Import Emails from Entourage to Postbox

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In this blog post, you will find the procedure to get your Entourage emails in Postbox account. This is a manual process and you need to have access to both of these email clients so that you can easily perform this process.

When You Need to Migrate Entourage Messages in Postbox?

There are many circumstances, where you do not know whether you need to migrate Entourage emails to Postbox or not:

When Using IMAP: If you are using IMAP, then there is no need to perform the process to import Entourage to Postbox separately as the Postbox app can easily load all your mailboxes directly into the account.

When Using POP or POP3: With POP or POP3, you have to perform the manual process partially as the Postbox application can only load the inbox folder from your Entourage account. For the rest of the folder, you need to follow the manual steps.

When Emails on Computer Hard Drive: If you already exported your Entourage email files into your computer system, then you need to follow the manual procedure to get your messages on the Postbox email client.

Procedure to Import Entourage Emails to Postbox

  1. Quit your Postbox account if you are running it currently and open the Entourage application
  2. Now, you need to follow drag n drop method to drag the required folder and drop it on the following location: [your home folder]/Library/Application Support/PostboxApp/Profiles/[your profile]/Mail/Local Folders/
  3. After this, you can view all your Entourage messages in your Postbox Local Folder with the same name of the transferred folder

Move Entourage Mail with Same Read and Unread Status

At the time of the migration process from Entourage to Postbox, all users want to know how they can find their emails with the Read and Unread status. But, the fact is the Postbox application can only show unread status for all Entourage imported emails. So, you need to follow more steps to get messages with the same Entourage status:

  1. Firstly, you need to create two new folders (you can name them such as “Read Mailbox” & “Unread Mailbox”) in your Entourage account and then transfer emails with Read status in the Read Mailbox folder and messages with Unread status in the Unread Mailbox folder.
  2. Now, transfer both email folders into Postbox with the same process as explained above.
  3. Then, open the Read Mailbox folder in the Postbox account and change the status of messages: Select > Edit > All > Message Menu > Mark > As Read.
  4. Now, you can rename your folders and save all emails into a single folder with Read and Unread status.

Backup Entourage Emails as PDF

If you want to know the best way to move your Entourage account messages into PDF, then you can utilize the CubexSoft Entourage MBOX Converter utility. This can convert all Entourage emails to PDF with every element of files like attachments, header, footer, images, hyperlinks, etc. You can follow this process without any professional skills.