How to Migrate Files from Dropbox to OneDrive? – Complete Tutorial

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Summary – Wondering how to migrate files from Dropbox to OneDrive in an easy way? Here in this blog, we’ll describe you a useful solution to make it within a few steps.

Nowadays, there are a number of cloud storage suppliers in the digital industry and users have sufficient options than ever. Sometimes due to changes in needs, users want to move their data from one cloud data storage service to another. In this blog, we are going to explain one such common data migration task i.e., how to migrate files from Dropbox to OneDrive. Apart from this, we will also give some simple approaches to perform this task to migrate Dropbox to OneDrive in a simple way. But, first let’s known the reasons of migration process.

What are the Reasons behind the Migration of Dropbox Documents to OneDrive?

There are a number of reasons, which are responsible for the migration process of Dropbox to OneDrive:

  • Free Storage – OneDrive provides users 15GB of free storage space as well as the chance to earn extra free storage space. Additional storage is also provided when users link OneDrive to their mobile phone’s camera so that is automatically backs up their data online. 
  • Easy Organisation – OneDrive provides an ease of use while seeing and opening common file types. 
  • Social Network – One the web version, leading social networks can be linked to your OneDrive account. This permits the sharing of files with colleagues and permissions can be set for each user from read-only to whole access to editing documents. 

Because of the above reasons it becomes more important to move files from Dropbox to OneDrive. 

Error-Free Solution to Migrate Files from Dropbox to OneDrive Account

With Cloud Drive Migration Tool, you can migrate unlimited files of any size with all data without any issue of data loss. Along with all attachments it can also transfer all images and file documents. This application is Windows based and move in Windows Operating System of computer system cannot affect the migration process. This software is programmed and developed meticulously for those users, who want to reliable solution. The software provides an advanced and amazing features which you hardly find in any software. This is an application, which is designed to make the task of Dropbox to OneDrive account migration convenient. It has the ability to perform this task in bulk conversion. Users need to follow a few simple steps to perform entire tasks.

Follow the step-by-step process to migrate data from Dropbox to OneDrive –

Step 1. Download and Install the Cloud Drive Migration Tool in your Windows PC

Step 2. Then, hit on “Add” option to Add Source Cloud Drive 

Step 3. Now, choose Drive which you want to add and give the Drive ID details and press the login button.

Step 4. After that, again click on “Add” option to Add Destination Cloud Drive. Now select the drives for location, type the Drive ID and hit on Login option. 

Step 5. Then, click one Next button and the software will start the Drive Migration process. After completing the whole process, the software displays a migration successful message. 

Key Features of the Software – 

  • Easy Migration with Batch or Bulk FilesThis application has great featured sections that can be used by any professional or non-professional user and with those functions it can easily batch migrate data from Dropbox to OneDrive. All processing steps are connected with each other in understandable manner.
  • Maintains Folder Structure – While migration process, the application always maintains all the folder structure of Dropbox data to OneDrive without any changes and data loss. 
  • Creates Complete Migration Summary Report – After the software completes the migration process, the software provides Save Report option to save the complete migration report in CSV file format. 
  • Easy to Use – the interface of Cloud Drive Migration tool is so simple that it is easy to operate and understand for all types of users.


Through this blog post you can able to find the answer of question that is “How to migrate files from Dropbox to OneDrive” as this software can work with all Windows OS without occurrence of any issue. I suggest you to take a trial of its demo version which is free to all users. To convert unlimited data files without limitations of size and file number then, you can buy the license key. This application is developed for ease and convenience of all users without causing problems or data loss.

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