How to Wipe Files on Windows, Mac, and iPhone Devices? – Quick Tricks & Tips

Sarabjeet Kaur | data eraser data wipe Software Technology | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 22-02-2024
how to wipe files on windows mac and iphone devices

This article will show you why it’s so important to permanently delete your private data. You will also learn about Data Erasure Tool, which is a complete program to wipe files on Windows, Mac, and iPhone devices permanently.

Do you want to permanently delete files on Mac, Windows, and iPhone devices? If so, then the obvious option is to utilize the delete feature in the relevant device. Your personal computer, Windows or mobile device such as iPhone has a built-in delete/format setting which can erase the chosen files for you. But, removing data from the system doesn’t mean erasing them completely.

Your device’s data vanishes and you believe it has been wiped when you format the hard drive. Although the data disappears, it is not deleted. Since the information is still on your computer, formatting or deleting it via system settings is not an effective approach to get rid of it. A specialized class of program called data recovery software is made specifically to locate and retrieve erased data.

Now, the first thing to ask is, why do you even need permanent deletion? Let’s look at an example to better understand it.

Before selling your old Mac, you make the decision to format it. After formatting, you can be confident that the task is completed. Now that someone has access to your Mac, they can retrieve all of the data you believed was lost by using data recovery software. If someone opts to misuse your data, the results could be severe. For example, he may access your internet accounts (bank accounts, social media, etc.) and sell your private information.

Removal is essential because it protects you from harm like this. You can stop any unauthorized use of your private data by safely destroying it. Let’s revisit the earlier query.

How Can Permanent Erasure be Carried Out?

File Erasure Tool is a safe, and permanent method of removing data from your Mac, PC, iPhone, or any other storage device. A Data Eraser Program deletes your data by overwriting it one or more times. As a result, the data becomes inaccessible and is not recoverable using data recovery tools.

CubexSoft File Erasure Tool is a suggested solution that safely and completely erases the data on your storage devices. It is a powerful do-it-yourself application with an interactive interface that permanently eliminates any data that cannot be recovered. After using this amazing tool, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your data either. For resolving the problem of “how to permanently delete files on Mac, Windows, and iPhone devices” this is the most excellent program. It has many advanced capabilities that help you wipe data from Mac, Windows, and iPhone devices completely. Thus, feel free to download the application and utilize its benefits.

High-Ended Features of Data Erase Software

  • To safely erase empty spaces, the tool supports over 10 wipe techniques, such as Random & Zero, Zero & Random, Wipe File – Simple, Random & Zero, and other methods.
  • This tool also allows you to completely wipe SSDs, permanently delete browsing history, and erase files from USB flash drives, etc.
  • This application makes it simple to remove unnecessary files from a hard drive because of its user-friendly design. It is not necessary to have technical assistance from an expert.
  • It has an extensive range of safety and evaluation options to help you accomplish your data cleanup goals. This extremely safe data erasure program removes all data while maintaining disk functionality.
  • After overwriting the data on the storage device, the Data Erasing Software shows an overview of the saving log wiping to ensure that the data has been deleted.

That is not enough. The application also includes a ton of other amazing features. If you would like to understand more about them, take advantage of the free trial version of this software. The free trial edition is totally safe, secure, and risk-free. 

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Wiping is important, and Data Wipe Tool is the best choice if you’re seeking for a safe and permanent erasing solution for your Windows, Mac, or iPhone devices. You will be protected from unwanted access to your data by the application. A suggested product in this category is CubexSoft File Erasing Software that is designed to completely erase every type of data from the hard disk of any storage device.

Furthermore, it’s encouraged to try the demo copy first. The free trial version of the utility allows you to check the software’s working as well as benefits before investing anything.