How to Completely Erase Computer Data? – Detailed Solution

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CubexSoft Wipe Computer Data Tool

A lot of users think about the methods to wipe Computer data, but the question here arises is “How to Completely Erase Computer Data?”

You want to switch from a PC to a MacBook, but your important data is still on the Computer. And, you just erased data from your PC, and you believe that they have been forever moved out? Or do you believe that no one will be able to recover your data?

No, you are wrong, anyone may restore their information by using any third-party recovery software that is available on the online market for users, and simply erasing all information from a PC doesn’t make it permanently inaccessible.

Do you’ve any idea why deleting all information from a computer is important and what is the meaning of wipe data? Wipe information is the most common way of overwriting data on a hard drive using zeros & ones. This guarantees that the data can’t be recuperated. So, users should wipe their computer information.

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Smart Way for Wiping Computer Data Forever

CubexSoft Data Wipe Software is one of the smart and safe way to wipe computer data before selling or giving it to someone else. It is a 100% secure and reliable solution to sanitize data from various devices like SDD, HDD, Memory Card, Smartphones, Pen Drives, etc. It can instantly and quickly resolves the user’s problem as to how to wipe computer data. This powerful program will not only delete data, but it will also make the data irretrievable. If you want to see how this application works and what benefits it has, you may test it for free. After that, if you’re satisfied, you may buy the licensed edition.

How to Use the Tool to Wipe Computer Data Permanently?

First of all, download, install and run the “Computer Data Wipe Software” on your system.

win download buynow

Now, press the “Files & Folders” option to choose specific files and folders, or hit on the “Logical Drives” option to select a specific drive.

If you pick the “Logical Drives” option then now choose the Wipe Options “Free Space” & “Total Space (All data will be erased)”. Then, hit on the “Drives” option to pick the drive and press the “Next” button.

Now, all the data will appear on the program’s pane and choose the “Folders” that you want to erase. Press on the “Next” tab.

After that, press on the “Filter Options” here you’ll get some advanced options such as “Date Range” for removing particular data by date to date, “File Mask” for erasing specific data by their extensions, and “Overwrite Data with” to overwrite the specific data.

Now, choose “Wipe Methods” and select any wipe method according to your requirement.

Finally, press on the “Wipe” button, a warning message will appear hit on the “Yes” option.

Remarkable Benefits of Software

  • It is the finest and top-rated software to wipe computer data before selling because no one can recover your important data if once wipe out.

  • The tool enables users to wipe data with 10+ data sanitizing methods such as Bit Toggle (4 Passes), Wipefile – Secure (4 Passes), WipeFile – Medium (2 Passes), US Navy – MFM (3 Passes), US Navy – RLL (3 Passes), Simple (1 Pass), Zero & Random (2 Passes), Random & Zero (2 Passes), Microsoft Cipher (3 Passes), and other data wiping methods.

  • Data Erasure Software is capable to wipe archive files from all kinds of storage devices like hard drives, Memory cards, Pen drives (PD), laptops, computers, External HDDs, and other digital devices.

  • A user can simply wipe complete computer data with one click (Total Space- All data will be erased) under wipe options.   

  • If you want to delete particular data by date or by file extensions so this program gives options such as by Date Range to erase data by date and Mask for specific file extensions.

  • Wipe Computer Data Software is completely compatible with all the newest and earlier versions of Windows Operating Systems i.e. Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, and other below versions.

Last Words

In the above blog post, we’ve explained: “How to Completely Erase Computer Data”. The Computer Wipe Software mentioned in this article is freely available for trial purposes too. Anyone can download it and open it to analyze all the inbuilt program benefits and options. After reading this write-up, users will get the most reliable and safe solution for carrying out this procedure in the best possible way. Now, one can simply perform this wiping process without facing any issues. In case of any problem, you can also connect with our support team.