Why Am I Unable to Permanently Erase Files from my PC? – Complete Tutorial

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unable to permanently erase files from my pc

Overview– Unable to erase files from a PC permanently? Read this complete article to learn the possible causes for being unable to permanently erase files from PC. To delete folders, files, and other data from your device, one can also utilize a safe and reliable data erasure tool like CubexSoft File Eraser Tool.

There are two methods to erase files permanently, either by removing the file or folder, then emptying the recycle bin, or by using Shift+Delete. But, Erased Files can be quickly recovered with the help of Data Recovery Software, even from a corrupt, encrypted, and formatted storage drive, regardless of whether you removed them using Shift+Delete or by emptying the Recycle Bin.

To permanently delete the files and folders beyond the point of recovery, it’s important that you securely destroy them rather than simply deleting them. When files and folders are securely erased, the data is wiped from the system, and blocks containing the deleted files and folders are overwritten with a sequence of 0s and 1s. Using file erasure tools like CubexSoft File Eraser Software is the most effective method to permanently delete your sensitive, secret, and important data.

Why Use Data Eraser Tool?

CubexSoft Data Eraser Software is a trusted and independent data erasure and protection program that enables you to completely erase sensitive data from your storage devices and computer. This tool can also be used as a privacy-protection tool because it enables you to quickly delete any confidential data that is saved on your PC in the form of Internet activity logs, system traces, and app traces. Download the program from the below button and start erasing your files from your computer permanently.

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Follow this Guide to Permanently Erase Files from your PC

To begin, you must install and run the Data Wipe Software on your operating system.

The software will ask the users to add the data in its pane in dual modes like Select Files or Select Folder. Browse for the Location to select data.

All of the Folder Items will be listed in this tool’s panel. Users have the option to choose items here. Press the Next tab for the next window.

The tool will now offer a variety of wiping techniques, such as Zero, Random, US DOD, NATO Standard, Peter Gutmann, Microsoft Cipher, Bit Toggle, Wipe File, US Navy, etc. Select any of these choices based on your preferences.

The user can apply a number of Advanced Filter Options, such as Date Range, File Mask (any specific file type), and Overwrite Data With (DeletedData using—CubexSoftDataWipe—) in the following section. Select one of these options.

Now, tick the Wipe tab. The software will display a warning message i.e.  Your files/folders once deleted cannot be recovered back. Are you sure you want to continue. Tick the Yes tab if you’re sure you want to proceed.

All of the necessary Items will be permanently erased by the software, which then shows a confirmation message box “Data Wipe Process Successfully Completed”. Here, press the OK button.

The software will ultimately provide a SavingLog Report that contains all the details about the data erasure process, including the Start Date & Time, Total Files Wiped, Total Bytes Wiped, Delete Method, Path, Files Wiped, or Final Status of the process.

Demo Limitations

The free demo of this tool will allow users to permanently remove the first 10 items that are under 5 MB in size. So, you must first activate the application if you want to permanently delete files from your PC. Within the first 10-15 minutes after the purchase was successful, you will receive an email containing a license key.

Eye-Catching Benefits & Features of the Program

  • This application makes it simple to delete unused hard drive space thanks to its user-friendly interface. A technical expert’s help is not necessary.
  • This tool also allows you to completely wipe an SSD, delete all of the data on a USB Flash Drive, delete browsing history, and perform other procedures.
  • This utility has numerous safety and analysis features to help you accomplish your data cleanup goals. This incredibly safe data deletion tool completely erases all traces of data while keeping the disc in use.
  • It offers 10+ Wipe methods, such as Zero, Random, Wipe File – Simple, Zero & Random, Random & Zero, Wipe File – Medium, and others, to completely delete empty space.
  • After overwriting the data on the hard drive, the hard drive wipe tool displays a saving log deleting report.

Final Words

Recovery isn’t always necessary. Users sometimes need to get rid of their private and confidential data that, if it falls into the wrong hands, might be very bad for them. We discussed the reasons why users can’t completely remove files and folders from their computers and how they can actually erase their private information with CubexSoft Data Erase Tool, a perfect and trusted data deletion, and privacy-preserving tool so that it can never be recovered.