How to Migrate IBM Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365?

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In today’s era, Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular email client due to its new features and functionalities which can directly meet the user’s requirement. That’s the reason most of the user are wish to migrate IBM Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 account and they failed at one point. Well! There are two techniques available to do this task which we will discuss in this post. However, to perform Lotus Notes to Exchange Online migration needs technical expertise as because the manual solution can create a lot of issues. Using technical expertise, you can execute the entire process correctly, and that organizations do not have to face any situation of data loss. Just follow this post that will explain the perfect solution of how to migrate Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 using IMAP Connector and with the help of technical expertise.

Before to directly go with the solutions, let’s find out the different reasons that forces Lotus Notes users to shift their database into Exchange Online.

Why migration from Lotus Notes database to Office 365 becomes necessary for users?

There are so many different factors that are liable for transferring Lotus Notes emails to Exchange Online which are described below:

  • Lotus Notes email client need very high maintenance charges in comparison to Office 365 cloud platform.
  • Office 365 is one of the safest and secure application to stores and manage the database.
  • Lotus Notes includes very few functionality, on other side Office 365 application offers bunch of excellent functional features for organizations.
  • Need so much technical knowledge to use IBM Notes.
  • Office 365 application more familiar and interactive as compared to IBM Notes.

Lotus Notes Email to Office 365 Migration Using IMAP

IMAP Connector in IBM Notes can be the way to perform Lotus Notes database to Office 365 migration. This solution divided into four conversion rounds which are properly mentioned below:

Round 1: Generate a backup of IBM Notes NSF Files

The first and primary step that you should take a complete backup of all existing users’ mailboxes stored as .nsf files. This backup process should be successfully accomplished before to start the migration process so as to avoid data loss of IBM Notes in case of any inconsistency during the regulation of the transfer procedure. This is only because none of the manual solution can be safe and accurate.

Round 2: Make a New Mailboxes

When have created a proper backup, the next important step is to make new mailboxes for all user having an existing profile in IBM Notes desktop email client.

Round 3: Permit IMAP TCP/IP Port for all users

In this round, you have to enable IMAP for all users. For this, you can follow the given below steps:

  1. Start Domino Administrator in IBM Lotus Notes
  2. Next, go to the Configuration button
  3. Now, start and open the server document for the server that runs the IMAP services
  4. Follow the following tabs serially: Ports >> Internet Ports >> Mail tab
  5. Now, permits the default IMAP TCP/IP Port. To do this, you will have to alter the ‘TCP/IP port value status’ to ‘Enabled’ in the Mail (IMAP) column (By default, the IMAP clients get connected to TCP/IP port number 143 on the Domino server)
  6. At last, just press on ‘Save’, and after that exit.

Round 4: Now, Connect with IMAP Connector

After following the above round, in this you can use the IMAP Connector to synchronize the emails in Office 365 account from the IBM Notes email client.

Once you have complete all the four above rounds, you can check the files at their destination. While performing this IMAP solution for migrating Lotus Notes emails to Office 365, you will get lots of errors which can affect the database. Some of the limitations of manual solution are discussed below:

Limitations of IMAP Method:

  • When the IBM Notes client is behind firewall and proxy, it cannot connect to the Internet connection.
  • If the Lotus Notes email application is in a disabled state, it will not allow IMAP connection.
  • Sometimes the IMAP Connector restricts the copy of calendar entries, then in this case you have to perform it manually.
  • The manual creation of calendar entries consumes lot of time of users. And, most of the time it does not work.
  • The migration process using IMAP protocol can only moves the online data to Office 365.
  • This IMAP solution can transfer the maximum 1 GB size email only.

Error-Free Solution to Migrate IBM Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365

To overcome the limitations of the above solution, here you can go with the best Lotus Notes to Office 365 software. This is the error-free solution which provides you a safe working guide as a solution of how to migrate IBM Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 account.  It gives 100% successful result by following only a few steps of migration. Most of the expert’s suggested this amazing NSF to Office 365 software.

To know more about the software, you can freely download the software.

Noteworthy Features of Expertise Solution

  • Easy to migrate bundles of IBM Notes NSF emails to Exchange Online in a single round.
  • Preview option offers for users who want to get brief view of their NSF emails before to start the process.
  • IBM Lotus Notes configuration is mandatory for all users.
  • During the process, you require login credentials of your Office 365 account.
  • Capable to transfer Lotus Notes emails, calendars, contacts into Office 365.
  • Suitable program for all technical and non-technical users.
  • Its familiar interface will help out to operate the software to perform Lotus Notes emails to Exchange Online migration.
  • All Windows editions are applicable to access this application such as 7, 8, 10 etc.

Final Verdict

I hope you will take the right decision after reading this article to perform Lotus Notes to Exchange Online Migration. You can check the software using the free demo version which can migrate 20 Lotus Notes items to Office 365 account without any charges.