Migrate Data from Dropbox to Google Drive | Direct Method

Ritu Roy | Cloud Backup Featured How to's Software Technology | 2 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Migrating you data between Dropbox and Google Drive is almost next to impossible to without third party solutions. So, here I am introducing totally a new, self operated, direct method to migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Dropbox to OneDrive Migration

Dropbox to Google Drive Migration becomes tricky, time-consuming,  and users may loose data too. In CubexSoft, we had developed a Dropbox migration tool with great skills and had put a lot of time to make your Dropbox migration a bit easier. No matter what is the reason behind to migrate data from Dropbox to Google Drive, CubexSoft Dropbox Migration will help you to migrate data from dropbox to google drive to the best.

Why to Migrate Dropbox to Google Drive using a migration tool?

It is very well known by every segment of users, that one can migrate data from dropbox to google drive for free by downloading everything from dropbox to your local drive first, and then upload the data to google drive account.

But unfortunately, this procedure may prove to be wrong for Dropbox to G drive migration. There are situations, the amount of data store in Dropbox may be too big to be migrated to computer locally,  sometimes it may be time-consuming and may take high bandwidth and last but not the least two way migration (Dropbox -> Local PC -> Google Drive) may risk your crucial data.

Instead, CubexSoft Dropbox Migration has many benefits – 

  1. Complete Migration
  2. Easy to use
  3. Migrate every data from dropbox to google drive
  4. Maintains Folder structure
  5. Administrators can migrate from their Dropbox Business sub-accounts
  6. Apply filters by date & file-types
  7. Batch Users Migration
  8. Supports any size of migration
  9. Support direct dropbox to google drive migration
  10. Microsoft Documents can be converted into Google Drive native formats (Word to Google Docs, Excel to Google Sheets, PowerPoint to Google Slides)

CubexSoft Dropbox to Google Drive Migration can do best for you when its a time to migrate data from dropbox to google drive. So try using the demo version, click here.