Forward and Migrate cPanel Email to Gmail, G Suite & Google Apps

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So you have taken the decision to add cPanel email to Gmail, G Suite, Google Mail, & Google Apps account. It is a countless decision!!! But, the cPanel to Gmail migration with emails is may seem a bit tricky and problematic task. Both the platforms are fairly the opposite but if you need to know how to import cPanel email to Gmail. Then read this blog to get an advanced and trusted solution to forward cPanel webmail to Gmail. For a long time after configuration cPanel email with G Suite, I thought my domain cPanel email forwarding to Gmail is the correct decision. But, after one-time, email forwarders amongst cPanel webmail and Google Mail discontinue syncing emails automatically. After that, I will start explorations of the migration procedure between the cPanel to Gmail account. And lastly, I got the solution to migrate cPanel email to Google apps.

In this whole blog, we describe and explain the method of migrating email from cPanel to Gmail account with the help of cPanel MBOX to Gmail Tool. If you are looking for the manual process to connect cPanel email to Gmail, then you choose the wrong method because the manual method is the time-taking and very long method. And you also need complete technical knowledge to move and transfer emails from cPanel to G Suite. This blog discusses a suggested solution to solve queries like how to add cPanel email to Gmail. In the below section, you will get a Green Download button for a free cPanel to Gmail Migration software.

How to Access cPanel Email address with Web-browser?

You can easily access your cPanel Domain Email account with two different methods: –

Method 1. Access cPanel Email Account with cPanel/Company

  1. Open your cPanel with their Control Panel Login Details.
  2. In the cPanel window, you will get the “Email Account” option.
  3. Hit on the option and get Groupware Email account list.
  4. Now, press on the more details option or hit on the “Access Webmail” option.

Method 2. Directly Access cPanel Email Account with Webmail

  1. You can directly open your cPanel emails with your Domain address.
  2. Just add “Webmail” with your Domain address like
  3. After that your cPanel account login page open, and then fill details of cPanel account.

How Do I Download cPanel Emails to Desktop?

The most common Domain email account that is offered with cPanel Webmail are HordeSquirrelMail, and Roundcube.

The above cPanel Email account access platform is great enough to send/receive emails. Though, you can prefer an interface like Gmail to access your email on the cPanel Email account. But reliably, there is no one email hosting organization can achieve with Google Gmail and its benefits.

The cPanel Email download process is a very easy task, with this method you can successfully download cPanel emails to the desktop. You don’t need any extra knowledge to get cPanel email. Just follow the steps mentioned below to solve the query of how do I backup my cPanel emails to desktop.

Step 1. Firstly, access your cPanel email account with the above procedure.

Step 2. Now pick your cPanel Email platform i.e. Horde Webmail.

Step 3. Choose any email folder such as INBOX and hit on the Export option.

Step 4. Choose the location to save cPanel email files in computer location.

Step 5. The process takes a few minutes to completely backup all the cPanel emails to desktop.

After completing the whole download process of cPanel Webmail emails, now move the files to Gmail, G Suite or Google Apps by utilizing the best cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool.

Migrate cPanel Email to Gmail, Google Mail or Google Apps – cPanel to G Suite Migration Tool

After analyzing the entire solution, I learned that the process makes an only backup copy of cPanel emails as MBOX format. But, I was searching for the solution to connect cPanel email to Gmail, G Suite, and Google Mail account. cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool is a highly advanced solution for cPanel email forwarding to Gmail account. This software provides dual selection option which can help us to import two and more cPanel mailbox to G suite account directly. The tool is one of the best tools for importing emails from cPanel to G Suite account. It will retain the exact folder structure and labels of cPanel email throughout the procedure. The program keeps the cPanel email elements such as addresses, subject, internet header, meta-attributes, etc.  The cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool comes with the ease and consistent interface that gives the easiest step-by-step method.

Steps to Directly Forward cPanel MBOX Emails to Gmail/G Suite Account

Follow the complete step-by-step process of the tool to directly connect and move cPanel emails to G Suite or Gmail account. Now, start the cPanel to Gmail migration by downloading and installing the cPanel MBOX Converter to Gmail Software.

Step 1. Open the cPanel to G Suite Migration Tool on your computer screen and choose Add File(s) or Add Folder button to upload cPanel emails for migration.

Step 2. After importing the cPanel email into the software, hit on the Next to continue.

Step 3. Now choose an option between two provided options – 1. Forward all cPanel mailboxes in single Gmail account, and 2. Forward every cPanel mailbox in separate Gmail account. And then press on the Next to proceed further.

Step 4(a). If you choose the first option, then you need to enter the login credentials of your Gmail account and then click on the Export button.

Step 4(b). If you choose the second option, then you need to fill the login details of Gmail account for every cPanel mailbox and after that hit on the Export button.

Step 5. After clicking on the Export, the software will start the migration from cPanel Webmail to Gmail account and you can also view the whole migration progress during the process.

Step 6. Once it is finished, a message will quickly show that is Conversion Completed. Now, click on the OK to accomplish the process.

The Concluding Words

In the above post, we described the procedure of moving emails from cPanel to Gmail account. The program is easily transferring cPanel webmail to Google apps account directly. You just require to fill your all Google Mail account credentials in the tool interface. The software is also available as a free demo version that allows cPanel email forwarding to Gmail/G Suite account with the limitation of 20 emails per mailbox without any cost. After using the free evaluation copy of the tool you can buy the cPanel to G suite Migration Tool to achieve batch cPanel mailboxes to Gmail migration in one-time process.