Step by Step IMAP Migration in O365, Exchange Online Admin Center

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IMAP Migration to Office 365

You can simply move user’s emails from their IMAP permitted email servers to Office 365 via the Internet Message Access Protocol. But, before performing the conversion procedure, there are some restrictions that you must know of.

  • Only the inbox items or other email folders can be extracted. You cannot export contacts, calendars, and tasks.
  • A determined of 50, 000 items can be converted from a user’s mailbox.
  • Extreme size limit for an email file in 35MB.

To migrate user’s mailbox with IMAP in Office 365 admin, go to the Setup and choose Data Migration to start converting IMAP enabled emails. The email migration page in Office 365 admin center is pre-configured to move emails from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Important Note: Before initiating the migration, make sure first that you have added the users to your Exchange Online account. To learn about adding users to Office 365 cloud account, click Add users to O365 for business

Now, let’s learn how to achieve IMAP migration in Office 365 admin center. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

    1. Go to and sign in with the Admin login credentials.


    1. Now, browse to Setup in the menu and choose Data Migration.



    1. On pressing Data Migration option, the “Select you data service” dashboard will display on the screen. If your email provider is itemised in it, then choose it.



    1. After choosing the email provider, you will be redirected to choose users.



    1. Now, select the users that you wish to migrate and enter the email address & password.


    1. Then, press on Start Migration at the left corner of the wizard after filling the required details.



  1. The conversion status will be any of these: Starting – Queued – Syncing – Synced. Once, the status comes to Synced. Press on the Stop Migration to complete the process. When the process is finished. Click on the Close Connection.

Using the same method, you can also move from another IMAP email servers.

How to Move if Your Provider is Not Itemised?

IMAP migration in O365 with a listed or itemized provider is simple. But, if the email provider is not listed, then the migration process becomes a little tough. Follow the below-given steps for non-itemised email providers.

    1. Choose other email sources option from Select your data service dashboard.


    1. Now, enter the IMAP connection data with accurate information to check the connection. You can use any IMAP account for this. Look at the below mentioned example for Google apps. Press on the Save button to check the connection.



    1. When the connection is recognised. It will appear all the user mailboxes for the provided email alias.


  1. If you migrate from another email providers that are not itemised or listed. You will need to provide the app password. After adding the details. Follow the above described steps from 5-7 to move the emails.

On the other hand, if you are moving or exporting from Google apps with your personal domain, then you must create DNS records at Google Domains for Office 365 when the migration is finished. This is important to send the emails to Exchange Online or Office 365 mailboxes rather than Google apps. If you move from another IMAP server email providers where you own the domain, then check identified instructions to find the domain provider.

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