Best Way to Erase SSD Before Selling It

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Overview– This article is useful for the user’s looking for information on how to erase SSD before selling it. So, keep an eye on things if you appear to be one of them. Let us start the blog with a real user query-

Hey, I am trying to sell my SSD drive (MX500), but I am well aware that simply wiping the SSD disk isn’t enough. I have never met the person to whom I am selling my SSD. As a result, before selling my SSD drive, I must clean it to ensure that he/she can’t recover my information. Is there anyone out there who knows of a solution to this problem?

As previously said, a lot of users are needed to complete this process. For that reason, we’ll elaborate on this query in more detail in this article. So, let’s go over everything in depth.

Introduction of SDD

An SSD (Solid-State Drive) is one of the best upgrades you can make to your computer. Because large-capacity SSDs have become more affordable, the trade-off between disc space, cost, and speed has become less significant. SSDs, which have no moving parts, is also a great way to speed up and strengthen your PC.

An SSD, like other types of flash memory, has a limited number of write operations that is inconvenient if you want to clean the SSD disk. Using a regular program may cause damage to the Solid-State Drive, reducing its lifespan. So, it’s important to carefully wipe your SSD. Now, the question is how to delete it securely.

How to Format SSD before Selling It? – Dual Methods

There are two suggestions, which we’ll go through in more detail below. Choose the method that is best for your particular situation.

Method #1- Solid-State Drive (SSD) Clean

In the first case, the ATA Secure Erase command can be used. This command returns all of the blocks on your SSD to a “clean memory state,” as the name implies. Unlike the TRIM command, the ATA Secure Erase command does not allow for overwriting. The voltage surge only affects the SSD’s flash memory blocks. With this method, the SSD is declared “clean” and all accessible blocks are reset.

Method #2- Best Way to Erase SSD before Selling It

In some circumstances, the ATA Secure Erase command may be insufficient. It’s especially important if you need complete peace of mind that your SSD won’t be destroyed throughout the erasing procedure and that your information will be permanently erased. CubexSoft Data Eraser Software, for example, is a reputable Data Erasure Software that can be useful here. This application uses secure erasure algorithms to guarantee that the data on your SSD cannot be recovered. As well, you can download and run this tool on any Windows OS like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and other versions.

Complete the Working Guide to Erase SSD Drive before Selling It

Install and Open the Data Wipe Software on your Windows Operating System.

Then, select and upload the required Files/Folders by clicking the Select Files (s) or Select Folder (s) options. You can pick the Logical Drives option by specifying the necessary drive from that you want to free up the space.

Now, all the selected Files/Folders will list in a hierarchical structure with Checkboxes. You can tick the needed checkbox to wipe Selective Files or Folders. Press on the Next tab.

You will get the Advanced Filters that contain File Mask, Date Range, and Overwrite Data with. Use them as per your requirements and Continue.

To begin the process of erasing data, hit on the Drop-Down Arrow Icon, select the Wiping Method, and then click on the Wipe button.

Before the software finally begins the wiping process, a warning notice will be displayed. Press Yes to start the cleaning procedure if you want to.

Follow the progress of the data cleaning procedure, and once it is finished, you will see “Data Wipe Process Successfully Completed.”

What are the Stunning Features of this Application?

  • The tool offers a dual-mode option to permanently erase SSD.
  • It has the ability to format entire data from an SSD without any restrictions.
  • Smart program to permanently wipe SSD drive in a few clicks.
  • It ensures that data can never be recovered after it has been removed or deleted.
  • The fantastic software offers a wide range of wiping methods so you can wipe your files as required.
  • The utility has a very simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-use GUI interface.

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Cover Up

To permanently erase SSD, we’ve provided dual methods. Using them, you can effortlessly complete this process. So, if you’re in need to wipe SSD drive before selling it, utilize the method as per your needs. Also, the tool has a free trial edition that may be utilized to check out the program and see how it works. A free demo copy allows you to wipe the first 10 items, not exceeding 5 MB in size.