Unable to Migrate Mail from Zimbra to Zoho Mail? Get Quick Solution Here!

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migrate mail from zimbra to zoho mail

Do you want to migrate Zimbra emails to Zoho Mail account, but are unable to do so? Then read this blog that will provide best possible solution for Zimbra export mail folder to Zoho Mail.

Zimbra is a good emailing client that supports both online and offline accessibility to email accounts. It is best suited for organizations, where employees handle emailing communications using their account, within the organization, both on-premises or its cloud account. But those who are using it for personal use, may have problems in using it as desktop-based client, due to accessibility issues. They might need some emails urgently, but since they are far away from their system, they are unable to get access to their data on time. At this time, they may look for some better cloud-based alternative like Zoho Mail and may start searching for “how do I transfer my emails to Zoho from Zimbra” and related queries.

Zoho is an emailing service that offers better email accessibility, email management and security. Therefore, if you opt for Zimbra migration to Zoho account, then you can avail all these benefits and much more. And now that you have planned to migrate Zimbra to Zoho Mail, you must be wondering how to do it? No need to worry, as we are here to help you resolve your issue and offers :

Expert Solution to Export Zimbra Desktop/Webmail Emails to Zoho Account

Now that you have decided to execute Zimbra export emails to Zoho Mail, then you can rely upon Zimbra Converter. It’s a complete professional utility that provides easy and trustworthy migration of Zimbra emails to Zoho Mail with accurate details. Moreover, it is designed according to users’ demands and is capable of fulfilling their migration requirements in efficient manner. The software also permits you to migrate unlimited Zimbra TGZ files to Zoho Mail in batch mode, irrespective of the size and amount of data each TGZ file contains.

Zimbra to Zoho Mail Tool is a simple to use application and doesn’t need any technical expertise to use it. Therefore, all types of novice and technical users can use this application effortlessly and migrate their required Zimbra data to Zoho Mail. It even preserves the data integrity of Zimbra emails and manages to keep all email Meta headers, formatting, attachments, embedded images, hyperlinks etc. intact. Now let’s find out the :

Step by Step Procedure to Upload Zimbra Email to Zoho Mail

  • First download and install Zimbra to Zoho Mail tool

  • Add Zimbra TGZ files using Add Files/ Add Folder button. You can also choose Add Extracted Folders option for adding extracted folders from TGZ files.
add Zimbra TGZ files
  • Check preview of loaded Zimbra files before starting Zimbra export email to Zoho Mail process
Preview loaded Zimbra items
  • Click on Export button and choose IMAP as the desired saving option from drop down list
choose imap as saving option to migrate Zimbra emails to Zoho account
  • Enter your Zoho account login details, IMAP port number and host name. Then, choose required filters and click on Connect button
enter Zoho Mail account login details
  • The software will now start Zimbra to Zoho Mail migration process and completes it with the message “Process completed successfully”
Zimbra to Zoho Mail export process done

Features of Zimbra to Zoho Mail Tool

  • Import unlimited Zimbra user profiles to Zoho Mail account at once, in batch
  • Keeps all email properties like Meta headers, formatting, hyperlinks, embedded attachments intact
  • Migrate Zimbra email to Zoho Mail with attachments in original
  • Display preview of all Zimbra emails precisely
  • Various filters allow to perform selective Zimbra email folder migration
  • Simple GUI allows even novice users to effortlessly migrate Zimbra emails to Zoho account
  • Works without installation of Zimbra client
  • Suitable with all Zimbra Desktop, ZCS and Windows editions

Users’ FAQs Regarding Zimbra to Zoho Mail Migration

Q. Will this tool convert my Zimbra emails to Zoho Mail with attachments?

A. Yes, we know that attachments are an integral part of an email message and the software saves Zimbra emails along with their attached files and maintains to keep them in original format and size

Q. I have extracted folders from TGZ files but now I need to import them in Zoho Mail. Can I do so with your tool?

A. Yes, just go with the “Add extracted folders” option and follow the subsequent steps to move your extracted folders of Zimbra TGZ files to Zoho account.

Q. I only have TGZ files that I saved in my hard drive. Will this tool import them to Zoho Mail without Zimbra installation?

A. Absolutely yes, Zimbra to Zoho Mail tool is an independent application and doesn’t need Zimbra installation for performing required migration. You only need Zimbra files and your Zoho accounts’ login credentials and its IMAP port number and host name. The software will then perform the subsequent task without any problem.

Q. How can I check the working of this tool?

A. You can download free demo edition of the Zimbra to Zoho Mail software and check its working. It converts first 25 emails from each TGZ file to your preferred Zoho Mail IMAP account, absolutely free cost.


Now you can easily migrate Zimbra emails to Zoho Mail ; all thanks to Zimbra to Zoho Mail Converter. It is best suited application for executing such migration tasks. If you want to know more about this tool, then download its free demo edition. The free trial utility will let you check its performance by migrating first 25 emails from Zimbra TGZ files to Zoho Mail, absolutely free. For further migration with unlimited Zimbra data, you can purchase its licensed edition.

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