Thunderbird Filelink for Large Attachments

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Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client but when we talk about the size of its message’s attachments, it is differing from one email server to another. Thunderbird never controls the mail server configuration, there are many situations where you may send large attachment files with your messages, but it is not confirmed that the recipient can open it or not with a different email server.

If you are also facing the same issue in your messaging schedule, then you can utilize the Thunderbird Filelink for your large attachments. It will give you online storage support so that you can upload the attachment on the online storage service and attach the link for your attachment file. This functionality also provides amazing speed of send mail with large attachments and allows both senders of mail and receivers of mail to download that attachment on the hard drive.

The Filelink functionality can also be utilized when you want to send some small size attachments files along with large size files. You select the small size files as your attachments in the message and with that, you can also attach the Filelink for your large attachment. The Filelink feature can be used with WeTransfer functionality as Mozilla Thunderbird made an agreement with WeTransfer to provide an online storage feature.

Launch Filelink Feature in Thunderbird Account

As mentioned above you need to have WeTransfer to utilize the features of Filelink in Mozilla Thunderbird, so firstly you need to get the WeTransfer and along with that, you will also access your Filelink feature.

  1. Click on the Tool tab and then Options.
  2. From the left navigation panel choose the Composition option and then find the Attachments.
  3. Now, Add WeTransfer functionality and enable it for Filelink feature.

After this, you are now able to send your large attachments with messages.

How to Use Filelink in Mozilla Thunderbird?

Now, Thunderbird offers to use Filelink, if your email attachments size exceeds from the recommended size of attachments. To use it, you just need to follow these steps:

=>Click on the Link tab from the offered screen and then your file will be uploaded to the online storage service provider.

Use of Filelink for Every Attachment

  1. Select the Down Arrow of the “Attach | v” tab to access the Filelink feature.
  2. Now, Right-Click on the attachment and select the option “Convert to…> WeTransfer.

After the completion of the uploading process, Thunderbird will show a link in the message for that attachment. You and the recipient of the message can now easily view the large attachments by clicking on that link from the message.

Store Thunderbird MBOX Files in PDF with Attachments

If you have stored data of Mozilla Thunderbird in .mbox format and you want to send those files to other people, then you can convert them into PDF file format by the utilization of the CubexSoft MBOX Converter utility. This utility has the ability to convert MBOX emails to PDF with all attachments, there is no change or loss error with the size of attachments as it can process small as well as large size attachments of Thunderbird messages.