How to Permanently Delete Files and Folders Instantly on Mac?

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delete files and folders permanently on mac

Summary– Do you want to permanently delete all files and folders from your Mac device? Here, you’ll find the answer to the most frequently asked question we receive- how to permanently delete files and folders instantly on Mac OS?

“For my official work, I borrow a MacBook Pro from one of my friends. I’ll absolutely erase all the data once I’ve finished my work. But, I want completely delete all of my data from the MacBook.”

Find the most effective and reliable way to delete all data from the MacBook Pro and other Mac computers. We frequently clean up Mac files and folders because we have a limited amount of storage space. We frequently transfer files or folders to the trash, and the final process is to empty the trash. Is this it? Expert opinion says “no.”

Even after emptying the trash folder, all deleted files can be recovered using any of the Data Recovery Software that is available on the marketplace. A zero-filling or data replacement technique is best if you want to delete a file or folder permanently on a Mac computer.

How to Delete Files and Folders Permanently on Mac?

If you’re sure about erasing all files or folders permanently on Mac OS then, CubexSoft Data Eraser Tool for Mac & Win OS is the program for you. It is a safe way to erase files and folders from Mac OS machines like the iMac, Mini Mac, MacBook, etc. Within the software itself, wipe unused files and folders using advanced wiping techniques. The tool can be used to complete the entire process without the need for an external method.

Multiple Methods for Data Erasure– Zero (1 Pass), Random (1 Pass), Wipe – Simple (1 Pass), Zero & Random (2 Passes), Wipe – Medium (2 Passes), Russian – GOST-R-50739-95 (2 Passes), Psuedo-Random, Zeroes (2 Passes), Random & Zero (2 Passes), US DOD / US Air Force (3 Passes), US Navy – MFM (3 Passes), US Navy – RLL (3 Passes), NCSG-TG-025 (3 Passes), British HMG IS5 (3 Passes), Wipe – Secure (4 Passes), NATO Standard (7 Passes), Microsoft Cipher (3 Passes), Bit Toggle (4 Passes), Peter Gutmann (35 Passes), and B.Schnerier’s Algorithms (7 Passes).

Simple Steps to Permanently Delete Files and Folders Instantly on Mac

Download, install, and run a perfect Mac Data Erasure Software on Macintosh Operating System. Then, follow the working steps carefully to erase multiple files or folders on macOS-

#1– To upload your desired files or folders to the application, select Add > Add Files or Add Folder option. (Select the data carefully so retrieving the erased file is not possible). Then, click Next.

#2– The software will open a new tab with all of the fully scanned Folders and Subfolders. Check the box next to the necessary Folders, then hit the Next tab to continue.

#3– Now, select any method from the drop-down list by clicking Select Wiping Method.

#4– With the use of Date Range, File Mask, and Overwrite Data Text, you can erase specific Files/Folders using the Advance Filter options.

#5– As a final point, click the Wipe tab to start the removal procedure on Mac OS.

Use the Pro or Demo Edition to Erase All Data

To remove files and folders from Mac OS, we have developed a free demo edition. Wipe 5 files of size less than 5MB as per the users’ need without any limitations. You can easily erase the files using any of the tool’s methods. In order to delete files permanently after evaluating the utility, upgrade to the edition with advanced benefits. To purchase the license key, click the link below.

Key Traits of Mac Data Erasure Tool

  • Using this tool, you can delete multiple Mac files or folders at once. Quickly erase several data at a time. Select any technique to delete the files in bulk.
  • After adding the desired files or folders to the tool panel, within seconds all the folders & sub-folders will display on the Files screen. Users may select the folders using the check box, to be clear.
  • This application supports various devices to erase your data completely like SSD, HDD, PATA, SATA, USB, Laptop, Desktop, Flash Drive, and so on.
  • The Data Wipe Software for Mac OS is capable of wiping data from the hidden area, files & folders, chat & browser history, drive free space, drive partition, etc.
  • One can select or set the filter option to erase countless files on a Mac machine in a selective manner. Overwrite Data Text, File Mask, and Date Range, are the advanced filter options.
  • This brilliant solution works with all versions of Mac & Windows OS platforms.


Sure, you can use the tool to easily and permanently erase any files.
Go>>Enter /Library/Caches in the Finder. After that, use the Add Files option to add the files to the software. And, carry out the process.
Yes, pick any option because they all use the same high-security file erasure algorithm.
5 files can be permanently deleted using the free demo edition. Unlimited file deletion is possible with the Pro edition.
The SD card folder should be chosen using the same process, and all the data should be deleted.

Final Words

Most importantly, we have used many techniques to delete files and folders from our Apple Macs. The most popular and well-known techniques include different shortcut keys, delete choices, etc. But, it is simple to restore such files. So, we’ve developed an adaptive solution for our users. On Mac OS, you can easily and permanently delete multiple files.