Why is it Necessary to Export IMAP to PDF? Know Reasons and Solutions!

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Today, emails play an important role in our lives. Whether we are using them for personal or professional use, they have become an integral part of our daily routine. We all need some email clients for accessing, viewing, reading, writing and exchanging our email messages. There are plenty of email clients that users can use according to their preferences and requirements. Some of these email applications are webmail applications that can be accessed from any web browser. While some are desktop based email clients, which needs to be installed on the users’ systems. Users can access their emails from web server directly into their local systems by configuring their user accounts in desktop supported mail clients, via IMAP. Now you must be wondering “What is IMAP”?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access protocol, a standard mail protocol used for accessing web mails from any local system based email client. The protocol also allows to access web emails to mobiles and tabs supported email apps. Accessing of web mails via IMAP, eliminate the use of internet connection for viewing and reading already received emails, as they lie there at local system. Internet is needed only for receiving new messages and sending / replying to messages.

Why is it Beneficial to Export IMAP to PDF on a Local System?

  • IMAP emails that are saved locally can be accessed without internet connection
  • Local IMAP email backup to PDF files makes them accessible on any platform
  • PDF files only needs Adobe Reader, which can be freely downloaded on any Windows, Mac, Tablet, Mobile devices etc.
  • IMAP emails saved as PDF can be secured with password protection, thus making them inaccessible without permission
  • To produce IMAP emails as legal proof in legal proceedings, they need to be saved as PDF format

How to Export IMAP Emails to PDF ?

IMAP to PDF Export Tool is an apt solution to export IMAP emails to PDF format. It’s a smart utility that enables users to save IMAP emails locally to Adobe PDF including all accurate headers and formatting. Multiple options are provided by the software to save IMAP emails as PDF, either as a single PDF for all emails or separate PDF file for every IMAP email. Even the attachments are converted and saved in their original file format and size. Additionally, the software also provides options for IMAP save email attachments in PDF file format. Moreover, the software is simple to use and is handy for both technical and non-technical users who can export IMAP to PDF without any efforts. To know the complete working of the software, follow the below mentioned steps :

First download the IMAP Export Tool from below link :

Step 1 : Now install and launch the software on Window PC

Step 2 : Choose IMAP from the email source list

Step 3 : Enter your IMAP email ID, password, IMAP Host name, port number and click Login button

Step 4 : The software will load all the mail folders of the associated IMAP user account

Step 5 : Now, Choose PDF as the saving option from the drop down menu

Step 6 : Select the required IMAP mail folders and apply filters for exporting selective IMAP emails. Finally click Backup button

Step 7 : Another window will open, asking you to choose required sub options for saving IMAP emails to PDF. Choose the required options and click OK button

Step 8 :  The software will now start saving IMAP emails to PDF file and shows live progress report

Step 9 : On completion, a window opens with the message “Conversion done successfully”. Click OK button to move next

Step 10 : Now a new Notepad window will open, showing complete status report of the IMAP to PDF export process. Save it in TXT for further assistance.

Highlights of IMAP to PDF Export Tool

  • Easy to use application for all types of users
  • Provides dual options to export IMAP emails to PDF :
    • Save separated PDF file for every emails
    • Save all emails in Single PDF
  • Multiple options for saving email attachments are provided :
    • Embedded attachments in PDF file
    • Save attachments in a separate folder
    • Convert attachments to PDF
    • Append attachments to PDF
  • Different file naming options for saving IMAP emails to PDF on a local system
  • Preserves all email Meta headers, formatting, hyperlinks, images etc. precisely
  • Maintains accurate folder hierarchy throughout the process
  • Supports to save emails of all IMAP servers – Zimbra Cloud, IBM Verse, HostGator and webmail apps like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, YandexMail etc.
  • Suitable for all Windows OS – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.


Saving a backup of IMAP emails to local system is a norm these days as it’s a good habit to avoid yourself from any unwanted situation. In this blog, we have discussed the various reasons that users may have for saving IMAP enabled user accounts data to an external hard drive on a local system. A solution “Email Backup Tool” is also provided to help them easily resolve this problem. If you are still in doubt, then download its free demo edition, analyse its working and learn how to export IMAP to PDF. Free demo will allow you to save first 20 emails from IMAP folders to PDF, as free trial.