How to Copy Files from OneDrive to Google Drive?

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OneDrive is the cloud storing service offered by Microsoft for the safe and sound storage of personal or professional data files. OneDrive is offered with 5GB of free space that can be used to store photos, documents, video, spreadsheets, audio and etc. Nowadays, it becomes needed to move files and documents from OneDrive so as to free up space or avoid data damaged problem. The space offered gets consumed very quickly by which users want to search for a better option to store files other than OneDrive. On the other hand, Google Drive is the cloud storage facility given by Google Inc. And it gives a free space of 15 GB which lasts for some time compared to OneDrive. So G Drive is a better option for those who are trying to copy files from OneDrive to Google Drive. While making a change from OneDrive to Google Drive, it is required for the user to migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive. Read this blog post and get the best solution on how to copy files from OneDrive to Google Drive. 

“I was searching for a perfect way to transfer data from one cloud drive to another cloud drive storage. I have tried a free manual method but it gives the unsatisfactory result. Then, after a long search, I came to know about this Cubexsoft Cloud Drive Migration tool. I must say that it is an amazing utility that gives pleasing results without any data loss.”

 Manual Approaches to Move Files from OneDrive to Google Drive Account

 There are following steps to migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive using the manual method which are listed below –

Method# 1. Download and Upload Data Files

  1. Login to OneDrive account through the Microsoft credentials
  2. Download files data and store it to the local drive
  3. Login to Google Drive account through personal Gmail ID and Password
  4. Now, go to New >> File/Folder upload to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive account.

Method#2. By Drag and Drop Method

  1. Set up OneDrive for desktop program on Windows 
  2. Open Google Drive account after signing in
  3. Select the needed data items which you want to move from OneDrive to Google Drive
  4. Now, drag and drop the items from OneDrive to G Drive

Drawbacks of Manual Solutions to Migrate OneDrive Data to G Drive

There are many disadvantages occurred by manual method while copying data files from OneDrive to Google Drive and some of them mentioned below:

  • Get continuous Internet Connection with high speed
  • The manual approach is time-consuming and lengthy process
  • When the process may get missed, you have to start it again
  • This process wants complete technical knowledge skills
  • Chances of data loss and corruption during the process
  • Cannot migrate bulk files through a single processing work

Now there are many manual solutions presented in online market that can help users to transfer OneDrive data to G Drive. But, the number of the users face some problems while using a manual process migrate files from OneDrive to Google Drive such as migrated data is not proper, its folder structure is changed, data corruption, overlong to execute, needs a long time and advanced technical skills.

Method to Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive Account

To overcome the above challenges, you need to take the help of automated solution i.e. Cloud Drive Migration Tool. It is programmed in such manner to copy files from OneDrive to Google Drive without any issues.  It has a simple and easy interface, so both technical and non-technical users can easily operate and migrate OneDrive mailbox data to G Drive without having any technical skills. Some unique and advanced features are described below –

  • Transfer photos, videos, files, documents, etc. from OneDrive to Google Drive easily.
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy and structure during the migration process.
  • Offered three types of permissions including Read, Write/Edit and comment.
  • Create complete migration report in CSV file format.
  • Apply date-filters and file type filters options to selected file items migration.
  • Permits users to move all password protected documents.
  • Compatible with all the latest and below editions of Windows OS – 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and etc.


As we all know, database are useful memories and no one wants to lose it. But sometimes, OneDrive data items may get damaged and users want to move them to Google Drive account. Moreover, in the above blog section, we have discussed different techniques to copy files from OneDrive to Google Drive. Users can choose for manual as well as professional solution as per their requirements. To migrate OneDrive data files to G Drive account without any risk, it is always recommended to make use of third-party solution.

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