[Challenge Solved] – How to Transfer Data from One Google Drive to Another Google Drive?

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Google permits users to store and save any type of data like – audio, images, documents, videos, spreadsheets, etc. We all operate multiple Google accounts for different purposes. Few of us create a new email account and transfer on the new email account just to discard the huge amount of emails from the public newsletters and groups that we have subscribed earlier. Moreover, after making a new Google account, we always want our old data to stay intact. Now copying every folder one by one Google account is really cumbersome and irritating and confusing task. So, number of users query the same question, i.e., how to transfer data from one Google drive to another Google drive?

Some Users Queries 

 “I have more than one Google accounts and want to move my all data from one Google drive to other Google Drive account. Is it possible? If yes, then please suggest and guide me that how can I do this without any loss of data.” 

“Hi friends! I am operating a Google account for last few years and now I have made a new Google account. To get some professional tasks. I want to transfer some data items from my old Google account to a new account. I am not from a technical background. Can anyone please advise me how to transfer data from one Google drive to another Google drive effortlessly?”

Today’s, cloud-based platforms are used by all user and organization to manage data and storage space in an efficient way. One of the most flexible cloud storage facilities offered in today’s technology-oriented era is Google Drive. The key reason of this cloud drive facility is to increase the user’s capability to save data beyond the restrictions of the hard drive.

Reasons to Move Google Drive Data to Other Google Drive Account

There are a number of reasons due to which users need to transfer files from one Google Drive to another Google Drive. Some of the key reasons are listed below –

  • To get more free storage space.
  • Access and open data from multiple accounts.
  • To use different subscription facilities.
  • Different personal and professional requirements.

Solutions to Change Google Drive Folder to Another Google Drive Account

The upcoming section, two approaches are mentioned. So, users can choose any of them as per their requirements. 

Method#1. Transfer Files/Folder Between Google Drive Accounts Manually

Follow the step-by-step process listed below –

  1. Open your primary Google Drive account.
  2. Then, navigate the folders/files that you need to move to your secondary Google Drive account. 
  3. Now, right-click on the folder or files and choose Share option.
  4. After that, enter the username of your secondary Google account and press the Advanced option.
  5. Then, change the permission to Is Owner, under the Sharing Settings. Press the Send button.
  6. After that, login your secondary Google Drive account
  7. One the left sidebar, hit on the Shared with me to directly navigate the shared folder.
  8. Now, you can create a copy of the files inside it and then transfer them into a new folder or sub-folder to replicate the hierarchy of the original as the G Drive would not permit you to create a copy of the folder.
  9. Right-click on every file and hit on the Make a copy tab. Now, rename the files properly and transfer them into a new folder.

Cons of Manual Solution

  • compatible for the small size of data only
  • Incomplete archive downloading
  • High-speed internet connection is mandatory
  • Migrate file size restriction
  • Download error for big sized data files
  • Not suitable for multiple user accounts
  • Technical skills and knowledge required to perform this method
  • Possible to data loss and damaged during the migration process

Method#2. Migrate Google Drive Data to Another Drive – Expert Solution

For immediate and direct data migration from one Google Drive account to another Google Drive account, the user can select for a professional method i.e. Cloud Drive Migration. This tool is a safe and finest approach for the query how to transfer data from one Google drive to another Google Drive account. With this software, user can move batch Google Drive files to another drive account. In addition, the application also keeps the on-drive folder hierarchy during the migration process. It has very simple and easy-to-use interface which makes hassle-free for the users to work with it. This application is one of the most trusted and tested techniques to transfer files from Google Drive to Google Drive account. 


G Drive is used by many users to store data such as documents, photos, videos, and other needed data. It is an advanced and perfect platform as it provides a huge size of storage space with wonderful benefits. Sometimes, user needs to copy Google Drive data items to another Google Drive account due to several reasons. Therefore, to help out all the users, we have explained two different techniques in the above-mentioned passage to move folder from one Google Drive account to another. However, it is always suggested to select for a trustworthy and professional solution. 

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