How to Forward, Add ProtonMail to Gmail Account?

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Wondering about how to forward emails from ProtonMail to Gmail account? Check out the below method, it will help you to move ProtonMail emails to Gmail account quickly. Yes, there is no manual configuration required to export, forward its mailbox folders into the Gmail account. So, let’s talk over the easier method of MBOX Conversion from ProtonMail to Gmail.

ProtonMail is the most common email services. You can access its email service through webmail as same as a desktop email application. As it releases, ProtonMail has gained more than 5 million users worldwide. Though, because of various reasons, its users want to shift from ProtonMail to Google Apps.

Since PM is quite expensive alternatively Gmail is fully free-of-cost. Other reasons might be the security, a user requires to forward a safe copy of ProtonMail mailbox to Gmail account. There might be thousands of reasons for migration for ProtonMail to Gmail/G Suite.

It doesn’t give any official way to move emails to Gmail/G Suite. But, both email service moves their mailing data into .mbox format. Therefore in upload ProtonMail mailbox in the Gmail account.

Direct Method to forwarding ProtonMail Mailbox to Gmail?

Get MBOX to Gmail – a direct approach to add ProtonMail in the Gmail account. The software is specially developed for ProtonMail users who are willing to forward their mailbox into the Gmail account. The tool has the efficiency to upload, transfer, and migrate bulk mailbox data from ProtonMail to Gmail/G Suite account in a single process. No manual configuration or needless steps are important. The software is easy to use for every technical and non-technical person to forward ProtoMail in Gmail on any Windows Operating System. It supports not only the MBOX file, but even it also supports without extension mailbox, MBS file, and MBX file to move directly into the Gmail account without losing a single bit of information.

Download the MBOX to Gmail and install it in your Windows system.

Steps to Add ProtonMail Emails to Gmail/G Suite Account:

Step 1. Open your ProtonMail account and hit on the Import/Export option. And then, choose MBOX as an export email option and hit on Export.

Step 2. Now run MBOX to Gmail software and click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder button to add ProtonMail mailboxes.

Step 3. After adding ProtonMail emails, hit on the Next button to continue.

Step 4. Now choose one option between Forward all ProtonMail mailboxes into Gmail/G Suite account, and Forward each ProtonMail mailbox into different Gmail/G Suite account. Then, press on the Next.

Step 5(a). If you select 1st option, then enter the login details of your Gmail account for all ProtonMail mailboxes and click on the Export button.

Step 5(b). If you select 2nd option, then fill the login information of your Gmail account for every ProtonMail mailbox and then hit on the Export.

Step 6. Once you click on the Export, the software will start the migration from the ProtonMail mailbox to the Gmail account. You can view live progress with the green status bar.

Step 7. Within a moment the software will complete the entire process with a success message i.e. Conversion Completed. Then, press on the OK to finish the process.

Download FREE ProtonMail to Gmail software to evaluate its working method to know email conversion for how to forward ProtoMail to Gmail account. It works as well as a license edition. The free Protonmail MBOX Converter to Gmail software helps both technical and non-technical users to forward a few emails from the ProtonMail mailbox in Gmail account without any cost.