Easy Way to Transfer Outlook Emails to Another Account without Outlook

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move Outlook emails to a different account

Summary: Do you want to move emails from Outlook to a different account? You’ve found the article you were looking for, though. Our aim to provide you with this helpful article is to show you how to easily transfer Outlook emails to another account. We are aware of how important your data is and the reasons you might need to import it into a different account. We will also talk about the typical causes of it. To guarantee a safe and dependable transfer, let’s talk about the best options and detailed instructions.

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used and significant email program, particularly for businesses. Today, a great deal of professionals and enterprises use Outlook to benefit from sophisticated and safe email collaboration. They can streamline their workflow and increase production by utilizing its wealth of features and tool organization.

Moving emails across Outlook accounts has certain advantages, but there are also risks involved. If a professional or Outlook user has previously registered a new Outlook account and is now searching for a dependable method to move email data from an old account to a new one, this can be a significant problem.

What Makes Outlook Emails Transferable to Different Accounts?

There are several circumstances in which a user may need to import emails from Outlook to another account. Here is a list of some of the most common ones:

  • Running Out of Storage: To free up additional space if your storage is full, you might need to move emails from one Outlook account to another.
  • Device Switching: Moving emails from one Outlook account to another can also be attributed to situations like switching from one machine to another, like a new laptop or device.
  • Avoiding Accidental Error: Importing important emails onto a different Outlook account can help prevent the accidental deletion of important emails for security reasons.
  • Work needs: Occasionally, you may need to export Outlook emails to a different account to track them using a separate email address for work-related needs.
  • Making Backups: Moving your Outlook email correspondence to a different account is an additional method of creating backups, since it may save you from losing crucial data in the event of an emergency requiring restoration.  

These are a few situations that can require someone to move Outlook emails to a different account. You might be motivated by something different or be able to relate to one of these reasons. In any event, this post provides answers to several scenarios that can facilitate a seamless transition for you.

Manually Import Outlook Emails into Another Account  

The manual technique involves the following steps to export Outlook emails to another account:  

  1. Just launch the Outlook program on your PC.  
  2. Select “File” from the Outlook interface’s top menu.  
  3. Select “Import/Export” after selecting “Open & Export.”  
  4. After choosing “Export to a File,” select “Outlook Data File (.pst).”  
  5. Choose the folder you wish to move and the location for the files save now.  

You can transfer Outlook emails to another account at any time after saving the data in the location of your choice. Importing them into a different Outlook account is simple.

What Makes the Manual Method Unsuitable for All Users?

As previously said, the manual procedure is not appropriate for you if you wish to move Outlook files to a different account. Still, there are several significant disadvantages associated with the manual method. The approach is ineffective and unsuited for the task because of these drawbacks. The most frequent problems that users encounter with this technique have been highlighted. 

To utilize this strategy, the user needs to be technically knowledgeable. This technique isn’t for you if you don’t want to deal with details. Because it is long, consumers will get tired of it.

Simplest Method to Transfer Outlook Emails to Another Account

For a hassle-free approach, the expert suggests utilizing the All-in-One CubexSoft Outlook PST Converter, which makes it simple to mass transfer all of your Outlook data—including contacts, calendars, and emails—to another account. This software has extensive functionality and is meant for both technical and non-technical users. Before purchasing the fully licensed version, you can use the free demo version to see how it functions. The best part is that this program is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.  

Step-By-Step Guide to Move Outlook Emails to Different Accounts with Software

  • Firstly, install the software on your Windows or Mac and then launch it.
  • Press the Add Files option and check the dual option “export single file” or “export multiple files” to import your Outlook email file.

Verify the necessary files under the Preview option if you wish to import Outlook emails to a different account.

  • Next step, click on the Export button to choose the Saving Option as IMAP to transfer Outlook emails to the desired account.
  • Provide your email address, password, IMAP host, and port number when logging in to IMAP.
  • Lastly, click the Convert button to easily move Outlook emails to a different account.

Top and Best Features of Software –

  • Multiple Export Formats: Exporting data using manual techniques is sometimes restricted to PST or PDF formats, but our program allows you to move your data more freely by supporting a variety of file kinds, including MBOX, EML, TXT, HTML, and others.
  • No Data Size Limits: Outlook 2010 may migrate an infinite amount of data without any size limitations, despite having a 20GB data transfer limit by default.
  • Compatibility with All Outlook Versions: You can import Outlook emails to another account with ease with this tool, which works with all Outlook versions, including 2019 and earlier ones.
  • Virus-Free and Secure: Because the tool offers total safety and security, there is no chance of corruption of the Outlook data file when transferring Outlook emails to another account.

Common Questions about Moving Outlook Emails to Different Accounts:

Q1. Is it free to use the tool to move Outlook emails to a different account?  

A: Yes. Indeed, a free trial version is provided for users to move emails between Outlook accounts.  

Q2. Does the tool work with Mac and Windows operating systems for transferring Outlook emails between accounts?  

A: Yes. Yes, the tool allows users to move Outlook emails to any desired account on Windows and Mac OS by providing different saving options.

Q3. What file types can Outlook email exports be made with the tool?

A: Yes. To migrate emails from one Outlook account to another without difficulty, the application supports a wide range of file formats, including MSG, PDF, MBOX, EML, TXT, HTML, OLM, Thunderbird, Gmail, and more.


We included comprehensive instructions and discussed the easiest methods for transferring Outlook emails to a different account. The tool provides a hassle-free way to import Outlook emails to another account with extensive features and interoperability across multiple operating systems. Manual techniques are difficult. Users can quickly and safely transfer emails in bulk from one Outlook account to another with this tool; there is no restriction on the number of data.