Convert Zimbra TGZ Email to Yahoo Mail with Accurate Data

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convert zimbra tgz email to yahoo mail

Are you feeling exhausted while managing your email messages using a desktop supported email client, like Zimbra Desktop? Are you planning to migrate your entire Zimbra user account data to cloud server for quick accessibility? Well, you can consider using Yahoo Mail as the most preferable cloud app. Why Yahoo? Well it is the widely used app for accessing your Zimbra emails from anywhere, anytime. So, read this blog to get detailed information about how to convert Zimbra TGZ email to Yahoo Mail.

Although, Zimbra Desktop has many advantages, like any other desktop-based email client. But such accounts are best when you using it in a particular environment. However, if you are dealing with emails day and night; irrespective of your location and needs constant accessibility to your emails, then this Desktop based email client may be problem for you. The reason being, you will need to carry your configured device with you everywhere.

Fortunately, Yahoo can help you resolve this issue as it can offer you the power of flexibility to access your email messages. You can even open, view and read your important emails via your phone. Therefore, you need to convert your Zimbra emails to Yahoo Mail to easily and quickly avail all these benefits of accessing your emails in hassle free manner.

Get Ready to Upload Zimbra Email to Yahoo Mail

To help you easily execute the process of moving Zimbra emails to Yahoo Business account, we suggest you to use CubexSoft Zimbra Converter. The software is completely safe to use and provides error-free migration of Zimbra user emails to Yahoo Mail account. Moreover, the software is designed to help users easily and effortlessly perform Zimbra to Yahoo Mail migration. Its simple interface can be easily understood by all users. Everyone can simply follow the conversion steps without any technical support.

Step by Step Zimbra-Yahoo Mail Tutorial

Follow this complete guide to know step by step process to upload Zimbra email to Yahoo Mail :

  • Download and install Zimbra Yahoo Mail Migration tool on your Windows PC
  • Now add Zimbra TGZ files using Add Files and Add Folders options. You can also use Add Extracted Folders option for adding Zimbra user folders extracted from TGZ files.
  • Check preview of your loaded Zimbra files for proper analyzing
  • Now click on Export button and select Yahoo Mail from the drop down list to convert Zimbra TGZ email to Yahoo Mail
  • Enter your Yahoo Mail ID and app password and set required filters. Now, click on Connect button to start the Zimbra Yahoo Mail backup process.
  • The software will now start the migration process and displays live progress status report of the entire process. On successful completion, a new message window opens with the message “Process done successfully”.

Key Features of Zimbra to Yahoo Mail Tool

  • Upload multiple Zimbra emails to Yahoo Webmail : Using Add Folder option of Zimbra Converter, users can easily export their unlimited Zimbra user profiles to Yahoo Mail in single go. So, this option is very helpful for them as it lets them save their crucial time and efforts
  • Directly import Zimbra mailbox to Yahoo account : The software proves to be a handy solution for users who want to directly migrate their Zimbra account data to Yahoo account. Also, there is no need for any external application and this tool performs its task with complete ease and efficacy.
  • Convert Zimbra emails precisely : While migrating Zimbra TGZ files to Yahoo Mail, the tool ensures that all the data is transferred with accurate details, without any data loss or alteration.
  • Preserves folder hierarchy : Preserving folder structure of Zimbra user account is another highlighting feature of this Zimbra to Yahoo Mail Converter. Therefore, this feature helps users in managing their Zimbra data in Yahoo account in hassle-free manner.
  • Supports conversion of extracted TGZ files : Apart from adding Zimbra TGZ files and folders having multiple TGZ files, the software also provides users with the option of adding TGZ extracted folders for transferring into Yahoo account.
  • Migrates data without Zimbra Desktop installation : Zimbra TGZ Migration Tool is an independent application and performs Zimbra to Yahoo migration even without installation of Zimbra Desktop application on their system.
  • Various filters provide support for selective data transfer : The utility provides various mail filters (To, From and Subject) and Date Filters. All these advanced filters help users in transferring only selective data from Zimbra user mailbox to Yahoo mail account.
  • Provides option to export selective Zimbra folders : With Zimbra to Yahoo Mail Tool, users also get the option of moving only selective Zimbra folders to Yahoo Business account, instead of uploading complete Zimbra data. This option is helpful in allowing users to move only desired data and that too in quick span of time.

User Reviews

Finally, my search for a good tool to move my Zimbra emails to my Yahoo account ended with your software. Its an amazing tool and works brilliantly.  I used it uploading my 50+ Zimbra user accounts to Yahoo Mail and was both happy and surprised with the outcome. Got what I desired. Thank you Development Team. 

– Robert Moose

This Zimbra to Yahoo Mail Tool has a very clean interface. I converted my Zimbra TGZ files to Yahoo account like a Pro, didn’t even realized that I was using it for the first time. Thank you for such a wonderful tool. 

– Halle Thompson


In this above write-up we have discussed about easy method to convert Zimbra TGZ email to Yahoo Mail. The suggested Zimbra Converter software provides simple and accurate solution for performing Zimbra to Yahoo migration. If you still have confusion, then you can evaluate the software by downloading its free demo edition. The free-to-try download utility allows conversion of first 25 items per Zimbra file to Yahoo Mail, for trial purpose.