How to Migrate From Rackspace to Office 365?

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Summary: Are you also looking to migrate from Rackspace to Office 365 account and have not found a perfect solution? Then keep reading this article to collect the complete solution as per your desires. In this blog, we will show you how to migrate from Rackspace to Office 365 account with an ideal and reliable solution in as little time as possible.

With the assistance of a capable solution, this issue can be resolved. The following process can be comprehensive using Rackspace to Office 365 Converter. To address this frequently asked question, we will go through the complete process to convert email from Rackspace to Office 365. Let’s start learning those solutions.

Introduction of Rackspace to Office 365

Rackspace Email is a hosting service for businesses that required email accounts for their domains. It offers paid email addresses for business workers. Not long ago, Rackspace email was the desired service, especially for small and intermediate organizations. While it remains popular, the Rackspace to Office 365 conversion is becoming increasingly common. This case is partially based on the fact that most of the clients are aware of the Microsoft applications that are a part of Office 365. These application are interoperable and offer a unified experience as compared to the standalone Rackspace email application.

Rackspace to Office 365 Conversion – Professional Method

Both Rackspace and M365 platforms, don’t provide any direct process to solve this query “how to migrate from Rackspace to Office 365 account”. So that is why we hopefully recommend you use advanced software named CubexSoft Rackspace Backup Tool. By using this application, one can simply import a huge number of emails from Rackspace to Office 365 platform.

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How Does the Software Work?

Users just have to follow the given easy working steps sequentially to import Rackspace email to Office 365 account.

all-mail backup tool

#1. Download and install the Rackspace to Office 365 Converter on any Windows OS.

login to accounts for backup

#2. Choose the Rackspace email from the Email service list. Add the Rackspace email login details i.e. Email address and Password and click on the login button.

folder list display of accounts

#3. Select Only or All the required Rackspace email Folders shown in its screen left panel.

saving option selection

#4. Now, select Office 365 from the software list and press the backup button to start the Rackspace to Office 365 conversion.

backup progress

#5. Once the Rackspace to M365 conversion procedure is done successfully, click on the Ok button to confirm and also exit from here.

backup of emails done

#6. Now, the software starts the Rackspace mailboxes backup process and displays a live status report.

Final Files

#7. Finally, the software will create a Saving Log Report that will contain Start Date and Time, Saving Option, Destination Path, Selected Source, Folder Path, Items Converter, Status, etc.

Prominent Characteristics of Rackspace to Office 365 Converter Tool

Batch Export Rackspace to Office 365

The Rackspace to Office 365 Converter is designed in such a way that it can simply export multiple mailboxes in a single time process. This software is well known for its limitless Rackspace email conversion mode with 100% exact accuracy. 

Maintains data integrity and Accuracy

This application is suitable enough to maintain the folder structure while the conversion of Rackspace emails export in Office 365 with all the meta details, hyperlinks, images, formatting, content, and so on.

Support User-Friendly interface:

The Rackspace to Office 365 Converter tool provides an easy-to-utilize GUI interface to their users. It is an entirely safe and hassle-free application to import Rackspace emails. It can also be simple for non-technical background users to carry out the migration process.

Advance Filter Options:

This Rackspace to Office 365 has email filter options that allow users to enhance the email migration task by date and other elements in an effective way. Likewise, you can select other provided filters to convert specified emails as per your requirement.

Download Free Demo Edition

The free demo facility of the Email Backup Tool is always available that allows testing the software working and functioning free of cost. The advanced software allows you to convert the whole process of Rackspace email to Office 365. In order to perform the bulk email migration of Rackspace to M365, go through the license edition. 


Finally, we have covered the perfect and trustworthy technique to convert Rackspace emails to Office 365 account. In this blog, we provided a professional solution for exporting Rackspace to M365 without any difficulty. Users can import Rackspace email files to MS Office 365 along with attachments and all of its elements intact.

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