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Batch Export & Print MBOX files to PDF with Attachments on Mac and Windows platforms

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Best MBOX to PDF Converter Tool

  • Migrate & Convert MBOX File to PDF without dependence of any email client.
  • Preview Mode available for better migration procedure.
  • Convert MBOX files to PDF along with attachments, time-stamps, mail headers
  • Simple User Interface to Utilize on both Windows and Mac systems
  • No Adobe Acrobat Installation required
  • Search Option Available for searching MBOX files from your machine.
  • Provide option to Convert Attachments to PDF in accurate way
  • Offers Multiple Files Naming Options
  • Supports Dual Mode of conversion of MBOX files to Adobe document
  • Avail Add Attachments to PDF option for better conversion
  • Capable to provide user with an option to Print MBOX to PDF in batch
  • Supports all Windows and Mac OS editions
Supports - All MBOX based Email Apps

What is an .mbox Format File?

MBOX files contain a collection of email messages, it stores the whole properties of mail from a folder (not mailbox) in a single .mbox file. New messages will be added to the file at the end of the file.

It is easy to view messages in this file as it provides a separation line along with an empty line after every message. It can be obtained from various email clients or applications.

What is a .pdf Document?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the format of a file that is the most secure format of the file and cannot be modified easily. This file format can be transferred from one device to another external device. It can also be utilized for printing purposes. Once you have changed any document in PDF you will not save it in other file formats.

Exception: If you use any third-party software to convert PDF files, then you can save PDF files in other file formats.

Online Convert from MBOX to PDF

Emails are really important and confidential, so if you want to use an online tool for this .mbox file conversion procedure, then you need to understand some points related to the online process:

  1. To convert MBOX files online you need to upload your MBOX files into an online tool that means you are sharing your email data with an unknown online server. This may lead you towards the sacrifice of email privacy.
  2. No control can be established during the process as you are conducting this process on another server.
  3. With lots of email data, MBOX files are larger in size than other file formats which may not upload correctly on any online MBOX to PDF converter.

Why MBOX File to PDF Converter Tool?

CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter is the most effective solution to print MBOX files to PDF files on both Windows and Mac platforms. It is developed by experts and tested by various users of multiple email clients. The tool has all required features and sections so that every user (professionals and non-professionals) can easily understand and use this utility. It can convert multiple MBOX files (.mbox, .mbs, .mbx) into Portable Document Format with all elements of every file.

Sheer Variety of Suitable Email Applications

Save MBOX(with/without extension), MBS & MBX Files Easily to Adobe PDF Format

The MBOX to PDF Converter is a well-developed and user-friendly application. The tool makes it very simple for the users who need to save MBOX emails in a PDF document format with all the attachments having no one issue. The software supports conversion of MBOX files associated with 20+ emails clients into PDF file format. a few common supported applications that creates MBOX files are:

conversion of 15+ email clients

No problem what your requirement is, if its a MBOX file, CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter can export all its emails smartly into Adobe PDF format.

Advanced Features & Benefits of MBOX to PDF Tool

Export MBOX Mailboxes into various file formats with MBOX Converter

Convert MBOX files into PDF Fies in 2 ways

Save PDF Files in best possible way !

CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter Tool offers best way to save the Adobe PDF file after conversion. It allow users to convert, export, move, import, migrate various MBOX files into Adobe PDF files. While selecting the PDF as a output format, users are allowed to choose options to save resultant PDF files.

The MBOX to PDF software offers 2 ways to save the converted or resultant PDF files. They are -

  • Saving Separate PDF for Each Mail - Using this option, users can save separate PDF for each email from a mail folder. Suppose in an Inbox folder you have 100 emails, then this option will save 100 PDF files in Inbox folder.
  • Save Single PDF for All Mails - Using this option, users can save only single PDF file having all emails content from an Inbox folder Suppose in mail folder you have 100 emails, then this option will save 1 PDF file as inbox.pdf with all 100 email content in Inbox folder.
MBOX to PDF conversion with all email attachments

Handles Email Attachments at its best !

When converting MBOX/MBS/MBX files, the software supports to take a good care of all email attachments. CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Tool supports to convert email from MBOX/MBS/MBX to PDF files with accurate email attachments. It offers various ways to handle the saving of email attachments during the conversion and they are -

  • Embed Attachments in PDF – This option will import or embed the attachments into PDF files that can be viewed anytime after clicking the attachment icon at the left bottom of the PDF file.
  • Save Attachments in Separate Folder – This option will help users to save each email attachments separately in a folder. In this way, users can open & view the attachments from a Attachment Folder.
  • Convert Attachments to PDF - This option will save all attachments into PDF format. Suppose if you are having email attachments in a PNG format in your MBOX file, then this will convert the PNG attachment format to PDF and save in a separate folder.
  • Add or Append Attachments to PDF - This option will simply add the attachment after the respective email body in PDF file that can be viewed from the same PDF file where the respective email is saved.

Why Experts Rated the Tool as Best MBOX to PDF Converter?

MBOX File to PDF Converter is being continuously downloaded by various experts across the World and it scores the highest rating ever. You can also check its relevancy by downloading it on Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Moreover, it can also print MBOX files with selective data for which it provides multiple data filtration sections. The MBOX file to PDF Conversion utility also provides option to save complete converted data at the desired location.

The tool provides PDF Page Settings option so that the user who wants to get their MBOX files into PDF document in the desired structure. Structural elements such as attachments, email header, hyperlinks, images, etc. are maintained by software throughout the process. Every user wants to get that particular software which can perform the process in fast and secure way, and for that our team makes sure the consistency of the tool with reducing the conversion time.

Other Valued Features of MBOX to PDF Tool
Know all the Characteristics of CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter Program

Safe MBOX Mailbox to PDF Conversion

MBOX to PDF Converter is a tool that offers its users an opportunity to convert, export, print emails from MBOX files into PDF Files. The software converts MBOX containing all emails into PDF files that can fulfill multiple purpose like - to print MBOX files to PDF, to present MBOX Emails in court as an evidence, to save emails securely etc.

Batch Print MBOX Files to PDF

The software allow its users to print MBOX emails to PDF in batch mode on both Windows and Mac systems, so as to export multiple MBOX mailboxes in a single process. So, converting multiple MBOX files into PDF will become an easy process with MBOX into PDF Converter tool.

Save PDF files very smartly

The software provides very smart options to save the output PDF files. After converting MBOX files into PDF, software offers it users to save PDF files in different ways -

  • Save all emails in one PDF file.
  • Save separate PDF files for each emails.
  • Save PDF file as non-search-able

Export MBOX to PDF with Attachment

The software helps its users to export emails from MBOX mailboxes to PDF with all its email attachments. The software supports to export MBOX into PDF with attachments in 4 different ways -

  • Embeds attachments directly into PDF
  • Save attachments separately in a folder
  • Convert All attachments into PDF format new
  • Appends or Add attachments into a PDF document new

Preserves all email items

It supports to convert MBOX emails to PDF with accurate results. It never dandles the content of its emails. It supports conversion of MBOX files to PDF with accuracy of its email properties like - headers (to, cc, bcc), time stamps (sent and received), email formatting, hyperlinks, email links, Unicode characters, font styles, images.

Different File Naming Options

The converter helps its users to save Output files with names as per email subject, email date, email from field. Users can combine subject, date, from fields to name the output PDF files. By using the file naming options users can save PDF files as per their need & convenience.

Save Output in desired location

With MBOX to PDF Export tool users can save resulting PDF files at any location within the Windows/Mac system. Software provides option to users to choose the saving location so as to make the PDF files easy to navigate after conversion.

Simple to use Interface for quick Conversion

The software is in-built with simple to use interface, requiring no specialized skills, that can be handled by any user. The software involves 4 steps of conversion that includes adding MBOX file, selecting saving location, and then starting the conversion process.

Support for all MBOX Email Applications

The Tool supports MBOX files of many popular email clients like Thunderbird, Pocomail, Netscape, Apple Mail, Evolution, Entourage, Spicebird, Claws Mail, Mozilla Mail, Sylpheed, OperaMail, Mulberry, Eudora, SeaMonkey and so on. and provides accurate solution to batch print MBOX data to PDF.

Support for all Windows and Mac OS Versions

The software is programmed in a way that fulfills all the requirements of users without making them worried about their crucial data. In other words, MBOX File to PDF Converter can be quickly installable on all the earlier and latest versions of Windows and Mac OS. The software has no compatibility issues and supports all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 11 and Mac OS, including Big Sur.

Support to Convert .MBS *.mbox .MBX to PDF Files

There are multiple variants of MBOX files such as .MBS, *.mbox, and .MBX, the tool has efficiency to convert all types of MBOX files and it also convert .MBS, *.mbox, and .MBX to PDF files. You just need to select the .mbx files and rest of the process will be same to export files into PDF files.

PDF Page Settings to Manage Converted MBOX

MBOX to PDF Tool provides options to create PDF files with required page layout. You can set Margin, Paper Orientation, Page Size, Bates Number Format, and Stamp Current Date. This will help you to manage your converted MBOX files easily.

MBOX to PDF Converter Free Download
Know all the Requirements & Specifications of MBOX to PDF Tool for Mac and Windows platforms

MBOX to PDF Converter Tool
Software Download
Size 41.5 MB
Version 17.0
Take a Trial - Download Demo version of MBOX Export and saves upto 25 emails from each MBOX files to evaluate the software efficiency.
5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Trial Limitations

Demo version of CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter enables users to test the efficiency of the software. Anyone can export only 25 messages from MBOX to converted output formats.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MBis required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Windows OS : Win 11 & All Below Windows Versions
Mac OS : Big Sur & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of MBOX to PDF Converter Software - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Batch Conversion of MBOX Files
Supports MBOX, MBX, MBS Files
Convert MBOX to PDF with attachments
Supports All MBOX based Email Clients
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Convert All Emails from MBOX Files First 25 Emails per mail folder All Emails
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $39

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers regarding MBOX Export Tool

How to convert MBOX files to PDF using this tool?

Just follow few simple steps of the software and successfully save MBOX emails as PDF format:

  1. Download and run the MBOX File to PDF Converter on your system.
  2. Select Add File or Add Folder button to load MBOX files for conversion.
  3. Now, you can see preview of the selected MBOX email in a software panel. After that, press on Export button to continue.
  4. Select PDF as output file format and also choose sub-options according to your requirement:
  5. After selecting PDF sub-options, choose destination path by clicking on the Browse option.
  6. Now, click on the Convert option to start the conversion process. You can see live progress with green status bar.
  7. Within a few seconds, a new Window will display showing “Conversion Done Successfully” message. Then click on the OK button to finish the process.
I would like to convert batch MBOX files to PDF. Can I do so with this MBOX to PDF Converter software?

Yes, using CubexSoft's MBOX into PDF Converter tool, users can easily convert MBOX mailbox to PDF in batch.

CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter software easily reads and converts MBOX files of Mozilla Thunderbird into PDF format.

Yes, MBOX to PDF Converter successfully helps users to embed all attachments from MBOX files directly into PDF file.

No, there is no limit to size and files for conversion. You can convert MBOX file with any size using the software. The Software is tested on 25GB of MBOX and it worked perfectly.

Yes, The software provides an added advantage of converting MBOX files to PDF with attachments being appended to the email message. On opening the PDF file, it can be seen that the attachments appear on next page, appended at the end of the message.

The software has the ability to convert all attachments of files. You can utilize its advanced attachments options, these options will allow you to change the format of MBOX attachment documents to PDF with the same file structure.

Filtration options are really important so that you can save only required email data from MBOX files to PDF documents. The tool provides filters like date filter, to filter, from filter, and subject filter.

Yes, if you have some MBOX files for this procedure then you can perform the same for free. The free version of the software will help you to convert the first 25 MBOX files by following a single time procedure.

When you click on the Export tab from the top menu section, the tool will show you a new pop-up screen through which you can utilize the Select Folder option. With this option, you can choose that particular folder that contains n number of MBOX files.

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