MBOX to Gmail/G Suite

Single and Batch migration of MBOX files to Gmail/G Suite account

  • Import MBOX files of Apple Mail, Opera Mail, Eudora, Entourage, SeaMonkey Thunderbird to Gmail.
  • Supports MBOX Migration to Gmail as well as G Suite/Google Apps
  • Open MBOX in Gmail using Individual User account, and Admin User account
  • Scans for valid MBOX before conversion, minimizes error in conversion results
  • Support for all types of MBOX files – with extension/without extension like .MBS, .MBX, .MBOX, etc.
  • Imports MBOX including Emails, Attachments and other Data securely into Gmail
  • Preserves meta properties and folder structure
  • Keeps Read-Unread Status of emails intact in Gmail
  • Date-Filters for exporting particular date-range data from MBOX to G Suite account
  • Supports Windows OS - including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc..
  • Easy GUI available to perform MBOX to Gmail migration.
  • 100% Safe and Secure application, FREE Updates Lifetime

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Complete Variety of Suitable Email Applications

Convert MBOX(with/without extension), MBX, & MBS Files Direclty to the Gmail/G Suite Account

The MBOX to Gmail/G Suite Tool is a feature-rich and user-friendly migration tool. The software makes it simple for the users who need to import MBOX, MBX or MBS emails into the Gmail/G Suite account without any changes and data loss issues. The tool allows migration of MBOX files associated with 20+ emails applications into the Gmail or G Suite account. Some common supported applications that creates MBOX files are:

No matter what your necessity is, if it is a MBOX file, CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail Tool can migrate all its emails directly into the Gmail/G Suite Account.

Key Features of MBOX to Gmail Migration

Know all the Attributes of the Software to Import, Convert and upload MBOX Email to G Suite/Gmail

Quickly Migrate MBOX Mailbox to Gmail Account

This application is specially programmed to execute the email migration process from MBOX files to Gmail account directly, so you can save your lots of time and efforts. Additionally, this software also permits the business user to import MBOX to G Suite account with complete information.

Supports All MBOX Based Email Clients

The software offers unique and advanced features for users, now with MBOX to Gmail software users can load any MBOX files created by any MBOX email client applications like- Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, Eudora Mail, The Bat!, Entourage Mail, PocoMail, NetScape, Google Takeout, and etc.

Supports Date-Filter Option

MBOX to G Suite Migration Tool also offers the option of Date Filter which facilitates to export MBOX mailbox to Google Gmail by specifying the date range according to requirements. For this, they need to provide the date in the column "From" and "To." Once it is complete, all the MBOX mailboxes falling under that range will be showed and the users can easily export MBOX file to Gmail account.

Suitable for All Variants of MBOX Files

The MBOX to G Suite program is well-capable for all type or variants of MBOX files to move, and export MBOX files including extension like -

  • .mbox,
  • .mbs,
  • .mbx, etc.
  • or without extension.

So, users can smartly save their MBOX email data to Google account without any issue.

Supports Simple User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of this MBOX to G Suite Migration application is very simple and easy to use. Users do not require any technical knowledge to operate this application. People from any technical background can export MBOX files to Gmail using this application.

Maintains Folder Structure

With MBOX to Gmail software, users are able to maintain and preserve MBOX mails into Gmail without changing any original data items. The MBOX to Gmail Tool creates a new label tag on your Email account for shows the converted data in same folder structure as they were showing before conversion.

Dual options to Load Bulk MBOX Files

The MBOX to G Suite Wizard comes with dual options for loading MBOX files i.e. Add File(s) and Add Folder option. If you choose Add File(s) option, then you can load multiple MBOX files by using CTRL key of the keyboard or if you choose Add Folder option of the tool, then you can load complete MBOX mailboxes folder to import MBOX email to Gmail in bulk conversion mode at once.

Different options to Upload MBOX to Gmail

The software is a well-developed program that provides two options to upload MBOX file to Gmail/G Suite account:

  • Convert All MBOX Files in Single Gmail / G Suite account,
  • Convert Each MBOX File in Separate Gmail / G Suite account.

By selecting first option you can save your all MBOX emails in single Gmail account or by selecting second option you can transfer your each MBOX email in different Gmail account without any hassle.

Save Report of Conversion Details

After finishing the whole conversion process of MBOX emails into Gmail account, the software provides Save Report option which permits saving the entire report of MBOX to Gmail conversion in CSV file with all details such as- Item Count, Total item, MBOX File, Start Time, and End Time. You can save the conversion report as a record in your machine. This report can also be used as a reference in the future.

Supports all Versions of Windows OS

The utility is compatible with all latest and earlier versions Windows OS including Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. The tool is well-supportable for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows Operating Systems.

Procedural Screenshots of MBOX to Gmail/G Suite Tool

The following screenshots will describe you to understand the working procedure :

MBOX to Gmail Free Download

Know all the specification to Download & Use the App with Ease

Software Name: CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 7.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 3.72 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Download FREE MBOX to Gmail Tool Edition and easily transfer first 20 MBOX emails into G suite account at free of cost. Once getting satisfied with this trial, you can go with the license edition.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers regarding MBOX to Gmail Tool

The MBOX to Gmail Software converts multiple MBOX files at once, supports all MBOX file types, MBOX files from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Entourage, Eudora, Seamokey etc. Quick working of MBOX to Gmail migration tool are mentioned as follows:

  • Step 1 –: Add Single as well as Multiple MBOX using Add Files & folder button.
  • Step 2 –: Now select the MBOX file you want to add for conversion.
  • Step 3 –: The tool is having two login modes for conversion, you can convert either all selected MBOX to single Google account or each MBOX files in separated Gmail accounts. .
  • Step 4 –: Login to Google accounts.
  • Step 5 –: Add date filters for MBOX file to Google mail conversion.
  • Step 6 –: Click Export, for converting all types of MBOX, MBX, MBS files.
  • Step 7 –: After conversion is done save the export report in CSV file.

Yes, this MBOX to G Suite Converter can perform any size of MBOX files to Gmail. There is no file size limit in this software.

Yes, the software supports Entourage MBOX Files or MBOX files exported from Entourage. The software effectively handles the entourage MBOX files, extract all data, every message, formatting, email attachments in proper format in Google account.

Yes, MBOX to Gmail Migration tool has the easiest interface which makes it very easy to operate. Secondly, you can contact our support team which is available 24*7 for their customers who finds any difficulty to export MBOX files to Gmail.

Yes, with the help of dual options user are able to load unlimited MBOX files and migrate and upload into Gmail account with MBOX to Gmail migration software.

Yes, the MBOX to G Suite Tool offers date filters option to perform selective conversion of MBOX files to Google Apps. For this, you can select date range for getting selective output database.

No, MBOX to Gmail Conversion program is only compatible with Windows OS platforms like - Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, including all the below editions also.

Yes, the software supports Thunderbird MBOX too. You can easily repopulate or Move emails from Thunderbird MBOX to Gmail account is easy steps.

Yes, the software supports MBOX files exported from MacBook Mail App (Apple Mail). You just need to transfer the exported MBOX files to any Windows OS running PC/Laptop/Desktop and download the MBOX to Gmail app to access your MBOX emails in iPad using Gmail account.

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