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Hard Disk Data Wipe for Mac & Windows software to erase hard drive data from all storage devices securely without leaving any trace.

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Data Wipe Tool - Quick Disk Wipe/Eraser Solution

  • Erase data from multiple hard disk drives in bulk
  • Wipe data from all storage devices – HDD, SSD, USB drives etc.
  • Wipe files/folders and logical drives securely
  • Erase data from encrypted Hard Disk completely
  • Provide options to wipe free space or complete data from logical drives
  • Erase data using specific masking options
  • Different pass standards for encrypted data wipe methods
  • Choose specific date range to erase hard disk data, selectively
  • Delete Data using --- CubexSoftDataWipe --- to overwrite complete data with specific text
  • Wipe disk data using various methods like Zero, WipeFile, Random etc.
  • Data Wipe methods as per military grade standards US DoD/ US Air force/ (3 Passes), Russian - GOST-R-50739-95(2 Passes), British HMG IS5 (3 Passes) etc.


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Why Deleting File/Data Leaves Traces and Makes it Recoverable?


Delete HDD data

Deletion only deletes pointer to the files/ data, leaving enough room for data experts to recover it easily, until something else overwrites it.


wipe HDD

Data erasure is a data sanitization method where data on the drives is overwritten with zeros and ones. No traces of data are found on the drive and makes data recovery impossible.

Why CubexSoft Data Wipe Tool?

CubexSoft Team is fully aware of the different data wiping requirements of industry users. Therefore, it has come up with Data Wipe Tool that will assist users in performing complete data sanitization from any computer device, HDD, SSD, external drives. It safely shreds any data type including files/folders, logical drives, browser history, chat history, log files etc. Disk Wipe Tool an ideal utility that provides quick solution for users to delete data permanently without leaving any clue.

disk wipe software

Selective Disk Data Erasure

Cubexsoft Data Wipe Software provides ideal solution to permanently delete/erase selective data in efficient way. You can add files using Select Files or Select Folders option. Once you have selected the desired option, the software will show all the items on its screen. You just need to select the required items that you want to erase completely. The Data Eraser Tool will then wipe out the selected data completely, without any problems.

advance filters

Apply Advance Filters to Wipe Data

The Data Wipe Tool provides quick and precise solution to clean logical drives and erase data from them permanently. And to ease this process further, it provides numerous filter settings to help users erase data, as per their needs, from HDD, SSD, USB etc. You can apply any filter as per specified parameters :

Date Range : Use this option to wipe data based on the specified date range. You just need to choose the initial date in first calendar menu and last date in second calendar menu to erase data occurred between the stated date range. The tool conforms to crucial components to maintain mandatory audit compliances and regulations. By filtering data items based on date range, the tool saves time, energy, resources and further lower operational costs. It meets all the critical components to maintain regulations & compulsory audit compliances. The toolkit save time, resources & highly lower operationalized cost by filtering items on basis of Date Range.

File Mask : Using File mask option, you can delete only those files having the specified file extension. You can provide any file format from the list, such as *.gif, *.jpg files or *(for All files and folders). There are no chances of data alteration during data sanitization process.

Overwrite Data with : Using this option will overwrite the entire data text with the message DeleteData using --- CubexSoftDataWipe ---. The Data Eraser Software is highly capable of wiping complete data and while it performs data shredding, it erases the data completely and there are no traces left for it to be recovered.

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Erase Data as per International Standards

Data Wipe for Mac & Windows software provides 15+ international data wiping standards for users. They can choose any option from the available list including are:

  • #1. Wiping Standards– Zero (1 Pass), Random (1 Pass), Wipe – Simple (1 Pass), Zero & Random (2 Passes), Random & Zero (2 Passes), Wipe – Medium (2 Passes), Russian - GOST-R-50739-95 (2 Passes), Psuedo-Random and Zeroes (2 Passes).
  • #2. Wiping Standards – US DOD / US Air Force (3 Passes), US Navy – MFM (3 Passes), US Navy – RLL (3 Passes), NCSG-TG-025 (3 Passes), Microsoft Cipher (3 Passes), Bit Toggle (4 Passes), British HMG IS5 (3 Passes), Wipe – Secure (4 Passes).
  • #3. Wiping Standards – NATO Standard (7 Passes), Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), B.Schnerier's Algorithms (7 Passes).

certificate thumb

Successful Data Erasure Report

A data wipe software with certificate that meets with global erasure requirements is CubexSoft Data Wipe, which is recommended by the industry. Users will also receive a digital erasure record for each data deletion that is temper-proof to legal requirements. The report guarantees that sensitive data is permanently deleted in accordance with the law.

Astonishing Features of Data Wipe Tool
Absolute solution to shred data using 10+ international standard methods

Wipe Hard Disk Drive Data

To erase hard disk drive data securely, it is required to follow a data wiping standard with optimal number of wiping rounds (passes). Hard Disk Data Wipe Software efficiently solves this problem; all thanks to its strong data erasure standards and algorithms to continually fill the volume of binary data. Data erasure is possible from all devices, HDDs, SSDs, external hard drives, USB drives etc. Moreover, there are almost NULL chances of data recovery from the Disk Wipe deleted drives.

Data Erasure from Multiple Storage Drive

CubexSoft Data Wipe Tool is designed in such a way that it is capable of performing data erasure from all types of hard disk drives, SSDs in PCs, servers, notebooks etc. Its advanced data wiping algorithms, reporting competency and security features allow it to fulfil your data shredding policies. The Data Eraser Tool supports safe and secure data sanitization process by eliminating the traces of data, further making the disk reusable. Moreover, the software is capable of erasing data from all types of external storage drives like USB drive, pen drive, flash drive etc.

Custom Erasure Techniques

During disk wiping process, the software provides numerous customization option, as given below :

  • Date range : erase your data record of specific time period by specifying the required date range.
  • Mask for Files : File masking is an arrangement of well-defined and wildcard characters, used for matching file names or directory. It provides a handy method for detecting an individual file or a bunch of files, depending on their name and extension.
  • Overwrite Data Text : this option enables you to delete/erase files by overwriting the data with desired text. You can use this option to completely wipe data from any Windows 10 or other device, hard disk drive, external drive etc.

10+ Hard Drive Data Shredding Methods

Data Wipe Software with certificate provides 10+ data wiping methods to overwrite all sectors of a hard disk drive with a sequence of zeros, fixed values or meaningless random data. You can select any one standard as per your data shredding requirements. The more time it takes means that the hard disk data wiping is being done more thoroughly. The available data erasure methods are :

  • Zero (1 Pass)
  • Random (1 Pass)
  • Wipe file – Simple (1 Pass)
  • Zero & Random (2 Passes)
  • Random & Zero (2 Passes)
  • WipeFile – Medium (2 Passes)
  • US Navy – MFM (3 Passes)
  • US Navy – RLL (3 Passes)
  • US DoD / US Air Force (3 Passes)
  • Microsoft Cipher (3 Passes)
  • Bit Toggle (4 Passes)
  • Wipefile – Secure (4 Passes)
  • NATO Standard (7 Passes)
  • Peter Gutmann (35 Passes)

Prevents Identity Thefts and Data Breach

Augmented data protection, brief life span of IT infrastructure, and quick technology transition have been instrumental in the need for permanent data erasure/wiping of electronic devices. Moreover, data breach, identity thefts are on the rise due to hacked networks and laptop thefts. Data Erasure tool can help users and businesses to eliminate these problems efficiently as the data once deleted/wiped cannot be recovered back in any condition.

Secure E-waste Data Wipe Technique

All of us including individuals, small business, big corporate houses, government departments, hospitality industry etc. are in threat from e-waste data deletion/erasure. How? Discarded HDDs, that have not been erased completely, might become a source of data breach, as hackers can easily retrieve sensitive information such as Credit Card details, internet browsing history, personal financial data, personal/ID photos, account histories etc. from them. The Disk Erasure Tool permits you to wipe entire data irrevocably and prevent data exposure and exploitation at the hands of unauthorised people.

Erase Files/ Folders Data Securely

The CubexSoft Hard Drive Data Wipe software permits users to load files in dual ways : Select Files or Select Folders. Select Files option will let them add files selectively, while Add Folder option will automatically load complete folder data. It also enables complete data deletion from logical drives/partitions, in one go. The tool erases/wipes complete data from the disk drive and not even a single trace of data is left behind in its root components.

Generates Data Deletion Report

CubexSoft Data Wipe Tool securely overwrites data with zeros and ones across all partitions/ sectors of digital storage devices. While doing so, the software generates a log report after completion of data overwriting on the storage devices. This guarantees that the data has been erased and the disk/device is ready to be reused after successfully accomplishing data sanitization process.

Hard Disk Drive Overwriting Standards to Erase Data Securely

Overwriting of HDDs is the cheapest and straightforward method of shredding data from hard drives without damaging them and making them reusable.
But how many overwriting passes are sufficient to make the hard drive ready to be reused?
Or you may ask, how many times you need to write ones or zeroes or other garbage data to completely wipe the data from hard drive?
Don’t Overthink! Use CubexSoft Data Wipe Software and select the required data wiping method from its list.

Different Wipe Standards

Zero (1 Pass)

It’s a single-pass method. Whenever the write head passes through a data field, it overwrites it with Zero value.

Random (1 Pass)

This overwriting method will overwrite the file 1 time only, with random data before deleting it. This method is not safe and must be used to delete unimportant files only.

Wipe file – Simple
(1 Pass)

This method follows data wiping standard with 1 pass. The file will be overwritten only once.

Zero & Random
(2 Passes)

This is a 2 passes data erasure standard. The data field is overwritten and replaced with zero (0x00) twice.

Random & Zero
(2 Passes)

It is RAZER (RAndom-ZERo) standard. First, the data field is overwritten with a pseudo-random number, followed by zero Pass method.

WipeFile – medium
(2 Passes) / Secure (4 Passes)

WipeFile – medium (2 Passes) supports dual wiping/ dual pass data shredding standards. WipeFile – Secure (4 Passes) supports data sanitization standards with 4 rounds / 4 times data wiping.

Bit Toggle
(4 Passes )

This data erasure method follows four passes. It will rewrite the entire disk area sequentially as zero(0x00), fixed value(0xff), four times repeatedly.

US Navy – RLL
(3 Passes)

US Navy – RLL (3 Passes) follows RAndom-ZERo (RAZER) standard. First the data-field is overwritten with pseudo-random number, followed by zero pass.

Microsoft Cipher
(3 Passes )

By default, the Microsoft cipher method will erase 0's pass, F's pass, and a cycle of random characters.

US DoD/ US Air Force
(3 Passes)

This method will follow 3 passes data wiping standard. First, the entire disk region is overwritten with zero (0x00), then followed with a fixed value (0xff) and finally with a random fixed value. Finally, run overwrite verification. This method provides medium protection, therefore use it to erase only those files that don’t hold confidential information.

US Navy – MFM
(3 Passes)

This method follows the standard United States Navy. It is proposed to be used with MFM encoded disk drives. the file is overwritten thrice. This standard delivers medium protection, thus use it to wipe only those files that don’t contain confidential information.

NATO Standard
(7 Passes)

It follows the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) standard. A file is overwritten seven times. It only stipulates one random pass. It is safe to use and must be reserved for general files.

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Trial Limitations

Download free demo of Hard Disk Data Wipe software to evaluate its performance before purchasing. Free demo will let you erase first 10 items, not exceeding 5 MB in size. Logical Drive Wiping option is also NOT AVAILABLE in Free demo edition.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Windows OS : 11, 10, 8.2, 8 & All Below Windows Versions

Mac OS : Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina (MacOS X 10.15), Mojave (MacOS X 10.14), High Sierra (MacOS X 10.13) and all below Versions

Data Wipe can do Data Sanitization on All Drives and Devices

File Types & Extensions


Desktops, Laptops, PCs

Storage drives

Portable, Removable, Over the Network

Ports and Media

HDD, SSD, SATA, SAS, PATA, SCSI, PCI, USB drive, flash drive, NVMe, IDE

Data types

Files and Folders, Chat and Browser history, Drive Partition data/ free space, Application traces, Hidden areas, Log Files

certificate badge

ISO Certified

iso 27701

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of Disk Wipe Software - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Wipe Disk Data Permanently
Standard stable removal algorithms are preinstalled
Report on Deletion
Algorithm for Advanced Safe Deletion are Included
Erase files and directories in a safe manner.
Secure deletion of mounted devices such as external USB sticks, flash drives First 10 files, below 5MB size All Items
Logical Drive Wiping NOT AVAILABLE
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $29

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

What is the process for data erasure?

Follow these steps to shred data from hard drives :

  1. First download and launch the Data Erasure Software on Windows PC
  2. Add required files/ folders from which you want to erase data
  3. Now select the required items for wiping selective data
  4. Next, choose desire Wiping method and apply required filters
  5. Finally click on Wipe button to start data sanitization process.

Yes, the Data Wipe Tool provides you with date range filter where you can provide the date range between which you wish to erase data. You just need to enter the start and end dates and the software will perform the data shredding task accordingly.

Absolutely yes, you can easily try the Disk Wipe Tool by downloading its free demo edition. It will work just like the licensed edition, but will be limited to erasing first 10 files having less than 5MB size. Logical Drive Wiping is also not available in Free Demo version. After getting satisfied results with the demo edition, you can purchase its licensed edition.

No, there is no way for you to undo the completed data shredding procedure done using Data Wipe Tool.

The CubexSoft Data Wipe Tool is completely safe to use. You can securely use this tool to erase data from any device or hard disk, SSD, external storage device etc. without any data moderation.

As soon as you complete the purchase procedure, you will receive the product license key within 15 minutes, via email.

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