Exchange Server Backup Tool

Backup Exchange Server/Hosted Exchange Server Data to PST, Exchange Server and Office 365 precisely

  • Get your Exchange Server user mailboxes transferred into another Webmail/cloud account
  • Backup every item (emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals etc.) of associated user account with precise details
  • Migrate all Exchange server user accounts using Impersonated Admin account
  • Migrate Exchange Server - On-premises & Hosted to Office 365
  • Advance Filters offers selective Exchange data backup
  • Multiple file naming options allows to save emails using different file naming combinations
  • Easy to use Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server Backup Utility
  • Backup email from Exchange Server including all its elements – Meta headers, formatting, links, images etc.
  • Preserves accurate folder structure layout during entire On-premises Exchange Server brick level backup process
  • Well suited with all Windows and MS Exchange Server editions

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Supported Migration Types

Cross-Forest Exchange Server Migration (Different Domains)

Perform Exchange Server backup (On-premises)

  • From Exchange 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013 /2016 /2019
  • To Exchange 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013 /2016 /2019.

Intra-forest Exchange Server Backup (In Same Domain)

  • Export MS Exchange Server 2003 to 2007/2010
  • Export MS Exchange Server 2007 to 2010/2013
  • Export MS Exchange Server 2010 to 2013/2016
  • Export MS Exchange Server 2013 to 2016/2019
  • Export MS Exchange Server 2016 to 2019

Hosted/Hybrid Migration for
Exchange Servers

  • Exchange server to, OWA, Office 365
  • Move On-premises Exchange Server to Office 365
  • Migrate On-premises Exchange Server to Hosted Exchange server (all versions)
  • Convert Hosted Exchange Server to Hosted Exchange Server
  • Hosted Exchange server to Office 365
  • Hosted Exchange to On-Premises Exchange
  • Office 365 to On-Premises Exchange
  • Office 365 to Office 365 Migration
  • Office 365 to Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Utility

Support to Backup Exchange Server User Mailboxes into Various Apps in Easy Manner

Export Exchange Server to Office 365

MS Exchange Server holds an organization's complete employees' database including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc. While migrating into any other cloud application, everyone wants to have their complete data in new application. Exchange Server Backup Tool understands this requirement and enables companies to move their entire employee's database to Office 365 cloud account, without any data loss.

Microsoft Exchange Server to Outlook

Sometimes users need to back-up their Exchange server mailboxes locally and what better option than saving the entire data in PST file. A PST file holds complete user mailbox data which includes email messages, mail folders, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals etc. By saving Exchange server mailbox data in PST, you can easily download complete user profile data, which you can easily access in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 edition, locally. The software even lets you save your Exchange data to your default Outlook profile, which automatically gets saved at default Outlook storage folder.

On-Premises Exchange Server Backup Solution

CubexSoft Exchange Backup is a comprehensive utility that make Microsoft Exchange Server backup smoother, also ensures that all the mailboxes are accurately mapped. With this On-premises Exchange Backup tool, you can easily backup your data from MS Exchange Server to many popular formats, servers, and applications in the following ways :

  • Backup selective Exchange Server user accounts data locally
  • Save complete Exchange server user mailboxes with accurate results
  • Export Exchange server mailbox data to PST and default Outlook profile
  • Perform direct data transfer from On-premises Exchange Server to cloud database
  • Transfers your entire mailboxes data from MS Exchange server to Hosted Exchange Server
  • Move your User Accounts from one Exchange Server to another Exchange server.
  • Move large-sized user database from Live Exchange Server without any data loss

HOSTED Exchange Server backup Solution

Hosted Exchange Server too, is an emailing and calendaring server, but is licensed as Software as a Service (SaaS). Basically, Hosted Exchange is a service hosted by Microsoft that creates a storage space on a server to enable its clients to host emails and other data on the cloud server. Organizations have to pay monthly rental to Microsoft for using all the subscribed services. Since the entire user/organization data is hosted on cloud, it becomes necessary to have its backup in hand to avoid any disasters. Hosted Exchange Server Backup Tool is an easy solution to help you recover from this situation –

  • Get complete hosted Exchange Server mailbox backup locally
  • Backup an organization’s entire employee’s database including emails, contacts, calendars and other data
  • Move Hosted Exchange Server mailboxes into another Exchange or Office 365 cloud account
  • Perform large scale Hosted Exchange data backup with ease

Features of Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Tool

Get well-versed with all the features the tool supports

Backup all items of Exchange Server User Mailbox

A single Exchange Server user account comprises of emails, different default and custom mail folders, contacts, notes, tasks, journals, calendars etc. The software maintains that all these items are precisely saved with no data loss and alteration.

Backup Multiple Mailboxes in Batch

Hosted Exchange Server Backup Software is designed to help Admins to backup their organization’s user mailboxes in batch mode. Selecting the “I am Admin” option will enable them to backup multiple users from Exchange server to another Exchange Server / webmail account at once.

Save Microsoft Cloud Exchange Server Backup Locally

The software is capable of saving Exchange Server emails to various useful file formats on local system’s hard drive. There is no alteration done to the number of email messages that the tool saves. Moreover, all the email attributes (to, cc, bcc, subject, links, images etc.) are precisely saved by the Exchange Server Backup Utility.

On-Premises Exchange Server to Cloud Backup

With Exchange Server Backup Tool, users can easily transfer their business data from one Exchange Server to another Hosted/On-premises Exchange Server or Cloud/ webmail/ IMAP account. The software migrates all items of user account from Exchange Server to another web based app, without any data loss.

Backup Selective Data using Various Filters

Various advance filters of the software enables users to backup only selective data, as suitable to their needs. You can filter your selection by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes of the associated mail folders / mailbox items / filters (to, from, subject, date range) to make your Exchange server backup process more precise.

Save Attachments in Original

Today most businesses are carried out online and all business dealings are communicated via emails. Most of these emails contains important documents as attachments. When a certain organization decides to backup its business data locally or to any other cloud platform, it specifies that the email attachments are also saved along with their respective messages. Exchange Server Email Backup Tool maintains that all the attachments are saved and embedded into their associated emails and are retained in their original file format.

Backup Exchange Mailbox, Archive and Public Folders

With Exchange Backup Utility, users also get the faciltiy to backup public folders or archive mailboxes of their Exchange Server account to another Exchange/O365 account or PST format. There is no damage or alteration done to the data and users get their complete data precisely in accurate manner whether it is from Archive folders or public folders or simply Exchange mailboxes.

Maintains Folder Structure Precisely

With Hosted Exchange Server Backup Tool, you don’t need to worry about the folder hierarchy of the user mailboxes. The software maintains that the original folder layout of Exchange Server user mailboxes is retained when opened, accessed and viewed in another Desktop / cloud application.

Simple Graphical User Interface

The simple GUI of Exchange Server Backup Tool lets users to use it to the fullest with minimized efforts. Even novice users can easily follow the simple steps of the tool and successfully backup Exchange Server user mailbox locally or in cloud.

Well Suitable for all Exchange Server and Windows Server editions

On-Premises Exchange Server Backup Tool is capable of saving backup from all editions of Exchange Server – 2016, 2013, 2010 etc. Moreover, you can run this utility of all Windows Server editions - 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 etc.

Screenshots of Live Exchange Server Backup Tool

Hosted Exchange Server Backup is a comprehensive solution to help you backup your Exchange mailboxes to local / cloud storage. The following screenshots will help you understand how the software exactly works :

Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Tool Free Download

Check Software Competency with its FREE Evaluation Edition

Software Name: CubexSoft Exchange Server Backup Tool
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 1.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 31.5 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Download Exchange Server Backup Free Demo Utility and test it for its efficiency. Free Tool is capable of saving backup of complete/selected user mailbox data into any technical file format or cloud account, but the number of items saved is limited to 25 per folder. For unrestricted solution to backup email, contacts, calendars etc. from Exchange Server mailboxes at once, get its licensed edition purchased.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers for Exchange Server Backup Issues

Follow these steps to backup Exchange Server user mailbox :

  • Step 1 –: Download and launch Exchange Server Email backup Tool
  • Step 2 –: Click Add button for adding MS Exchange account for backup
  • Step 3 –: Provide your Email Address/Username, password & Server Name and hit Login button.
  • Step 4 –: The software will now show the source mailboxes. Click Next
  • Step 5 –: Select Save Outlook profile or use Add Button to add Single/Multiple Exchange Server or O365 account details. Click Next
  • Step 6 –: Set Filters & other options and click Next to start Exchange backup
  • Step 7 –: The software will now start backup process and shows details like Mailbox Name, Folder(s), Item Count and Status etc.
  • Step 8 –: Once the process is finished, a message window will open with the message“Conversion Completed”.

Yes, Live Exchange Server backup Tool supports to backup data from multiple Exchange user mailboxes at once in batch. Make sure that Application Impersonation option is enabled before saving multiple Exchange user accounts in bulk.

No such limitations found ; Hosted Exchange Server Backup Software is tested with 1500+ mailboxes, with no errors or interruptions detected. The tool is capable of saving all emails with attachment, contacts, journals, calendars, tasks, notes etc. from Lie Exchange Server user profiles to desired output option.

Being the IT head of my company, I have the responsibility of saving data of my 50+ employees from Exchange Server to local system. Before using the tool, I just want to make sure about the security risks involved as I would be sharing my confidential admin details with your tool?

You don’t need to worry about any security risks, as neither the tool nor the company saves your MS Exchange server admin credentials anywhere in our cache/database. You’ll need to provide your Exchange Server login details afresh, every time you use the software.

It will depend on your internet connection speed, the number of mailboxes and the amount/size of data in each mailbox that is being saved.

Yes, On-premises Exchange Server Backup Utility allows complete as well as selective mailbox backup from Exchange Server. Moreover, you can also utilize different filters (to, from, date range, subject) to get more precise results.

Yes, the tool requires Live Exchange Server environment for moving Exchange mailboxes to another cloud, webmail, IMAP account. Please ensure that both Exchange Server and migration machine are set in same domain for performing Hosted Exchange Server backup process.

While saving Exchange Server mailboxes to PST, the software will save complete data – emails, mail folders, contacts, calendars including all appointments and events, tasks, notes, journal entries etc. with all accurate details.

Yes, the tool is capable of extracting Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 mailboxes to local system.

While saving Exchange Server mailboxes to PST, the software will save complete data – emails, mail folders, contacts, calendars including all appointments and events, tasks, notes, journal entries etc. with all accurate details.

No, Exchange Server Backup Tool is Windows based only and you cannot run it on Mac OS. You can run the tool on all Windows Server editions - 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 etc.

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