Best Way to Move Files from One Google Drive to Another

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Google Drive is launched by Google LLC to provide cloud storage to the users of Gmail accounts. But with the increase in the uses of various cloud storage drives Google Drive is become the first choice of every person because of its functionality and ability to store any format of files. It can store documents as well as other kinds of data such as videos, images, audios, gifs, etc.

Many users handle multiple accounts of Google Drive, these days it is noticed that the users who have more than one account of Google Drive wants to save complete data into a single Google Drive account so that they can manage their data effectively. This process can be done by two techniques, the first one is manual technique and the other one is the way of automated software that is the Cloud Drive Migration tool. In this session of discussion, we will discuss both the ways and compare the relevancy of both methods and find the best way to move files from one Google Drive to another account of the same storage drive.

Steps to be Followed to Perform Manual Technique for Google Drive Migration

  • Open that Google Drive account from which you want to transfer data into another account.
  • Select those files or folders which you want to view in the destination account of Google Drive.
  • Now, right-click on that selected file or folder and go with share option.
  • Then enter the username of your destination account and click on the Advanced option.
  • Now change the permission of sharing settings and set as Is Owner. After that go with the Send button.
  • After that move towards your secondary account which is the destination Google Drive account.
  • From the left sidebar, select the Shared option to navigate the shared folder.
  • Now, it allows you to create a copy of files into the destination drive. You just need to create transfer data into the new folder.
  • Right-click that file or folder which you want to read in this secondary account. Click on the Make a Copy tab. Now, you can rename the files and save them into a new folder.

With these steps, you can perform the migration process of Google Drive account data into another account of Google Drive along with some files or folder. Through this method, you can only transfer a single storage drive data into another account of the same drive.

Transfer Google Drive to Google Drive with Automated Software

The automated solution is the Cloud Drive Migration tool which is the best way to move files from one Google Drive to another. Through the use of this software, you can easily transfer data and save it into another account of Google Drive along with unlimited data. It can perform this process with multiple source account and more than one destination account in a single processing way. This tool can transfer all document format files including PDF files, and all other files such as images, videos, gifs, etc. You just need to give all the required details of your accounts. This tool can perform selective data through the utilization of date range filtration and file type filtration options.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With all the above discussion, it may clear to all users that the best way to move files from one Google Drive to another Google Drive account is the Cloud Drive Migration Tool which has all required features and sections of the process. Any of us can process Google Drive data with this tool as it contains a friendly graphical user interface. You should try this software with its demo edition which can be installed on any Windows Operating System and can migrate the first item from every loaded folder.

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