How to Configure IBM Lotus Notes in Outlook?

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As we all know that Microsoft Outlook has become one of the strongest competitor among n numbers of other email platforms in this technological environment. Even you can observe that the Lotus Note users also switch their entire database towards MS Outlook, as it is well-designed and less complicated email application which can be easily affordable by any user. Although, the migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook is not easy to perform as it sounds. That’s why maximum user are looking for a solution of how to configure IBM Lotus Notes in the Outlook email client. As because they may face different types of problems while exporting their tons of Lotus Notes database that has been mounted from many years.

Well, we think many times to resolve this migration issue and get to know that Microsoft has to assist Exchange Server Migration wizard, which is capable to perform multiple conversion tasks. It supports users to transfer embedded links, emails, calendars, to do lists, emails etc. but at some point, this solution lacks the efficiency to export entire Lotus Notes folder data components. And, we realize that this Exchange Server Migration wizard is inexpert of converting encrypted NSF emails as it is not successful to decode them and migrate it into MS Outlook accessible file format. This solution also fails to tackle custom programs and apps. So, in general, we can say it is not a perfect solution to copy Lotus Notes database to Outlook PST file format. Besides this wizard migration solution, IMAP solution is also the solution but the observer said that it is also incapable of transferring Lotus Notes mailbox data.

Don’t worry, for getting perfect solution of how to configure IBM Lotus Notes in Outlook, just read this entire post. It will perfectly explain the whole process to import Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook 2016, 2013 etc. using manual technique and Professional technique i.e. NSF Converter.

Why User want to Switch Lotus Notes to Outlook Email Client?

Take a brief look on the different reasons that forces users to convert their Lotus Notes mailbox data to MS Outlook. These reasons are:

  • Outlook email client comes with a simple interface which can be handle by even the non-technical users.
  • Microsoft Outlook users can also work even in offline mode which is more beneficial for professionals.
  • This application introduces amazing emails and data management facilities.
  • MS Outlook comes with bundles safety and security features in comparison to Lotus Notes.
  • As we know perfectly that Outlook needs very fewer maintenance charges as compared to Lotus Notes email client.
  • Also, in the Outlook app users can simply share data within a few seconds. The users also prefer MS Outlook as it is a popular app for multitasking.

Manual Solution to Import Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook 2016

Before to directly follow the manual guide to solve the issue of how to configure IBM Lotus Notes in Outlook, first you have to save the backup of your complete Lotus Notes mailbox database. As because professionals said that there are high chances that your Lotus Notes NSF files get damaged while converting them. This manual process is divided into two parts i.e.

Round 1 – Transfer Lotus Notes NSF Files to .csv

  1. Open the Lotus Notes email client and import the NSF file which you need to convert into MS Outlook
  2. Now, follow the tabs, first click File tab and then, hit on the Export
  3. Select the desire location path to save the file and then you can choose Comma Separated Value file format in Save as type Name the file and again go to the Export
  4. After that select the options in the selection types as per the requirement and hit OK

To follow the above conversion round, you can save the all Lotus Notes files into CSV file format. After that, you have to import these CSV files into Outlook application.  Continue with further steps.

Round 2 – Copy CSV File into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010

  1. Start the MS Outlook and follow the tabs, File on the taskbar >> Import >> Export option
  2. From the Import and Export wizard, you have to pick the option Import from another program or file and then hit Next
  3. After that, a fresh wizard will appear i.e. Import file wizard. Under this Wizard, you can choose the Comma separated values(Windows) and again press Next
  4. Now, add that .csv file from the specified location where you saved earlier. Click Next
  5. Choose the desirable destination to save the output data and press Next
  6. Finally, click the Finish tab. And, check all the files in Outlook application.

Why Expert’s not Suggest this Manual Guide?

This solution is good, but the maximum professionals not suggest this solution as it comes with lots of drawbacks which can directly affect the Lotus Notes database. These drawbacks are:

  • The lengthy procedure includes so many steps.
  • Time-consuming solution.
  • Sometimes, complicated to follow the whole guide.
  • Not suitable for the non-technical user.
  • Needs 100% attention even at the end of the process.
  • High chances to damage NSF emails.
  • Not a safe working guide.
  • Only import Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook 2016, 2013 etc.


When the above process fails, feel free to go with the best and error-free Lotus Notes Converter which is the most capable solution of how to configure IBM Lotus Notes in Outlook including all emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and all other items. Not only Outlook, it can also directly converts the database from Lotus Notes to Office 365 account within a few seconds. To know more about this solution, you can free to download Lotus Notes Converter on any Windows OS platform. After testing the utility, you can go with its license edition that can perform batch Lotus Notes mailbox to Outlook migration at once.

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