How to Connect Hostmonster Email to Outlook?

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At this time, if you searching for the most popular query “How to connect Hostmonster email to Outlook PST file format” then you are in the exact location. In this content, you will find out both manual and professional solutions in this post. This write-up shows you the reliable outcomes related to your queries to simply complete the conversion process. So without any delay let’s start it.

The Hostmonstore webmail is one of the popular webmail services available today. You can benefit from the multitude of exceptional features it offers. Regarding functionality, people know that these days Outlook is driving the market in every possible way. No matter if your priority or focus is just to migrate email, contacts, calendar, or anything else, so Microsoft Outlook can be the most perfect choice. It provides a collection of unique features which makes users add HostMonster webmail to PST Outlook.

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Process 1: Add HostMonster Webmail to PST Outlook 2016 for Windows Free Solution

When you search about the manual method to connect Hostmonster you will get many solutions on the internet out of which not even a single technique is technically possible. Here, we are sharing a proper and technically possible manual method to import Hostmonster files. 

How to Start Conversion Task Let’s see

Firstly, you can open Outlook 2016 from your Launchpad.

If you’ve never used Outlook before or don’t have an Outlook ID, you’ll be prompted to create a new account.

(a) Click the Add Account button to go through the Accounts page.

(b) After that, click the option for Other Email under Add an Account.

If you’ve already set up Outlook, then go to the Tools menu at the top of your Outlook window.

(a) Hit on the Accounts button on the left side.

(b) Through the Accounts page, press on the plus (+) sign and select Other Email.

Auto Account Setup in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Supports Autodiscover, It automatically configures the server settings and using only your email address and password.

  • On the Add Account screen, fill in your email address in the first field.
  • Enter your name or any display name of your choice.
  • Now fill in your Outlook email address in the given section.
  • Enter Your Outlook Password
  • Retype your Email password
  • After that, press the Next button to complete the setup of HostMonster to Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Manual Account Setup and Additional Server Types

If you are facing some issues with the auto-discover setup account, you can utilize the manual setup by filling up POP and IMAP account settings:

  • Firstly fill in the Name Details: Your Name and Email Address
  • Server Info: Account Type, Outgoing mail server (SMTP), Incoming mail server.
  • Logon Information: User name, Email Password
  • Press on the More Settings as per your condition to ensure it works properly. Then hit Next to complete the process of adding HostMonster Webmail to Outlook 2016 without any bother.

Limitations of Manual Process

  1. It is not the perfect solution for non-technical background users.
  2. Any minor mistake may result in data loss or harm.
  3. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a backup of files before processing of Conversion.
  4. The manual process is suitable for a few or single files. In the case of multiple files, a manual process is failed.

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Professional Technique to Convert Hostmonster Webmail to Outlook

CubexSoft Hostmonster to PST Converter is one of the best smart and quick solution to add Hostmonster to Outlook 2016 along with attachments. All users can simply add HostMonster email to their Outlook account with the help of this software. The software doesn’t require any technical abilities to use this application.

One can easily use this tool without any facing hassle. Furthermore, the software permits you to select the required destination location. This advanced feature will help you to simply access and manage the resultant data.

The Email Backup utility is a 100% safe and secure platform to migrate data from multiple HostMonster webmail accounts at once. The software maintains all the metadata properties and folder structures when executing the process to export Hostmonster webmail to Outlook without any deletions of data.

There will be no change done to the original formatting. In order to see more about the Hostmonster to PST Converter tool, users can utilize the free demo version that allows exporting Hostmonster emails into Outlook without any charges.

Working Guide to Connect Hostmonster Mail to PST Outlook

First, download and launch HostMonster to Outlook Tool on your machine.

Now select the Hostmonster from the list on the software’s left panel. Next, fill in your Hostmonster email account login details and click the Login button.

Then application loads the mailbox items of your Hostmonster email account in the exact folder hierarchy on its left panel.

From the left panel, select the required folder you want to convert and select PST from the file saving. After that finally hit on Backup.

The Hostmonster to PST Software starts the process and shows a live status report.

On completion of the process, click on the Ok button.

Author’s Recommendation

This blog is the whole solution of how to connect Hostmonster email to Outlook account by using a manual process or professional process. Now you can use any process according to you without any data loss issues. The manual process requires some technical skills but on the other hand, the professional equipment is completely hassle-free. Every user can effortlessly and safely convert the Hostmonster emails into Outlook PST.