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Directly import Maildir to Live Exchange Server with the help of Maildir to Exchange Server Tool. The users who are seeking for a best solution to effortlessly export Maildir to Hosted Exchange Server can follow this post that will definitely provide one of the safe Maildir to Exchange Tool. First let’s take a quick look on the user query related to Maildir and Exchange Server migration. Then, we will directly go to collect the brief knowledge about Maildir to Exchange Server Tool.

Hey, I am an employee from the non-technical background in a reputed organization. Currently, my organization have decided to switch Maildir to Exchange Server due to the major change in the strategy. And, I got the task to move 1000+ Maildir files into Live Exchange Server within the limited time and need to fulfill the following requirements as given below:

  • We need to access all files of Maildir to Hosted Exchange Server with all email properties and attachments.
  • Another thing, we don’t have as much time to convert the files one by one. So, we want the solution that can export my 1000+ Maildir files to Exchange Server in a single go.

How to Convert Maildir to Exchange without Any Error?

As I told you above that Maildir to Exchange Tool is one of the grateful and secure solution for users who need to transfer Maildir to Live Exchange Server with complete details. So, free to download the Maildir Converter program by using the download button and then ready to follow the step by step guide that is properly described below.

Step 1: Download and launch the Maildir to Exchange Server Tool on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Open the tool and go to opt the Select File option from the top menu bar as given in the screenshot.

Step 3: Choose the Maildir files which you want to shift into Exchange Server. And, the all files into the software by using Select File or Select Folder button.

Step 4: After adding the files, the Maildir to Exchange Server Tool shows a complete folder structure on the left side of the software screen. You can also select and deselect the folders from the structure.

Step 5: In this step, get ready to collect the preview facility for a brief view of desire Maildir email by clicking on it. And, use save attachment option if you needed.

Step 6: Click on the Export option from the top menu bar and choose the Exchange Server (Export to Live Exchange Server) option from the list of output formats.

Step 7: Now, go with the advance filtrations for selected Maildir to Exchange Server conversion. The filters includes email filters, date filters and attachment filters. After applying the filters you can click on the Apply button.

Step 8: Add the Exchange Server details i.e. IP Address, login ID and password. After adding all the required details, click on the Connect button. Then, hit Export.

Step 9: Now, the Maildir to Exchange Server migration process starts with the live status on your software screen.

Step 10: Finally, the process is complete by displaying the successful message on the screen i.e. Export Completed Successfully. So, click Ok to finialize the Maildir to Exchange migration process.

Various Reasons to Perform Maildir to Exchange Server Migration

There are so many benefits of using Exchange Server that attracts Maildir users. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • As we know email server is important and safe for every level of organization. And, Exchange Server is the no. 1 valuable product of Microsoft Corporation that is the highly trustable brand in the IT sector.
  • One of the advance benefit for using Microsoft Exchange Server, it can be simply accessible from any location and from any system by adding some important details.
  • The Exchange Server permits to import and export its database in different standard file formats by taking Exchange Server backup manually.
  • A Microsoft Outlook consumers can also connect to the Exchange Server with their accounts for synchronizing the database in a proper way.

Why to Choose CubexSoft Maildir to Exchange Server Tool?

The Maildir to Exchange Server Tool offers n numbers of features and functionalities to its all the users that all are given below:

  1. Provide Batch function to move bunch files of Maildir to Hosted Exchange Server in a single round of process only.
  2. Facilitates preview feature which supports to give a perfect view of imported Maildir email by clicking on desire mail.
  3. Separate option to save attachment option available as an addition benefit that helps to save Maildir email attachments at any location.
  4. So many filters available for user benefits to transfer selective Maildir emails i.e. email filters, date filters and attachment filters.
  5. The Maildir to Exchange Server Tool requires login details of Exchange Server account so that it can exactly shift Maildir to Microsoft Exchange Server.
  6. Easy and familiar interface of the software helps users to simply handle it at the time to convert Maildir to Live Exchange Server.
  7. Also, the software is a completely Windows supported application that directly means a performer can run this tool on any Windows OS platform.
  8. Moreover, users can also get the save report button at the end of the process that is capable to save complete Maildir to Exchange Server conversion report.

Finalizing the Post

At the end of the post, I just want to say that whenever there is a need to migrate Maildir to Live Exchange Server, you can always prefer the Maildir to Exchange Server Tool. For getting more information about the software, you can use free trial edition of Maildir to Exchange Server Tool that allows you to convert first 20 files of Maildir to Microsoft Exchange Server without charge any single cost. And, if you need to convert above 20 Maildir files, then you have to buy the license key of the software. Use the Buy Now button to purchase the Maildir to Exchange Server Tool.

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