How Do I Save Email from AOL to PDF? – Query Solved Now!

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How to save AOL email as PDF file format? Maximum users are searching for such types of queries. What happened? Do you have the same question? Don’t worry, you are landed at the correct place because here we will discuss the same topic. So, read the article to understand more about the topic in-depth and stay connected with us…

What Are the Three Focus Points?

  • How do I save emails from AOL to PDF? – Query Solved
  • Why to adopt a professional solution?
  • Requisite to convert AOL email to PDF adobe

So, let’s have a start the discussion…

A Short Note on AOL to PDF Tool to Convert AOL Email to PDF Adobe

AOL Mail to PDF Tool is an outstanding program to save AOL emails into PDF adobe with all email attachments.

It is a standalone application available in a marketplace that offers batch mode functionality as well as selective mode functionality. The most important thing is it includes a simple and friendly interface for all its customers.

Download the free AOL Email Backup Tool for testing the complete solution that is recommended by so many professionals. Using a free trial benefit, a user can save and backup the first 20 AOL emails per folder to PDF document format without any cost. So, get a single click on the free download button from the given below.

How to Save AOL Email as PDF Document?

In this section, we will discuss the two main techniques to backup AOL mails to PDF format. These techniques include manual steps and the easy steps of the tool designed by experts i.e. AOL to PDF Tool.

So, without wasting any time I think we should start the working process of both techniques one by one.

First Way – Manual Technique for Saving AOL Email to PDF Adobe

Follow this section to collect the steps of the manual technique to convert AOL email to PDF file format.

1: First, you need to log in to your AOL email account by adding the login details to AOL webmail.

2: Now, access and open that particular AOL email that you desperately want to save in PDF format

3: Navigate to the More option that you can see at the top of the email. And, then choose the Print Message option from the drop-down list.

4: In this step, choose the additional settings as per the requirement and click on the Print button.

5: After that locate your output PDF file by adding the destination path and type a name of that particular file.

6: Finally, proceed to click on the Save button and enjoy to access output PDF file.

Some Dangerous Pitfalls of Manual Solution

  • The above manual steps takes your lot of precious time and effort of the users.
  • To perform the manual working users need technical expertise.
  • Using this solution, users can only save one email into a PDF at a time.
  • User need to pay 100% attention while performing the working steps. Missing a single step may harm your original data files.
  • This method does not gives any guarantee to secure your data.

Second Way – Experts Suggestion to backup AOL folders into PDF

By following this guide, you need to install AOL Backup Tool on your Windows machine. And, after installing the program you can perform the easy steps that we have described below:

1: Open the tool and choose AOL from the left which shows a complete list of multiple email source options.

2: Type the login details of your AOL email account into the blank boxes of the software screen. Then, click on the Login button.

3: From the new Window, check or uncheck the AOL email folders as per the requirement. And, choose PDF as saving output option.

4: Add the destination path and choose multiple file naming options and other filter benefits.

5: Quickly, go to click on the Backup button that will directly start the AOL to PDF conversion process.

Why Expert’s Tool is Topmost Preferred Solution?

Well! The AOL Email to PDF Tool comes with some attractive features and benefits that can be a reason of selecting this solution. Let’s have look at the points that we have shown below:

  • The AOL Mail Backup Tool is capable to backup AOL emails to various saving output options.
  • It offers the batch function by which you can export bundles of AOL email folders to PDF at once time.
  • In the steps, a user will also see the selective AOL email folder backup facility.
  • It is a simple and easy technique that is accessible by all technical and non-technical users.
  • The solution facilitates different file naming options that help you to manage output PDF files accordingly.
  • The tool is Windows supportable which means you can simply access it on any Windows OS platform like- 7, 8, 10, 11, etc.

Do you think AOL Email to PDF Conversion is Necessary? Why?

Obviously yes, The AOL file to PDF conversion is needed to safeguard the database. All the reasons of backing up AOL data to PDF have been discussed below:

Avoids Data corruption: As we know that backing up the files from the web-supported email application to offline will be the fantastic choice opted by many users. And, mainly this process will helps to avoid the data corruption issues.

Free Up Server Storage: Many times, it is noticed that the storage capacity of the email application becomes full. To handle such type of situation, instead of removing the mails, users may go through the AOL email to PDF conversion process.

To Access Emails without Internet Connectivity: There are some situations when the internet server becomes very slow. In that case, if you have a proper backup of your AOL emails in PDF so, you can easily open the PDF files and view them.

For Sharing Email Data: If you have a duplicate of your emails in PDF format, you can simply share your AOL emails using any device. Additionally, users can directly share AOL mail data even without AOL login.

Author Suggestion

In this article, we have discussed the possible techniques to convert AOL email to PDF document format without any problem. Also, you can see the manual method have some issues that affect the email data. So, it is better to choose experts solution.