Import Emails from Local Folders & Mac Mail to Postbox

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If you want to import local folders and Mac Mail emails into Postbox email client, then this blog will help you to perform this process through a safe manual procedure.

You can follow this process without professional knowledge.

Postbox can only import .mbox mail folders, so if you have other file formats then you need to save all of them into .mbox format.

Steps to Import Local Folders to Postbox Directly

Before the start of this file importing process, you need to understand that Postbox can only import enclose folder.

If you have .mbox files, then you have to save all your .mbox files in a separate folder so that you can perform this process.

  1. Now, open your Postbox account and click on the Import tab from the File Menu.
  2. Then, you can select that folder which contains .mbox files.
  3. After completion, your data will be shown in the Imported Mail section of your Postbox account.

Import Mac Mail Emails to Postbox

The Postbox application can import Mac Mail data which is extracted or exported from the Mac Mail account.

So, you need to export your Mac Mail data and save it in a local folder:

  1. Open your Mac Mail account, then select that mailbox which you want to export.
  2. Click on the Mailbox Menu and then press the Export Mailbox option.
  3. This process will save your data into the local drive folder as a .mbox file.

Import Single Mac Mail Folder

When you select a single mail folder from the Mac Mail account for the export process, it will save a single file in .mbox format.

Now, you need to save that exported file into a new folder so that you can import it in your Postbox account. And then follow the above steps for importing local folders to Postbox.

Export Parent Folder with Collapsed or Expanded

When you export the Mac Mail data, you can select Collapsed folder if you want to just save that particular folder.

But, if you want to export a folder along with its sub-folder, then you need to expand the folder and select folder and subfolders.

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