How to Transfer BT Emails to Gmail?

Rashmi Parkash | Cloud Backup Email Backup Email Conversion email migration Software Technology | 4 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

In this post, I will show some questions, through which you will know some problems faced by users while using BT email client such as BT internet email not working, email address not working, I can’t send or receive emails, repeat log in failures to BT emails and other similar queries. That is why multiple users are fed up with all these problems and they have decided to switch the BTinternet to a Gmail account. If you are one of them who are searching for a technique on how to transfer BT emails to the Gmail platform, then read this write-up cautiously.

A feature has been provided in previous email accounts to import BTinternet to Gmail tenants. But, there is a major limitation with this option i.e., it only migrates the BT mails inbox folder in the target account. In addition, the manual technique gives no guarantee of maintaining the integrity and transfer of emails with attachments.

So, here I am going to explain how to transfer BT emails to Gmail account. But as you all know that the manual trick comes with some basic limitations which are also defined in this section. It also explains how users can overcome these problems by using professional software that is CubexSoft Email Backup Conversion Tool. So, keep reading the blog post.

Utilize the Professional Solution – BT Mail to Gmail Conversion Tool

BT Mail (Internet) to Gmail Converter is suitable for automatically loading BT email items along with attachments. Every user can easily download this application on any Windows OS or macOS version and accurately export all BT Emails into a Gmail account. The conveyor software is a 100% safe and secure platform to load all BT files into Gmail with a few clicks. The software preserves all the metadata properties and folder structures when executing the process to import BT files to Gmail with a user-friendly interface.

Download Now:

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What Method to Opt to Perform BTinternet Email Folders to Gmail Account Conversion?

Download the application on your computer system and install its setup file. After that, launch the product to transfer product BTinternet mail folders to Gmail account.

Now, select the BT mail (bTinternet) option from the email source list shown on the screen.

Put your BTinternet account details to retrieve email folders from the source tenant.

Important Note: – Make sure your source account is allowed with IMAP settings and agrees to access to less secure apps.

After being satisfied with the IMAP setting, press the Login button to proceed with the conversion of transferring the BTinternet email folder to Gmail.

When the login process is completely successful, check the checkbox of all the folders that you want to transfer to the Gmail account.

Now go through the ‘Select Saving Options’ and choose Gmail from the list appear to convert BTinternet to Gmail.

After selecting Gmail then fill in the details of the Gmail account and, click on the Backup button.

Note – The Gmail account must have the IMAP settings and the Less Secure app feature should be enabled in it.

Finally, the process is performed, which will help you transfer BTinternet to your Gmail account in just a few seconds. Once the conversion is completed, hit on the OK button.

Look for the other Features and Benefits that it Offers:

  • Transfer Bulk BT (Internet) Emails into a Gmail account within a single time.
  • The software also maintains emails and Folder properties intact during the conversion.
  • Provides 100% safe and secure interface without any deletion of data.
  • Offers multiple email filters options for selective migration
  • Compatible solution for both applications Windows OS or Mac OS

Client FAQ’s

Can your software transfer multiple accounts?

Of course, the application can handle the process of the migration of transfer multiple BT Mail accounts to Gmail at once. Every user can simply utilize the batch option to convert several BTinternet accounts into a Gmail account. The application lets you save complete data from all your email accounts to any other email account or local storage, without any complications.

Which is the perfect technique to export BT emails into a Gmail account on Windows OS or Mac OS?

This Email Backup Tool is the perfect solution to export BT (internet) Emails to Gmail quickly. The amazing application is mainly designed for Windows operating system and macOS-compatible devices. All can simply work this BT Mail to Gmail conversion software on the latest or below editions of the software. Including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. Also, you can run on the Mac OS editions without any issues.

Is there any software that can save some BT emails into Gmail account for FREE?

The free demo edition of the tool is a perfect choice if you have some doubts. This free opportunity can simply export BT emails into Gmail IMAP account without any cost. It will also help you to evaluate the process and check the functionality with all benefits options.  


In this beneficial post, you will receive all BT emails into your Gmail account. It has a simple user-friendly guide and does not require any technical knowledge for converting BT emails to Gmail. In order to see more about the BT (Internet) to Gmail Backup Tool, users can utilize the free demo version that allows exporting a few BT emails into Gmail free of cost.