipe Do – Software Features

  • Dual options are provided to wipe data from files or folders and logical drives.
  • The tool supports deleting all file types including doc files, emails, excel sheets, audios, videos, exe files, zip files and etc.
  • You can erase data from all devices like laptops, desktops, pen drive, hard disk drive, USB drive, etc.
  • The software provides 10+ data wiping options to choose from
  • Filter option is also available to help users delete confidential data from system accordingly

Step by Step Process to Delete Confidential Data

  • First download the software and launch it on your system the first screen will be displayed as follows –
  • Now choose the desired option from which you want to delete your crucial files/folders and click Next
  • The software will display the files in exact folder hierarchy. Choose the required data items that you want to delete from your laptop
  • You can also apply required filters using the Filter options tab. Once all the settings are done, click Next
  • Now choose the desired data wiping option and tap on Wipe button
  • A warning message will appear in new window. Click on Yes button to start the process
  • On successful completion, a new message window opens showing the message “Data Wipe process successfully completed


Considering the increased number of online frauds and thefts, it is important to know the complete process to wipe confidential data from laptops, desktops and other devices. Through this blog, we have tried to help users achieve this task conveniently. However, if you are still doubtful about the entire process, then it is advised to first download the free demo edition of the Data Wipe software. Using free demo you can understand complete software working and also erase first 10 files having less than 5MB data. Also, data erasure from logical drives is unavailable in free demo edition. For unrestricted data wiping solution, you can purchase the licensed edition of the software at a nominal price.