How to Sync Zimbra Email, Contacts & Calendar with Outlook?

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There are number of users who are facing problems when setting up or integrating Zimbra with Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 using POP3/IMAP. Therefore, Zimbra itself have Zimbra Connector for Outlook Synchronization which allow users to make use of Microsoft Outlook to synchronize contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, address book and other mailbox items.

Apart from this, there is also an automated direct solution available i.e. Zimbra Converter that will help to synchronize the entire Zimbra mailbox items with Outlook in seconds without data loss. Download the free demo of the application now and understand its whole process by synchronizing first 20 files from each Zimbra mailbox with MS Outlook. In the further section, we will discuss the steps of Zimbra Converter and then manual way for synchronizing Zimbra mailbox with Outlook.

download for win

Step-by-Step Process to Sync Zimbra with Outlook

Follow the steps carefully and implement the process of how to synchronize Zimbra emails, contacts, briefcase and calendar to MS Outlook.

Step 1. Download, launch and run Zimbra Converter Tool on Windows machine.

download tool

Step 2. Click on Add File(s) option to load TGZ file/folder for direct synchronization.

add TGZ files/folders

Step 3. The tool start scanning the TGZ file, analyse its items and list the same on the left software window with checkboxes.

scan file

Step 4. Click on the desired loaded folder in order to view the related data using Preview window.

preview tgz file

Step 5. Press Export button and choose PST as the saving option. Click Convert button to proceed next.

choose saving option

Step 6. Choose required categories, apply required filters and choose destination location to save output PST files.  Finally click on Convert button.

Step 7. Clicking on Convert button will start the process to sync Zimbra with Outlook.

conversion status

Step 8. After software completes the process, it shows the message “Process done successfully“. Click on OK finish the process.

click export

Therefore, with the successful execution of the steps, users can instantly and directly synchronize Zimbra mailbox with Outlook. In addition, Zimbra configuration is not required. The process can be implemented without the support of any application. Now, let us discuss how to synchronize Zimbra with Outlook using ZCO.

How to Integrate Zimbra with MS Outlook after its installation?

When a user done with ZCO installation in Windows computer externally, then it requires to create ZCO profile in it. If you have already setup MAPI profile then you can view them from Mail option of Control Panel. A user may have multiple profiles for separate accounts as per requirements. So, before making use of Zimbra Connector for Outlook Synchronization, a user should configure Zimbra mail account profile. The remarkable aspect of ZCO is that if there are no profiles exists, then it will automatically create a new profile with Zimbra name. A user needs to enter Username, Password and Server name in the same.

Configuring MS Outlook to Access Zimbra with POP3/IMAP settings

  1. Open MS Outlook email app in the system. Once Outlook is opened, a message will occur asking to Add or Create a new account or also go to File >> click Info >> click Add Account button.
  2. It will provide the option to setup Outlook to connect to email account, click on Yes to continue.
  3. Select Manual Setup or Additional Server type settings option & again click on Next.
  4. Choose either POP or IMAP and click Next.
  5. Enter all the required details like E-mail Address, Name, Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server, Account Type, Username, Password etc. After entering all the desired information, click on More Settings…button
  6. Go to Outgoing Mail Server tab, select My Outgoing Server (SMTP) needs authentication & enable checkbox of the option use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  7. From the same window, go to Advance tab and set up the required options in the Incoming Server label, choose SSL & change port to 993. To change the setup of Outgoing Server, select TLS in type of encrypted connection & change port to 587. Click Next & Finish the account configuration process.

How to Connect Zimbra Profile Calendar to MS Outlook?

Linking Zimbra calendars to Outlook includes number of benefits that includes time-saving. Primarily a user requires Web Browser to view Zimbra calendar items as additional resources. It also helps to increase the user experience due to Outlook user-interface. MS Outlook includes strong connectivity with several useful apps like Office applications that includes OneNote, Word, Excel etc. For e.g. a user can easily save entire Zimbra calendar as OneNote notebook and share the same securely. With the help of Internet Calendar control, users can easily connect Zimbra calendar with MS Outlook. And this can be implemented by executing the following steps:

  1. Login to Zimbra Webmail >> go to Calendar tab in Dashboard. Now, choose share calendars option by right-clicking on Calendar. A Share Properties dialogue box will appear.
  2. Allow everyone to access calendar by selecting Public option, now the dialogue box will show the URL of the calendar. Copy the same and store it for future use. Click OK to close the share properties dialogue box.
  3. Open Microsoft Outlook in the system, go to File >> select Info command for account configuration. Choose Account Settings option.
  4. From Account Settings window, select Internet Calendars tab and access all web-based calendars and entries. Select New option to create new subscription. Now paste the copied calendar URL and click on Add button.
  5. Enter the name for Zimbra calendar and click OK to go back to Account Settings window. Again click on OK button and you will see that Outlook has displayed the name of the calendar in Sidebar’s Calendar list.
  6. In main pane of Outlook, Zimbra calendar can also be displayed, but in order to perform the same, disable all other check-boxes of calendar except Zimbra Calendar.


In the above section we have discussed multiple methods and tips on how one can link, integrate, connect or configure Zimbra app with Outlook manually. Also, we have focused on few steps which can help to synchronize Zimbra calendar with Outlook. Moreover, an automated reliable and secure utility is discussed i.e. Zimbra to Outlook for direct and trouble-free process execution. You need to simply add TGZ file, preview its data and export the same into multiple formats. Also you can move Zimbra contacts and calendar to respective formats within seconds without any loss of data. Try the free demo of the application which allows to export 20 files from each folder to required format.